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The_Pride_Of_Li on_Call_ of_the_ Bull
Sweet Like a Honey Bee
You Answer my questions
Golden like a lion I see you
in my eyes
You walk with pride in
your heart And courage
Shines in your eyes
You fight for those who
believes in peace and
You are a sunflower that
brightens every morning
You are the rising sun that
shines with glory
You are the fire that burns
the evil away You are the light that
fights for all thats right
So Shine My friend and fly
like a butterfly
Believe in yourself and
Your fate will bloom
Live like flower in spring
and birds that sing You were meant to Live
your Dreams !!
You are Meant to Live your
Dreams !!

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Recently i was able to attend a program on “Comprehensive Sexuality education” with school students. It had been one of the amazing experience to see the change in perspective of students in SRHR. It has been around 5 years since i’ve passed my schools. Most of the students in those time were shy to talk about SRHR. Even teachers were shy to teach the topic of SRHR. When i was on my school days; SRHR had not been striking topic. Me and my friends were concerned only about subjects like Maths and Science. SRHR were not the topic to be discussed due to the environment set by the schools and society. But the change in perspective of SRHR in today’s students are praiseworthy. The students have gained the optimistic thoughts on the SRHR topics. The teachers has also overcome their shyness and using the new approaches to teach their students.

Students of today’s are groomed well by the society and schools to learn about the SRHR. Since i’m talking about the schools in urban; i’ve seen the change. But still there are rural areas which lacks enough education on the topics of SRHR. Students at the rural areas are still shy to talk on the SRHR topics. As it is said “change takes time”; i hope the world becomes SRHR friendly and everyone under the same roof.

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Citizenship is the identity of the person that mediates an individual’s relationship with the country and vice versa. In the context of Nepal, it is a gateway to enter many aspects of social and economic life. Apart from identification, citizenship is also considered as a gateway for individual entitlement of services and benefits to be provided by the state. The study done by forum for women, law and development found that 23.65% of the population aged 16 and above did not have citizenship certificates. The review was based on a review of existing data sources and records. Nepali citizenship act 2006 was enacted in 26th November 2006 which assured citizenship from either of parents but though law has changed, mind and system hasn’t. Nepalese women are discriminated at all levels, but they face a further obstruction on the issue of citizenship. Nepal could be among 27 other countries, including Libya, UAE, Qatar, and Sudan that prevent a matrilineal path of citizenship. It does bring up another relevant issue of Nepal: gender discrimination. The most inclusive elected national assembly in our nation’s history, before it was dissolved last year had a draft provision on citizenship that was even more regressive than the interim constitution. Under it, only children of Nepali mother who can’t prove the father will be eligible to citizenship which means a Nepali mother who cannot prove the father is Nepali ( because he left her, because she doesn’t have one, because she was raped) can’t have children who are Nepali. Recently Supreme Court made decision that children can get citizenship in the name of mother if the child is conceived because of multiple physical relationships by the mother and the mother cannot pinpoint the real father. But what if the children are born from mother’ relationship with a husband who has abandoned her? We punish the offspring who are already punished. There are thousands of Nepali mothers who can’t provide citizenship to their children. In Nepal’s gender apartheid, the very existence of women can be only certified by men: father, brother, husband. Gender activist have been fighting a lonely battle against a political bureaucratic and legal system that is weighted against women. Single mothers have to swallow their pride and go to the men who abused them and lied to them and ask for citizenship for their children. Women have to fight protracted legal battles and often force paternity tests on men just to give their children citizenships. The provision of and brings gender discrimination and nothing more. If Nepalese women and mother are to be given justice, if the youths of Nepal who are future of this country are to be shaped correctly and in right direction the provision should be included in draft. For this we need to support, raise voice and movement of all sector and people is of utmost need.

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Women are the creatures who create a beautiful family in the society. Women are those who bring peace women are those only who gives continuity to their generations. Women are not only a women but a mother also who gives birth accepting a lots of pain even they should ready to die. While giving birth to their baby because they hoped that, the baby would be a good, discipline and brave citizen in future and helps to handle a country towards positive path. So, women are such a person which we cannot able to defined by our words.
Nepal is a male dominated country so; the condition of women in Nepal is not so good violence towards women is increasing day by day in Nepal. Especially in Terai region News of women violence in newspaper and television are increasing intends of decreasing. It is the era of 21st century but thoughts of Nepalese people are the stone aged people is thoughts. Many women of Nepal are violated due to the dowry system privilege in Nepal. .,any women of Nepal are giving up their life due to the torture given by their family in the name of dowry and many women were killed by her husband and mother in law due to less dowry in Terai region. Life of Nepalese women are valueless, however there is more value of dowry.

