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Are you looking for ways to participate in National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day? Here are 5 easy ways to get to you started!

Get tested for HIV! Find a testing center in your area here: http://aids.gov/locator/.

1.Join NYHAAD Youth Ambassador Wesley and Advocates’ NYHAAD Coordinator Sulava Gautam-Adhikary on April 10 at 5:30 PM EST on HUFFINGTON POST LIVE for a convo on the impact of HIV on young people.


3.Participate on social media! Follow NYHAAD on Facebook and Twitter using @YouthAIDSDay and #NYHAAD! And join us

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“Art begins with resistance.” – André Gide

Art has great power. It can get your attention. It can make you think. It can even change your mind. That’s why art can be such a powerful tool for activists. Now we’re asking you to use that power to change the conversation around abortion.

Host a 1 in 3 Week of Artivism event to showcase people’s real stories of experiences with abortion.

During the week of April 21-27, activists around the country will host 1 in 3 Week of Artivism events …

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In the words of ROCK STAR youth activist Kirin Gupta, ““What is at stake today is an issue of sexism, classism, and oppression. It is the control exercised by money and power of a few who are twisting our country’s freedom of religion to deny basic freedoms to young, often already marginalized bodies. These choices are ours—not our schools, not our bosses, not anyone else’s.”

Today’s Supreme Court hearing on contraception and religious liberty was a big deal and we could not be more proud of the response from …

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By: Sarah Bradley ’17

On April 5, I and another freshmen member of Students for Sexual Health attended the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts conference for campus organizers, alongside representatives from UMASS-Amherst, Boston University, Tufts University, Northeastern University, Smith College, and Wellesley College. It was a day of instruction and reflection on how to improve our campus outreach programs, strengthen our campaigns, recruit new members, and facilitate those difficult conversations concerning reproductive social justice. Discussions were encouraged as we exchanged ideas and strategies. Representing Boston College—a school where …

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Wednesday afternoon’s side event was so good I just have to share it with everyone! WHO, OHCHR, UNDP, and UNFA joined forces to discuss priorities for SHR beyond 2014.

Kate Gilmore, the Deputy Executive Director for UNFPA, moderated the event. I think she was by far the best moderator I’ve ever heard. She provided excellent commentary to the stories and testimonies of the panelists and even shared her own views on SRH issues.For example, in response to conservative legislation attacking the human rights of LGBT people yet allowing or …

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Whenever I tell people that I work for the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago doing HIV prevention, they seem to be taken aback: they seem perplexed to think of children, kids, and adolescents as being HIV positive or even at risk. In the United States, the conversation surrounding HIV prevention has typically been focused on older, white, gay men, and bringing youth into the conversation always makes people do a mental double-take. In all honesty, I always look forward to these conversations because it reminds …

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Check out the link below to see more maps that show which states do not require certain issues to be covered in sex ed.

These Maps Show Where Kids in America Get Terrifying Sex Ed

via the Huffington Post and the Guttmacher Institute…

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Today during the Celebrating Cairo & Going Beyond, we heard a powerful message from Ishita Chaudhry, the Executive Director of The YP Foundation. She spoke on why we must not forget about women and girls. As a Indian woman, she recognizes that many in her country view SRHR as a “Western value;” that “denying human rights is culturally appropriate.”

She also told the story of a 16 year old girl whose parents had arranged for her to marry a middle aged man. However, the young woman was able to …

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This week, members of the IYLC are in NYC to participate in the 47th International Commission on Population and Development. We’re here to make sure the youth’s voices and ideas are apart of the post-2015 developmental agenda. However, the IYLC particularly want to ensure youth’s right to comprehensive and accurate sexual and reproductive health information and services. Though there are other groups here who are fighting and advocating for the same thing, there is opposition. We have a long week ahead of us; we can use your support! Share …

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Last year under the support from one of the international organization,I did a short focus group discussion and from there I got lots of information on stigma and self issues. The zest of it has been highlighted as:

Most of them are transgender aged from 17 to 27. They have been identified as transgender and have self identification and have no changes. Local residents are mostly accepted by the family and hence they don’t change whereas the migrant TG changes when they go to their village and  to meet …

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Members of the Harvard College International Women’s Rights Collective joined me to see the one-woman show MOM BABY GOD in Boston this week. The show, written and performed by Madeline Burrows, provides an inside look at the American pro-life movement in a creative yet strikingly realistic portrayal of a young pro-life teen vlogger at the fictionalized Students for Life Conference.


