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Most people would ask, “Why teach comprehensive sexual health education in schools?” The response would typically follow is that parents should be teaching their children in their homes school is not the place to learn about sex.
In a perfect world we would love to think that everyone equally values the importance of sexual health education and healthy relationship practices but in some cases not all of us have been as fortunate to have parents in our lives to teach us the significance of healthy relationships and reproductive health.
For those children/adolescents in my community that do not live in the care of their biological parents, essentially are our government system is their parent, it has taken the responsibility of caring for and providing all basic education and lifestyle needs for these youth. They youth deserve the same opportunity for Comprehensive Sexual Health Education Just like the rest of our community’s youth. Providing extensive and age appropriate sexual health and healthy relationships classes in school will educate every single one of our youth. For some kids school is the equivalent to having parents.

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What’s worse than Gonorrhea? Super Gonorrhea! Have you experienced any one of these super symptoms? Burning urination,discharge from penis or vagina, excruciating pain during urination, or frequent urination. You may have Super Gonorrhea. You may be asking what is “Super Gonorrhea”and what makes it so super? Well Super Gonorrhea’s real name is Neisseria Gonorrhoeae.

The CDC say that Super Gonorrhea is a virulent strain that has progressively developed a strong resistance to the antibiotic drugs to treat it. CDC say that if the clap continues this resistance and becomes resistant to cephalosporin antibiotics it would significantly complicate it for doctors treatment options.(http://www.cdc.gov/std/gonorrhea/arg/)Menshealth give compelling and visual story of someone who had contracted the disease.(http://www.menshealth.com/health/super-gonorrhea) But whether Gonorrhea is super or not there are steps to significantly lower your chances of spreading STD’s, by getting yourself test and using contraception every time you have sexual  intercourse of any form. Remember with Super Gonorrhea comes great responsibility.

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After eight long years of wait, Nepali People have finally been provided with a new constitution. Although this constitution is far more better and very progressive constitution but somehow it has still overshadowed the voice of Nepalese women. There are still many issues that needs to be addressed such as;1)The child of a single woman must be born in Nepal to obtain citizenship by descent .Generally two principles apply in conferring citizenship: jus sanguinis (by blood) and jus soli (by birth). Nepal has applied only one principle: that is jus sanguinis. Further, to make it restrictive only for women, the constitution also requires that for women their children need to be born in Nepal to obtain citizenship by descent. With this requirement, a different standard is clearly and egregiously applied to the children of Nepali women, whereas this is not applied to the children of Nepali men. What then will happen to the children of trafficked women, migrant women workers and other transient women whose offspring are born outside Nepal? Since mother is identified, Article 11.4 will not be applicable. And since the child is not born in Nepal, citizenship cannot be obtained under Article 11.5.

2)The child of a Nepali woman can only obtain naturalised citizenship if married to foreigner. On the one hand Nepali women have the right to marriage, which includes the right to marry of one’s own choice, whether the spouse is Nepali or foreigner. But if the spouse is a foreigner, the children of Nepali women are only entitled to naturalised citizenship under Article 11.7, whereas the children of Nepali men married to a foreigner spouse are entitled to citizenship by descent. Thus, for the children of Nepali citizens, there is a bias in their treatment based on their birth to a Nepalese daughter or foreign daughter in law.

3)Constitutional rigidity and discrimination applies only to Nepali daughters. Although the concept paper for the drafting of the citizenship provisions clearly calls for applying the principle of non discrimination and rigidity equally, rigidity is only applied to Nepali daughters and explicit discrimination is made only to the children and spouses of Nepali women. In the case of family of mixed nationality, the right of non national family is to be enjoyed on equal basis; however, under the new constitution such provisions have not been made. Also naturalization is not a matter of right in Nepal, it is at the discretion of the state. Inequality is also perpetuated on citizenship by naturalization in other entitlements under the constitution.

4)The Nepali woman has to establish that her father is Nepali Ultimately it is the mother who has to prove the father of the child. Therefore in claiming citizenship through the mother, female has to prove first that her husband is not foreigner and then her husband is Nepali due to other subsequent articles and provisions in the constitution. And if she cannot prove this, or if her husband denies their relationship, or in case of violence, her child may not be able to obtain Nepali citizenship.