Women of Nepal are illiterate. This is the 21st century but Nepalese women are still on Stone Age. They are dominated by male. Women are still facing different system like deuki system, chaupadi partha etc. in Nepal, women are taking only as a child bearing machine in rural area. They are for form the light of education. Due to lack of education, materials and infant mortality rate is increasing day by day. In the urban areas they should utilizing their rights and getting chance to be educated.

It is sold that ‘ male and female are the two wings of the birds ‘ if one wings is absent, a bird never can fly. So that in absence of one, another is incomplete. Due to this, equal rights should be given to both male and female. If a woman is educated in the family, she educates all the family members. Especially, she brings her children in the good path with good path with good education. They should be provided with their rights, health facilities, security etc. and they should be involved in all development activities of society, country or the entire world. If women got such facilities, the condition of women in Nepal would be quite Nepal.
So, for the betterments of the country or smooth development of the country, women should be educated 50% rights should be given to woman. Also, citizenship in the name of mother should be given to every child in Nepal. Hence, Nepal government and other concerned authorities should pay special attention towards it for the better condition of women in Nepal.

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Marriage is the one of the importance and meaningful stage, ways and relation of change life. Marriage the law and policy of culture, society, love and relationship. Marriage creates a one of the different part, different ways and different experience of life. Marriage develops small family, love and special (happiness, sadness, and struggle) in our own life.

Marriage is the valuable gift of the nature for human being. The human being the time of changing society marriage is transfer is transfer and change on the many and dowry. In the past time almost human thinks marriage is the new form of drive their new life and it is rules of culture but how time is totally change they don’t accepted the marriage without dowry.

Dowry is the gift of marriage for women and girls provided by their family like; money, furniture goods, luxurious and others gold and jewelries’ goods. If the women parents provided dowry for their daughter marriage, daughter husband and their family happily accept him and does friendly and likely behaviors’ but they are not able to give dowry, they don’t give dowry to their daughter family, there are give future , pain, die to girls. We can she these kind of problem in Nepal on beautiful formula for spend different life, closeness, friendship and emotional but time with, generation with all people thinking’s are changes. Changing this security, style and process of marriage and continuously increasing social problem in our country. This time, dowry is some like a ticket of marriage if we have we can get or do marriage if we haven’t we get, we accept many more problems of this society, violence and husband, father of law, mother of law and their family.

So, it’s necessary to stop ticket for marriage.

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Every day, Planned Parenthood affiliates and independent abortion providers around the nation give compassionate care to women who need abortions. I am fed up with the ongoing attacks on these brave and committed providers. The need for abortion care has been a common experience across the generations and health care facilities such as Planned Parenthood have been there to ensure safe access. Yet those who provide abortion care are too often intimidated, badgered, stalked, and entrapped.

I stand with Planned Parenthood and I ask you to do so as well.

In the videos, taken illicitly and illegally by anti-abortion extremists, staff frankly discuss fetal tissue donation. These donations help advance research into new treatments for diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney failure. Fetal tissue donation is voluntary on the part of the client. Research centers may compensate providers for storage and transportation. The facilitation of fetal tissue donation by some Planned Parenthood centers should be applauded for its contribution to the advancement of human science.

On the 1 in 3 campaign website, more than 800 women have shared their stories with abortion experiences – and many have specifically mentioned the caring and compassion they received from abortion care providers. We need to keep working toward a culture that centers real experiences with abortion. We need to build a culture of compassion, empathy, and support for access to basic reproductive health care and those who provide it.

It’s outrageous that politicians are using invasive provider intimidation as an opportunity to call for an end to all funding of Planned Parenthood. We can’t allow extremist and illegal actions to add to the stigma around abortion and make access more difficult.

Please join me in standing with Planned Parenthood.