I entered the show unsure of what to expect… Burrows greeted the audience members while in-character, acting as a young participant at the Students for Life Conference. I …

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This month, the Alabama Alliance for Healthy Youth had their second annual Youth Advocacy Day down in Montgomery, Alabama.  Youth Advocacy Day is a day when young people from the state of Alabama gather together to show their support for HB 139 in Alabama’s capital.  HB 139 aims to make the Alabama sexual health education law more culturally sensitive and removes the phrase “homosexuality is not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public and… a criminal offense.”  It was amazing to see the great turn-out, especially since our attendance …

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The UK recently introduced new guidelines for making emergency contraceptive (EC) accessible, and similar debate is occurring in the US. EC is now available online widely in the UK and somewhat in the US, allowing people to purchase EC before engaging in unprotected sex.

The ability to buy online saves individuals from stigmatized drugstore encounters and ensures that people will always have access to EC. However, the increased access brings about new considerations. In the UK as online purchases have become more common, the industry has been flooded with …

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The anti-drug program, D.A.R.E- Drug Abuse Resistance Education- which was very popular in public schools in America, has lost its funding, popularity, and credibility within the scientific community after multiple studies found that the program was ineffective and did not lead to a decrease of drug use.

In 2001 the United States Department of Education announced that they would no longer allow schools to spend money on the D.A.R.E program after the United States Surgeon General deemed the program ineffective.

The D.A.R.E program’s mission was a noble one but …

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The American porn industry: a world of opportunity for both actors and consumers. Everyone wins, right? Actors and actresses with “desired features” have sex and get paid for their performances; meanwhile, consumers happily perpetuate a market with an estimated value of between $10 and $13 billion, which boosts our nation’s economy. By virtue of increased access to pornographic content through the Internet, the industry has permeated American culture so much that the average person views their first pornographic image at the age of 11. Moreover, by 2006, pornographic videos …

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via the CDC…

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Sex(ed) The Movie Website

Watch the trailer

Check out this upcoming film on sex ed in America! From the website the movie is self-described as:

“To get at the truth behind the history and current state of sex education in the United States, SEX(ed) The Movie examines sex education films from the 1920s up to the present day. Often hilarious, sometimes instructive, and almost always awkward and embarrassing,these films reflect the changing moral, cultural and political attitudes that inspired them.”

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Tennessee Sends Religious Anti-Discrimination Bill To Governor

Reposted from The Huffington Post  | by  Shadee Ashtari

Tennessee lawmakers approved a bill on Monday that seeks to expand religious liberty protections for students in public schools.

The Religious Viewpoints Anti-Discrimination Act, which passed the state Senate 32-0, would permit students to express religious beliefs in their homework, artwork and written and oral assignments without academic punishment or discrimination.

The legislation’s primary sponsors, state Rep. Courtney Rogers (R) and Sen. Ferrell Haile (R), introduced the measure after a teacher asked a 10-year-old student to

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In the last week of February, the Myanmar government decided to not renew the license allowing Doctors Without Borders (commonly known by its French acronym MSF) to operate in the country. The suspension resulted from disputes over the organization’s aid to the Rohingya Muslim minority, in addition to MSF’s alleged role in escalating ethnic and religious tensions between the Rohingya and the Buddhist population. The humanitarian organization has operated in the country for 22 years.

