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The Supreme Court’s buffer zone decision has the potential to have adverse affects on the sexual health of youth. American youth already have higher rates of unintended pregnancies-despite the latest decline in rates, growing rates of sexually transmitted diseases, and receive misinformation about sexual health all the time (read abstinence only sex education in public schools). 

By not upholding the buffer zones outside of abortion clinics the Supreme Court just unanimously put youth in America at greater sexual health risk. 

The first time I went to a clinic for sexual health information and services was after I had my daughter. I was 16 or so and went to the only place I had hear about, Planned Parenthood. Thankfully I did not encounter protestors however, some of my friends had; they commented that they were afraid to go inside the clinic because of the angry mob outside so they left. 

While they were not there for abortion services the anti choice crowd outside caused so much fear to them that they did not go inside and speak to a sexual health professional about safer sex, free condoms, and or HIV and STI testing. 

They left. 
They knew of no where else to go and unfortunately one of their first attempts to make well informed sexual health decision for themselves was ruined by ill informed, intimidating, and aggressive anti-choicers. While they think they are “stopping” abortions from happening, they are actually stopping youth from making sexual health decisions and establishing healthy and responsible sexual health practices early on in life. 

The Supreme Court let us all down but youth just might be the most vulnerable population to feel and deal with the adverse effects this decision can have on our health.

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You took action and the President heard you loud and clear. Thanks to your action, and joining in with a loud chorus of voices calling on the Obama Administration to do the right thing, today the President signed an ENDA executive order without sweeping religious exemptions.

With his pen, the President took action to prohibit the federal government from discriminating on the basis of gender identity, and prohibit any companies who contract with the federal government from discriminating against their employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity. This order protects thousands of LGBTQ federal employees and contractors from discrimination based on who they are.

Young people deserve to live in a country where the government doesn’t hand out free passes to discriminate, and today, we moved one step closer.

Say thank you to the President for protecting LGBTQ youth. Tweet the following:

Tweet now!.@WhiteHouse #DearPOTUS, thank you for protecting the rights of #LGBTQ employees #ENDAEO

Tweet now!.@BarackObama #DearPOTUS, thank you for walking the walk and protecting fairness in the workplace. #ENDAEO #mightypen

Tweet now!.@BarackObama #DearPOTUS, young people’s voices were loud and clear. Thank you for standing up for #LGBTQ rights. #ENDAEO

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Like me many of other may be confuse about this abbreviation. What is this abbreviation really means I’ll explain as I know After hearing this word 2, 3 month after I get to know about it and could able to write about it. Let’s start • L : lesbian What is Lesbian? Well lesbian are those who are girls they have same sexual organs as girls have they are totally similar as girl only a change they like Females. Male can’t attract them like other normal females. They always attracted with females. • G: Gay What is Gay? Gay is those who love Male. Yes even they are male they love male. In this case female can’t attract the Gay males because they love male. Male attractions towards male we can say this. • B : Bisexual What is bisexual? Well bisexual are those who can be attracted with both male and female. They even go for male and for female too. Bisexual can be found in all walks of society, and everywhere in the world. • T : Transgender What is Transgender? Transgender is state of one’s gender identity (self-identification as woman, man, neither both) or gender expression not matching ones assigned sex. Transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual etc. • I : Intersex What is Inter-sex? ‘’Inter sex’’ is a general term used for a variety of condition in which a person is a born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male. For example, a person might be born appearing to be female on the outside but having mostly male-typical anatomy on the inside.

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Sex and the city

A sixteen year old girl got pregnant few weeks before i had completed my exams, and the reeking saint of unwanted pregnancy loomed in my street for weeks ; bearing from the first. Most girls I have talked to in my neighbourhood, often say ; ”their family are poor and they lack the essential resources that will trigger a change — socially, physically, emotionally and economically.

”Today, eight out of ten girls (with ages between 12-17) in my community, gets pregnant every two Months”

In Some families ( where girls are a majority), parents lure their daughters into prostitution : as a result of poverty, and poor social status.

We are the drivers our lives: but what if that life is nurtured and understood. What if girls are taught — with basic morals from mother and father.
”what if, for every mistake, she is corrected and shown the right part ; Then, with other positive attribute laid, change can be achieved.