Debra Hauser

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We’re fed up w/ provider intimidation + attacks on wmn’s health! Stand with #PlannedParenthood http://bit.ly/AFYStandWithPP #StandWithPP


We’re fed up with provider intimidation and attacks on women’s health! We can’t allow extremist and illegal actions make abortion access more difficult. Let’s stand together with Planned Parenthood. http://bit.ly/AFYStandWithPP #StandWithPP

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I’m currently interning at Idara-e-Taleem-o-Agahi (Center of Education and Consciousness, or ITA), a non-profit organization based in Lahore, Pakistan. As part of my internship I attended a school that ITA has built in the slums of Lahore to educate children in the area. This slum hosts one of the biggest gypsy communities of Lahore. As part of my work with the wonderful NGO, I visited with the families of the students in the school. Most of the kids came during the afternoon shift of the school as they collect garbage in the morning. I noticed an active and enthusiastic student called Sadia and decided to meet her family. After journeying through piles of rubber, plastic and paper, I finally entered the small tent where Sadia’s family resided. A cow was tied to a pole near their tent and I could smell dung and garbage. Three charpais* crowded the tent, in addition to a rusted stove, a few broken suitcases and torn clothes. I sat on a charpai with a few staff from ITA, opposite another charpai on which a 35-40 year old woman sat with an old man lying beside her, who turned out to be her husband. She wore a printed shalwar kameez* with a dupatta* over her forehead. The old man, although lying down, was fully aware of our presence.

I looked at the woman and I felt an instant connection. Her eyes glimpsed with shards of sadness, hope and despair. I took out my notepad and decided to start my unstructured interview. Kausar Bibi, the woman I interviewed, was married at the age of 12 to a 40 year old man. Every girl in her community was married at a very young age. It was believed in this community that women exist for producing children who would work for the family. She straightened her neck and proudly declared that she had eight children. I hesitated to ask at what age she had her first child but asked anyway. “14”, she said as she lowered her head. She didn’t go to a clinic. A midwife attended to her labour and gave her home-made medicine. She gave birth to all eight children in her tent without any sort of medical help.

As I digested this information, I heard a baby wail across the tent. A young girl of about ten or twelve held the baby in her arms, soothing the little boy. I assumed she must be Kausar Bibi’s daughter. I looked towards her and asked if her daughter takes care of her younger brother. She waved her hand in the air and answered in a monotone voice,” She’s not my daughter. She’s my son’s wife. And that’s her baby.” I felt a pang of guilt fluttering my heart. I realized how different my life is from theirs. I asked for her to tell her family’s monthly earnings. She looked up, calculated in her mind and said that it was about 6000rs (about $58). $58 per month for eight people (including her son’s wife and son and excluding her married daughters). 1500rs were lost to pay the rent for this land and the rest of the 4500rs was spent at home. While many consider the purpose of having several children is to increase working hands in the family, only one of her sons worked and the entire family was dependent on him. He was responsible for selling the garbage to recycling units. We spoke more and I learned that her husband was half blind, her sons weren’t interested in working, and her daughters were either married or helped in household chores, thus no one, except one of her sons, worked.

Kausar said, “We’re poor. No matter how much we work, we will always stay poor and miserable. We are surviving somehow and this setup is fine for us. “When asked about marriage, she said, “Our parents get us married to whoever they like and we don’t argue. We’ll always stay like this. Educating our girls won’t be of any use because they’ll end up getting married too.”

I spoke with her about the importance of education, the repercussions of child marriages and the consequences of giving up. She kept nodding in agreement but I knew she didn’t believe me. Why would she? Kausar had never seen anything different.  I hope that one day we can show that education can be fruitful and help get families like Kausar’s out of poverty. I hope that one day communities across    Pakistan will realize that girls deserve to make free choices and choose when and whom to marry. That is why I am working with ITA, and as part of Advocates for Youth’s Girl Engagement Advisory Board to create awareness about girls’ rights and show the results of empowering girls, so that we can adopt a healthier, happier, and more prosperous route.

A special shout out to ITA (Idara-e-Taleem-o-Agahi) for being a great help and providing me with this opportunity.


*charpai: traditional woven bed

*shalwar kameez: traditional outfit of Pakistan. The shalwar (pantaloons/drawers) and the kameez (body shirt)

*dupatta: Is a loomg scarf worn with shalwar kameez to cover head or chest

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