The new constitution of Nepal would have been Asia’s most women rights friendly constitution , if it had included those issues. Unless and untill these issues will not be addressed by the goverment , women’s fight for justice continues …

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Lawmakers in Nepal have overwhelmingly approved a new constitution that extends protections to the country’s LGBT citizens. The new constitution have made an outstanding move. While LGBT ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual ) people around the world, have been fighting for their rights after for a long time, Nepal has taken this matter into consideration and has added strict anti-discrimination laws for the LGBT community, and has granted them equal rights. This is a huge achievement as Nepal is the first ever Asian country and third country in the world after South Africa and Ecuador to have explicit laws benefiting the LGBT community. A Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Global report has highlighted the articles added to the constitution: Article 12 states that citizens will be allowed to choose their preferred gender identity on their citizenship document. The choices available are male, female or other. Article 18 states that gender and sexual minorities will not be discriminated against by the State and by the judiciary in the application of laws. It further adds that the government may make special provisions through laws to protect, empower and advance the rights of gender and sexual minorities and other marginalized and minority groups. Article 42 lists gender and sexual minorities among the groups that have a right to participate in state mechanisms and public services to promote inclusion.

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120 Youth Activist want to know where you stand on comprehensive sex education.
Should young people be provided the skills they need to make informed, responsible, healthy decisions about sex and relationships?

Click below to cast your vote immediately.

Yes No


{{ FirstName | default: “Activist” }}, as you read this youth activists from around the country are on Capitol Hill, visiting their Representatives and Senators to talk one-on-one about why comprehensive sexual health education needs to be federally funded NOW.

Will you support these activists by reminding your representative why quality sex education matters to you?

Young people are leading a nationwide movement on this issue. It’s time to back them up.

Tweet now!Support youth activists + remind your rep. why comp. #sexed matters to you. Sign this petition! bit.ly/REHYA15 #UrbanRetreat15

Facebook share!Young people are leading a nationwide movement on comprehensive. It’s time to back them up.
Support our activists + remind your representative why comprehensive #sexed matters to you. Sign this petition! bit.ly/REHYA15 #UrbanRetreat15

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Sexual Violence… the youth breakdown.


Did you know that about 10% of youth are affected by sexual violence? Although that may seem like a small amount, it is still pretty shocking, and it is important for people to be aware of this. More than 75% of women who have been raped were raped before the age of 25, and more than 42.2% of that group was raped before the age of 18. These statistics were calculated in a study conducted by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention in 2010.


But before I go any deeper in the topic, its important we all know the definition of ‘sexual violence.’

“a sexual act committed against someone without that person’s freely given consent.” This definition was provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Some examples of sexual violence are as follows:


  1. Unwanted penetration of completed penetration on a victim, also with alcohol, or drug affiliated penetration of a victim. What this is saying is that the victim is intoxicated with either alcohol or other substances, and cannot give proper consent or defend themselves due to a lack of awareness to what is going on.


  1. A victim is forced or someone is attempting to force them, to penetrate someone else or in some cases penetrate the perpetrator, also sometimes under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


  1. Verbally forced non physical acts of penetration after a person has been pressured or intimidated enough.


  1. Completely unwanted sexual contact.


  1. Non-contact unwanted sexual experiences.

examples of this would be forced exposure to pornography, or verbal sexual harassment.


Statistics also show that sexual violence begins at a young age, primarily during the teen years, 16 being considered the “peak.” Today’s adult rapists may most likely have been teen perpetrators and if it had been noticed it probably could have been prevented. The main question is how could this have been prevented, and why does it happen?


A basic reason why this may happen so often, is that there is a high chance the perpetrator doesn’t even realize or understand the seriousness of the crime. 1 in 10 teenagers experience sexual and emotional abuse by their partners. The most common perpetrators are actually partners in a relationship, rather than someone you’d run into in a dark alley. 6 out of 10 rapes of young women have actually been in their home, rather than with a stranger in an alley. This isn’t saying that can’t happen, but it goes to show how sexual violence seems very common in relationships even as teens.


Sadly, people seem to stay quiet when they witness such a tragedy. Whether seeing it on the street or seeing the “symptoms” of sexual or any abuse in general maybe by a close friend or family member. People may think “oh it’s none of my business,”or “getting involved will just make things worse.” This is not okay, if a victim doesn’t see it or is trapped, they need help or a wake up call before it’s too late.


It’s sad to say I myself have seen videos that have gone viral on Facebook or Twitter of mostly men sexually and physically abusing young women. While the person with the camera is just recording and the people around watching or completely ignoring it like it’s not even going on. The video gets millions of views but does it change or help the chain of violence? I’d hope so. Enough about why, lets discuss how it can be prevented in the first place.