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Every living thing has their own desires to fulfill. We human beings also have ample of desires to fulfill. Some of them will be filling up, but mostly were not. Likely human one of the biggest desire is sex to full fill within they die in their life.


We male and female both have sexual desire to fulfill. One of the research says that Male have sexual desire in every 7 seconds. They desire to have sex in every 7 seconds. It means male have high sexual desire. At the same time another research says that female have 10 times more sexual desire than male….

This is a surprising but this is what research is bean saying.


In this case why always female are raped by male here is a point to be debate on. Yes may be female have power to not express. Like male when male thinks or desire it they have habit to get it immediately and at the same time when the female comes front with shorter dress or with sexy style than of course male can may not be stop to fill his desires and they force or rape.


At same time female can stop or they stop reacting or they can remain silent. Like boys express with their friends and says they wanted to do. They share with friends about the things and relax. But girls can’t do so, so they remain silent and they go for crazy dress up crazy styles.

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May madness- “Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Month” -hit a usual high  low when Las Vegas police, religion, and local state efforts all worked together to tell young women that they should “Choose Purity.” The event was *great* and featured police offers with guns, body bags, and scary ass monologues all in the name of “brining awareness to the problem of teenage pregnancy.” This even would be shocking if it wasn’t a prime example of what American society thinks sex education looks like. 

I’m assuming the event went something like this.
Good morning everyone,

Oh, you want to know about the reproductive system lets watch this highly accurate and informative video about where babies come from.

Because none of you will ever have sex( because you need to be pure) there is really no need to address the diseases out there however, in an effort to not be accused of only trying to scare you all without providing information, let’s cover some of the basics.
I’m sure the end of the event didn’t end like this even though it should have

​In reality we all wish our parents were a bit more like Regina’s mom (in terms of offering condoms)


or more like Jim’s dad,

so we wouldn’t be so lost when it comes to sexuality, sexual health, and think that Apple pies really felt like vaginas, because really vaginas only feel like vaginas.

For more informative sexual health information you can check out

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Stop Telling Women To Smile

“Bitches these days can’t take a fucking compliment!” I’m told.

I didn’t see his face

but he sounded like

the scratch of a fingernail on a rough patch of a scab not quite healed over

the sound it makes when you

pick over and over

till the skin pulls back

and you’re bleeding



when I first got to the city

a stranger hit on me

and my first instinct was to say thank you

so I said thank you


the stranger


smiled wide

and invited me back to his home


He was easily my father’s age or older

his voice less smoulder

and more smoke

wisps near choking the polite right out of me


I added a no to my thank you


his smile disappeared

he sneered

said he could fuck me right here


and fear

looks nothing like gratitude


“Bitches these days can’t take a fucking compliment” my friend is told.

she lives in sweltering weather

but fears tank tops on public buses


and when she fusses

about yet another suitor

attempting to woo her


we ache to remember a time

when earphones

and avoided eye contact

and silence

was enough to shield us

when imaginary boyfriends were enough to shield us

when real boyfriends were enough to shield us

when age was enough to shield us


when no was enough to shield us


and yet I think back to thirteen

and the man at the gas station

and I realize that time may have never been

that I’ve been

fighting this fight since training bras

but the knights just keep coming



and though my friend lives in sweltering weather

she dawns her armor

and I know it hangs as heavy on her mind

as it does on mine


“Bitches these days can’t take a fucking compliment” I’m told.

The sentiment

now old

makes my insides cold


newly proposed by a friend

who is sweet and funny and charming

and still ranting about the girl

who did not acknowledge his
whatever he was gonna say

followed by “hey, hey! bitches these days”

and it itches the back of my throat

the bile

but instead I smile

a kind, but reproving smile



he rolls his eyes

he knows


and with his “I’m just being nice”

he shows

I’m wasting my breath


the next time a stranger hit on me

it occurred to me

the irony

that something that should “boost my self esteem”

Be compared to

contact meant to bruise


it became less confusing

the third and fourth time

a stranger’s flattery turned “Fucking bitch”,

was hurled at me with all the passion

of a lover wronged


cause all their voices

sound like the creation of a wound

oozing blood

then puss


scabbing over

to be scrapped by fingernails

over and over again

so one day, when it scars

it looks like a birthmark


it looks natural


these men

are such romantics

flattering chicks

offering dicks

all at the same bus stop


these men

their kind words

can be heard

in the shadows of any alley


these men

whose faces grace many a sidewalk

grocery store

fast food restaurant





these men

whose eyes I never meet


these men

whose names I never know


these men

whose compliments I never remember


can’t possibly know

how many compliments its taken

to make me a bitch

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Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.