MSF often provides the only medical care in displacement camps, including access to certain …

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In the words of ROCK STAR youth activist Kirin Gupta, ““What is at stake today is an issue of sexism, classism, and oppression. It is the control exercised by money and power of a few who are twisting our country’s freedom of religion to deny basic freedoms to young, often already marginalized bodies. These choices are ours—not our schools, not our bosses, not anyone else’s.”

Today’s Supreme Court hearing on contraception and religious liberty was a big deal and we could not be more proud of the response from …

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According to DoSomething.org, “more than 90 percent of parents of junior high and high school students believe that it is somewhat or very important for sex education to be included in the curriculum”. And yet, if a basic question regarding sex is typed into Google, some of the most popular results include webpages such as Yahoo Answers. Many schools across the United States currently push for the abstinence-only, Mean Girls approach (“Don’t’ have sex, because you will get pregnant and die!”) Yet even if these schools are not providing …

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I just came from the movie theatre where I saw Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club. And I’ve gotta say, after the fiasco that was Temptation, I was pleasantly surprised. My advice is, don’t pay attention to the movie reviews and go see it for yourself. The reviews focus more on the technical film-buffy side of things. I mean, I can pick apart a Marvel movie in seconds, but that’s my thing. Plus it’s easier when there’s some kind of a reference material.

Anyhoo, enough blabbering. I’d like to …

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by Amber Morley Rieke, Special Projects Fellow

The Supreme Court is about to hear two challenges to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirement that private insurance plans cover contraception for women with a prescription at no out-of-pocket cost. In Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood, owners of for-profit companies argue that the requirement violates their religious freedom. They want the same exemptions from the mandate that religious institutions receive.

As we wait for the Court’s decisions, which should come by June, women of all ages are paying less for essential …

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By Matt Mazzari

It’s no secret that Catholic-affiliated universities in America struggle with open discussions of sexuality on their campuses.  The fundamental discomfort that religious educational administrations feel regarding issues such as contraception, STI prevention and pre-marital sexual activity in general make it difficult for students at places like my own school, Boston College, to have the oh-so-very important conversations about birth control and sexual health that are oh-so-very relevant to university life.

Of course, acknowledging that these unnecessary taboos exist

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Organizations that truly and honestly support teenage parents are limited and at best growing in number.

These organizations are literally a life line for the parents they are able to support and help the only problem is I would like to see them go a bit further and further educate the teenage parents they help when it comes to sexual heath decisions, mental health, and relationships.
Many times the parents that these organizations are assisting need more in depth conversation and instruction on building and sustaining basic skills. While …

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Until an hour ago I was unaware that yesterday, March 15, 2014, was intended to be “White Man March” as intended by one Kyle Hunt of Massachusetts. I am glad to report that it was an epic fail. Hopefully, it will remain that way.

This article from Salon summarizes the purpose of the march and shares a few hilarious tweets mocking the event. None of what these tweeters say is a lie. The entire notion of diversity equaling “white genocide” is absurd. This is most definitely a case where …

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Attractive Kalki Koechlin Images 2013

I may not know much about Kalki Koechlin, but there are two things I know for sure.

  1. She cannot dance to save her life and it’s adorable. Exhibit A: “Balaam Pichkari” from Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani.
  2. She is fiercely outspoken when it comes to women’s rights.

The following video is a piece the bollywood actress performed at the India Today Conclave titled, “The Truths of Womanhood“. It touches on everything from gender roles in history, societal expectations of women, objectification and rape. Her monologue is poignant …

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While I am still basking in the ambience of the latest episode of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D“, I would like to thank Marvel and everyone responsible for putting Lady Sif in ACTUAL, functional armor. Really, thank you. I’ll excuse the boobplate because it’s not as awful as it could be.

And speaking of costumes, here’s a fun version of bingo you can play at your next game night.



Click the image for a PDF version.

Source: OzzieScribbler


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A ton of marriage equality news has been breaking so far this year; so much that you may have missed some important stories! So here’s a quick look at seven states that have made important advances.


