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In Alabama, teachers are forced to lie to their students and say that being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is an “unacceptable lifestyle” and a “criminal offense.”

We have the chance to stop the spread of hate in the classroom right now. Sign the petition!

A new bill is sitting in front of Alabama lawmakers that would strike this inaccurate, hateful language from the law. But there are only a few weeks before the session ends. If they don\’t feel the pressure from the public and the media, we …

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UPDATE:  VICTORY!  Last week, James and other activists in Texas met with their policy makers to protest the Zedler 1 anti-gay amendment, including delivering your signatures in person to Texas’ legislature.  And on Thursday 4/4, the amendment was withdrawn.  We got them off our backpacks and funding for the centers is safe.  Great job!

This is a featured post from Texas Freedom Network Student Chapter President James Lee!

My name is James Lee and growing up in Rio Grande Valley Texas, I was taught that being gay was wrong. I …

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In Alabama, young people are working to make comprehensive sex education a reality in their state.  The Youth Activist Council, a project of Advocates for Youth and Alabama Alliance for Healthy Youth, leads the work of a statewide youth activist network that advocates for comprehensive sexual health education.  Here’s a picture of some of the council members on their way to tell their Senators and Representatives about the importance of good sex ed!

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No one said being an activist would be easy. You knew you were fighting the good fight and some days would be rough but there are some things you just don’t expect. Nothing could of prepared me for the way that people would respond to me though. Apparently this isn’t something strange in our line of work.

I recently met another amazing fellow activist and the majority of our first conversation was filled with similarities of our experiences with other people. It was our first common ground. She told …

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I participated in an on-line interview earlier this year…

So this kinda serves as my bio and my first post….



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Looking through the endless list of romance films, you’re sure to find a rather broad variety. Rom-com? Duh.  Drama? Obviously.  Quirky romance?  Done, done and done.  The list of possible subgenres is far from shocking.  On top of that, what’s even less surprising in most of these films is the fact that the two lovebirds are almost always straight.

Sure, there may be a LGBTQ character or couple in the film, but they’re almost always a secondary character, and even more importantly, they are usually present as some sort …

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This month, the Alabama Alliance for Healthy Youth had their second annual Youth Advocacy Day down in Montgomery, Alabama.  Youth Advocacy Day is a day when young people from the state of Alabama gather together to show their support for HB 139 in Alabama’s capital.  HB 139 aims to make the Alabama sexual health education law more culturally sensitive and removes the phrase “homosexuality is not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public and… a criminal offense.”  It was amazing to see the great turn-out, especially since our attendance …

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    Growing up in Alabama I thought I had the worst of abstinence only education until I watched this video. Videos like the one shown above are broken into four lessons each taught by the same cartoon characters. Do we really believe computer animated animals should be teaching about sexual health? Not if those animals only teach the “traditional” beliefs of our parents generation and not the medically accurate information we have currently.

    After watching all the videos in the series, I was shocked that there were still