I look at it like this, teens go to school, High school is where relationships begin to get more “serious” and intimate, why shouldn’t every middle and high school have a specific course, or a specific section in comprehensive sex education class on information revolving around sexual violence, healthy relationships, and also how to learn sexual respect. It can only really benefit the youth with knowledge and educate them if they don’t know certain things. These courses honestly could save some lives from trauma and prevent violence for future situations which could happen in college or even older for these teens. Although this won’t prevent all sexual violence in youth, if these courses could be placed in more middle schools and high schools across the country sexual violence rates would decrease.

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Florida does not mandate that schools teach comprehensive sexual health information, and because of this, the Palm Beach county schools don’t see it as important to teach sexual health consistently… or at all! Their lack of a policy or even standards on teaching sexual health shows the lack of importance they put on our health. Do they want everyone to get pregnant, get diseases, and not know how to protect themselves?


Florida is not disease free, and the majority of my peers don’t know how to protect themselves. Florida is the #1 in the country with the highest rate of new HIV infections. With this statistic affecting our state, it clearly shows that we need more help and information when it comes to this topic. I truly believe that we should not refrain from getting more information when it comes to people’s health. If you believe that young people should have access to sexual health education, then support the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act so that together we can roll back these statistics!

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Here’s a scary fact, since the 1990’s condom use in America has fallen! Even with the advances in condomology, (pretty sure that’s a scientific study.) people are still refusing to wrap up. But why? That magical device helps protect against STD’s, STI’S,HIV and unintended pregnancy’s. Like condoms are the Gandalfs of sexual health. Some people say this is because condoms take away feeling during sex, but this has been proven to be incorrect by The Daily Beast. So what’s their excuse now there isn’t an  excuse to not wear a condom. So please remember to always wrap your Willie.

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Sexuality and gender have played a big card in the pop culture of today. From Miley Cyrus coming out as pansexual to Caitlyn Jenner coming out as transgender, people are coming from all walks of life to say “I’m here and I’m *insert identity*!” People may not know what being pansexual (attraction to multiple sexes or gender identities.) or transgender (the state of one’s gender identity or gender expression not matching one’s assigned sex.)means, but they’re noticing. Of course, some people will remain ignorant and hold prejudice towards what they don’t know, understand, or refuse to acknowledge – but this isn’t about them. This is about the people that  find solace or unity in a celebrity’s coming out. This is about representation, and its impact on the portion of the LGBTQIA community that is struggling with their identity, the ability to identify with someone, may it be their idol or someone that’s highly respected by our society. Sometimes it’s a matter of life or death. This is also about the people who learn and listen from these icons/celebrities and vow to be an ally or a better one.

When Ellen Degeneres came out in ‘97, her career suffered, no doubt about that, but she bounced back. She fought when Hollywood turned on her, climbing her way to the top any way she could. People found inspiration in that and look at where she is now!  Laverne Cox- a fan favorite from the show Orange is the New Black, her character, Sophia, was the type of character that stuck with you long after you finished binge-watching Season One. Humor, great advice, and her ability to always know what to say is what made you love her, Laverne’s acting ability is what made her stick. Laverne was a transwoman  playing a transwoman; that’s not common in the Hollywood narrative. That is what made many love the show even more. Miss Cox went on to break down barriers in Hollywood, becoming the first transwoman to appear on the cover of TIME and nominated for a Primetime Emmy is not a small feat. Both Laverne Cox and Ellen Degeneres have taken notice of their platform and have used it to the best of their ability by acknowledging the disadvantages that the LGBTQIA  community faces every day. They acknowledge, bring to light, and open the floor for conversation. Conversations that we hope can bring tolerance and acceptance. They know that they inspire people every day, they recognize that other’s may not be as fortunate or have the same resources, and they work towards making other’s lives better.

Open minds and representation mean a lot more than “Why do we have to say ‘I’m gay’ why can’t we just be human” or “I saw that coming!” Celebrities don’t come out for that, they come out for themselves, and for some it’s more than just themselves – it’s for the marginalized, isolated, and the silenced. It’s to say “you’re not weird” and “I’m just like you”.

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Let’s talk about communication. How do we the youth and future of the community educate ourselves on a subject that is very hush hush?
Yes! It is important that young people get sex ed, but why? Forming healthy relationships, knowing to GYT and preventing against unwanted disease and infection as well as contraception are all very important. These are just a few tiny topics out of the broad category that affect our everyday life.
Young adults ages 15 to 24 account for nearly 20 million of the new cases for STD’s and STI’s yearly in the United States. Why not reframe from the hope that abstinence will be wildly practice; face the facts… It is happening now.


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