January 14th- U.S. District Court Judge Terence Kern ruled that the state’s 2004 constitutional ban on marriage equality violates the US Constitution. In his ruling, he cited the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, which specifies that states must guarantee that all citizens are treated equally under the …

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In honor of National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, Dr. Emily Young, who works as an abortion provider, shared her story with us.

“You saved my life,” I had told the provider.

I was 22 years old, in a just-okay four-year relationship with a just-okay guy, and I was working every second of every day towards becoming a doctor. One night while working on my medical school application, I realized I had been so stressed that I couldn’t remember when I last had a period. Time stopped. Then, the …

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In honor of National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, Alison, who works as an abortion provider and a Nurse Practitioner in California and on the board of directors of Nursing Students for Choice, shared her story with us.

On the sidewalk outside the clinic, I see her standing in white scrubs and a lab coat. A car turns right towards the parking lot and she runs in front of it, waving her arms. The driver stops, rolls down the window, then rolls it back up and pulls into the …

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Advocates for Youth condemns the multiple instances of disturbing government actions aimed at denying the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) persons that have recently taken place in Nigeria, Uganda, Russia, India and almost in Arizona, right here in the U.S. We will speak out against such intolerance and bigotry. This complete disregard for human rights and we will not let it go unnoticed or unchecked.

Urooj Arshad, Associate Director of International Youth Health and Rights at Advocates for Youth, spoke with Richard, an LGBT youth …

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A court in Lebanon has made a historic ruling stating same-sex relations are NOT “contradicting the laws of nature” and cannot therefore be considered a crime. The judge threw out a case brought against a transgender woman by the Lebanese state on January 28, 2014 but only published today.

Article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code prohibits having sexual relations that are “contradicting the laws of nature,” which is punishable by up to a year in prison. However, Lebanese LGBT organization, “Helem” argued that, “Homosexuality is an exception to …

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If you are an ally to trans* folk I encourage you to change your Facebook gender identity  from “male” or “female” to “cisgender male” or cisgender female”. This helps eliminate the othering of  transwoman that occurs when  we continue using a false dichotomy of woman versus transwoman.

Everyone who identifies as a woman is a woman, and trans* and cis are merely additional terms to describe the lived experience of these women. By only using one term commonly though we are implying that one experience is normal and does not need to …

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Jan Brewer will not get a thank you out of my for vetoing PART of the highly homophobic and highly criticized bill that reached her desk this week after state representatives signed the bill.

She gets no congrats or thank yous because the bill should have never been drafted. While i am aware that she herself did not draft the bill she has and continues to sign very anti-abortion and anti-immigration bills under the false veil of “religious freedom.”
In her veto letter she waste no time trying to …

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The past few weeks have seen dozens of news stories reporting on various states trying to pass segregation-style, LGBT discrimination bills, each under the duplicitous guise of ensuring “religious freedom.” There has also been nearly as much coverage on the several states moving forward to overturn their bans on marriage equality. (Look out for that round-up next week!) All of this information coming out at once can be confusing, and a lot of important facts can be missed or overlooked in all the excitement. To help sort it all …

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So, people have been asking me, ‘Are you talking male hormones?’ My answer is no. Not yet.

To get into hormone replacement therapy, you may have to consult a shrink for a few months for them to determine you’re either a candidate or ready for it.

You also have to either be 18, or have a parent’s written consent. These are from the law.

But, yes, I plan to get on T as soon as I can. I have to wait two more years, because I refuse to tell …

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I normally prefer to circulate stories on issues facing queer youth (homelessness, bullying, health disparities, etc.) over ones on queer marriage, but this ruling resonated with me. Despite the rise of a progressive, urban population in Texas, the state still symbolizes conservative politics and culture to me. If the ruling can pass the appeal process, it will be the first state in the South to allow queer marriage.

graphic via Texas Democrats…

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February is Teen Domestic Violence Awareness month. Domestic violence is unfortunately a regularly accruing act of violence in society and yet it’s long lasting and devastating impacts are often under spoken about on a societal level.