Some people might not understand the importance of the latest Pantene commercial, but I can relate completely. While it’s become clearer in the last few months that the war on women extends way past reproductive rights, issues like the one reflected in the TV spot often go unnoticed because there has only recently been rhetoric about the deep-rooted origins of gendered behavior.

In the last few years, I’ve learned that women are raised to believe that we should take up as little space as possible. While we may have progressed from the days of believing that we had to be “seen, not heard” and maintain our proper place in society, we still find ourselves trying to be as small and inconvenient as possible. For example, if a man and woman are sitting next to one another on a bus or train, the man will sit with his legs splayed, often taking up space that is not his. The woman on the other hand, will sit with her legs clamped together, no matter whether she is wearing a skirt or pants, never asking the man to keep to his side of the allotted space for leg room.

I myself have been guilty of this in the past. I boarded a plane about a year ago and made my way over to my assigned window seat. The aisle seat was already occupied by a middle-aged man. When I indicated that the window seat was mine, he did not stand to let me pass, but did that half-standing thing to let me scooch by. I apologized for the inevitable bodily contact once I had sat down and distinctly remember that he asked me, “Why are you apologizing?” In that moment, I thought to myself, “Yes! Why AM I apologizing?”.

But I never made the connection between my need to confine myself to certain amount of space and patriarchal dictate. I undoubtedly repeated that mistake until I realized that I had to overcome societal programming. I had to stop shrinking myself, stop smiling when I was asked to smile, speak up when men tried to trespass onto my spaces both mental and physical.

Dear women everywhere, make yesterday the last time you ever apologised unnecessarily or gave up your space because you felt you were undeserving. Sit comfortably, state your opinions boldly, walk tall. If a man tells you to smile, tell him to take a running jump. As the commercial states, “Shine strong!”


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It’s just wrong that hardworking and dedicated young people can be fired for being gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, or queer. For being who they are. These young people have no protection. No recourse.

We need our President to stand strong. And right now, he can make a big difference for thousands of LGBTQ federal employees and contractors. Join us in demanding that President Obama and his Administration do the right thing and sign executive orders protecting LGBTQ workers without needless exemptions that would open the door to discrimination.

With a swipe of his pen, President Obama’s executive orders will expand workplace protections for young people across the country. Current federal law already provides an exemption for houses of worship and religiously-affiliated organizations. Further exemptions are unnecessary and would dilute the protections the orders are seeking to provide for LGBTQ young people.

Mr. President, it’s time to stop surrendering the rights of young people.

Tweet now!.@WhiteHouse No more religious exemptions! #LGBTQ employees deserve protections, regardless of where they work. #ENDAEO #DearPOTUS

Tweet now!.@WhiteHouse #DearPOTUS, #LGBTQ young people believe in #equality, #freedom, and #justice. #ENDAEO

Tweet now!.@BarackObama you said ’now is the time to end this kind of discrimination, not enable it,’ Prove it, sign #ENDAEO. No more exemptions. #DearPOTUS

Tweet now!.@vj44 workplaces should be free from discrimination for all people, including #LGBTQ employees. Protect workers’ rights. #ENDAEO #DearPOTUS



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“Marriage” is legally, religiously, universally accepted social institution whereby two people are bounded in a relationship of husband and wife to continue their generation. But does this indicate the relationship between only two people? It is a debatable topic. But for me, I don’t think its only the matter of two person.

When two person are married, its not only that two person are interconnected but it creates a connection between two families. These two individuals are brought up in two different families. Before marriage, they both have their two different world, two different families. They have their own near and dear ones. So when two individuals are bounded in a relationship, it has some effects to other members as well. Especially when we are brought up in a culture of living in a group i.e. in joint family. It’s not only the matter of two people. Though their part is major and their priority must be high. However, it can’t just be their only matter. In our culture bride needs to go to her husbands house leaving her own. So in this case she needs to be well adjusted with her husband’s family as well. After all, family have their own importance in a person life. It’s not only the wife but husband too needs to take care of his wife’s family.

So its not only the matter of two people to have the better understanding and happy married life.

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