Domestic violence is not something that happens to only a certain group or type of person, it’s universal, and for approximately one third of teens it is a reality. Teen domestic violence is some times over looked or “explained away” because of age, “growing pains”, or can be viewed as normal to some …

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Infamous “bad mom” of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 show, Jenelle Evans, recently shared with the world that she had an abortion. Feeling scared and panicked after getting off of heroin and discovering she was pregnant Jenelle decided to get an abortion and maintains that she feels no regrets. However, fans seemed just as  shocked when they found out that Jenelle’s sexual partner did not know that she had an abortion.
At the time her sexual partner was in jail and had no idea Evan’s had the abortion.
The question

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Just this past Friday, I was sitting home, watching the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) channel. I was busy watching the ‘Where Are They Now?’ programme. And for those of you who have not seen this series, it’s where viewers have caught up to Ms. Winfrey and asked what happened to some of the most memorable guests. It’s a follow-up series.

But anyway, I was flipping through my on-screen programming guide when I came across the next episode. It read: The 11-year old who wanted a sex change. It hit …

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Protest & Counter-Protest outside Planned Parenthood of the Rockies.

For as long as I have advocated for abortion rights, the conversation has always seemed to carry that old fashioned us vs. them attitude.  But from what I have experienced as of late, this issue is not one of “freedom and genocide”, or “us vs. them” as my university’s newspaper likes to claim, but one in which I believe there to be much more gray area and overlap.

The Students United for Reproductive Justice Group, of which I am apart, at Colorado State University partook in “1 in 3 …

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Facebook has introduced new gender identity options for users, broadening its selection to 58 options. Here’s a recap of the great and not so great aspects of this move.

The Bad:

  • While you now have the ability to self-identify in more diverse ways, Facebook still embraces the gender binary and stigmatizes those that do not fall within this binary. From the drop-down menu you can select male, female, or “custom”. My gender identity is not a magical outlier that needs to be customized.
  • Once “custom” has been selected you

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While everyone’s gasping in shock, I would like to state that it is a well-known fact that Piers Morgan was never hugged as a child. And that is why he’s such an insensitive d*ckbag.

Jesse Williams spoke about the Michael Dunn trial and it was perfect. Seriously, I got chills from all the truth he was handing out.


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“…The new law that criminalizes homosexuality is popular among Nigerians. But it shows a failure of our democracy, because the mark of a true democracy is not in the rule of its majority but in the protection of its minority – otherwise mob justice would be considered democratic. The law is also unconstitutional, ambiguous, and a strange priority in a country with so many real problems. Above all else, however, it is unjust…A crime is a crime for a reason. A crime has victims. A crime harms society. On

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by Jen Sorensen via Talking Points Memo and the ACLU…

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I discovered that TED and TEDWomen have never featured a talk on abortion.

…When I asked around, the consensus was that the omission was simply an oversight. But it turns out TED is deliberately keeping abortion off the agenda. When asked for comment, TED content director and TEDWomen co-host Kelly Stoetzel said that abortion did not fit into their focus on “wider issues of justice, inequality and human rights.”

“Abortion is more of a topical issue we wouldn’t take a position on, any more

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“I\’m standing my ground on the right to #birthcontrol! #no527 #nopersonhoodsc @TellThemSC.”…

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Since April is GYT month, I have been talking to some friends and informing others to go get their selves tested, but I’ve noticed that they don’t really care. They either say, “I’m safe, I don’t catch STD’S, it’ll never happen to me…” or they just laugh at me and say no or call me “mom”. I don’t get it.

If only teens actually realized the importance of getting tested and being safe now, it would make such a big difference in the U.S being known as one of the top countries with the …

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Many a time, I have tried to deduce the consequences of some ; Arrogant notions displayed by most youths. The world we live in is Profoundly able to garnish our being to prosperity, and at the same vein make us subjects to harsh circumstances – which will carve us into : Strong, Unrelenting and Determined youths, if we work towards perfection. And destroy our aspect for a Futuristic goal if we reduce our stance, by ploughing the roads of havoc.

Today, we have youths in Prisons, for violating governmental …