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“Body Image” a simple 2 words which a vague meaning. Body image is the perspective of one on themselves like how they look. Body Image has been a issue nowadays; lots of boys has dream of having 6/8 pack abs, girls are wishing to have zero size body. It’s real good to be fit and healthy but sometimes the quest to look handsome, beautiful roots so deep in someone’s brain that it becomes their only thing to focus on.

When friends bully other friend for the shape of their body; it surely develops the negativity on the their body image. It has been a lot; they then try to be perfect and be obsessed to be perfect. There are lots of cases where a girl has been on diet schedule; only having water to drink for a couple of days; just so that she’ll have zero size figure. A boy does workout for hours being obsessed to have six pack abs.

To be fit is good; but to have negative body image perception is bad. “Every one is beautiful and unique on their own way”; everybody is precious; if they had not been beautiful,unique and precious than why would they have defeated millions of sperm and be fused to ovum to be born.

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I want to live my life

in my own way,

isn’t it human right?

I want to dressup whatever i like,

isn’t it human right?

I want to speak up!

I want to dance!

I want to travel!

I want to work!

I want to read!

Ain’t they my human rights?

If asking my human rights makes me feminist!

Oh yes! Am a feminist!!!


No boundaries can stop me,

Am going to raise my voice!

No rules can tie me ,

Am going to stand proud !

Here i am a lady with dignity !

A lady with dignity !!!!!


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Nepal has set another milestone marking Nepal as one of Asia’s most progressive countries when it comes to  lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex ‘s rights. Nepal has become now third country after Australia and New Zealand as the world’s only nations that provide passports with an alternative option for people who do not identify  as male or female . Nepal has always been open and progressive in the matter of LGBTI’S rights. In year 2007, Nepal’s supreme court rules to amend laws discriminatory towards LGBTI persons. In year 2008 , sunil Babu pant became the first openly gay member of parliament in Nepal. In 2011, A third gender  category  is added to the national census and citizenship card. In 2012, Apex court reconizes live in relationships for lesbian couples. Now in year 2015, the first passport with ‘other’ gender category issued. It is a very remarkable step that Nepal has taken . LGBTI rights are also a Humans rights  so let’s stand for it.

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My country Nepal is country of Buddha , Sagarmatha, dharahara and reach country here are many natural resources , culture, language, custom , art festivals , cast , religion , temples an d bio diversity on the world. Here most of people died for the save country. I was happy because I born in Nepal and always proud to me because I am Nepali. Yes, my country is small but here works we can’t explain own our words.
Now days I think my thinking is wrong here are many peoples who live in center post in many parties. They divide our one country to seven territories and still they need different state on the basis of cast, religion and territory with they stand one road for the movement and rally. They don’t think about movement and rally can meet their needs so that they ready to do involve in violence activities also they are ready to do harm anybody . They don’t want to make good and equitable constitution but they want in this constitution has include their needs and demands.

I think those people, who are died for Nepal, who give their own life for save the country. Their souls are crying to see our country’s situation and behavior of here people’s. Prithivi Narayan Shah who Integrate Nepal to 22 /24 state. Their tears are falling from their eyes and he is crying to see Nepali. Now my soul, my eyes really going to crying because my Nepal going to be peace an divide , here collapse the relations of neighborhood ds , one people who can able to murder another people, all people are selfish they focus to achieve their demand and needs, here security and peace are collapse. Today I am thinking why I born in Nepal? I am very sad and unlucky because I see all things of Nepal it’s painful and bad but I cannot do something so want to peace and security on my motherland Nepal. I would like to say all Nepali please create unity and save the country.

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One people who birth in the earth then their parents give many care, Love and anything for their children. Within the time they grow day by day and come as youth. Especially we calling to youth 16-40 years people they are youth.

Youth are really different than other because they have different idea ids capacity knowledge interest power to do something and some work but youth are also at-risk population if they found negative ways friends condition they can go negative way. Yes, I’m youth so I would like to request other youth please find out your objective, goals and mission with your ways, friend circle. If you want can do anything but if you found miss ways you may be waste your life. We know our society have many more problem so that if we re involve in raise our voice for minimize social problems of the society I hope our voice, work can change our Nepal.

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My cousin

bones packed more full

rolls of extra hibernation warmth

A thick-chick


I remember the first moment I realized that I was not thin: my grandmother’s house smelled of Sunday and my family gathered around the dining room table.




My cousin

My mother

My grandmother

They take up space


My parents used to scold me all the time for eating like someone was gonna steal my food from me. And my siblings’ leftovers when we went out to a restaurant were never safe. I didn’t believe in wasting good food.




My cousin

Her voice

Carries over the dining room table
takes up the space in my ear canal

“Bri is pretty big, don’t you think? I wasn’t even that big when I was her age.”


My cousin was overweight and she hated it. My mom and my grandmother too. I was bordering on overweight, but there was innocence of age that, until that moment, kept me blissfully unaware of how much of a problem it was.



am ten.



I take a perverse joy in telling people who compliment me about my recent weight loss that it was achieved through panic attacks.



Slivers of my waist

Are probably laid to rest

Inside the fibers of my covers

Or that they dissipated into the forced darkness of my bedroom

Or my eyelids

Or whatever space hope is kept


Perhaps it’s the body positive activist in me that enjoys seeing our socialized association of thinness with health fall apart before our eyes. Or maybe it’s being a theater kid with a dark sense of humor that makes the reactions so intriguing.



begged to not exist


Is a death wish almost manifest


Being depressed taught me like nothing else that thinness does not mean health. One of the ways I could tell I was getting bad was when I didn’t want to eat anymore. I would estimate how long it would be before I died of starvation. The longest I went was a couple of days before my roommate realized I was skipping meals.




There are so many reasons

For me to fall

Back into my black holes

But my body

Is probably the prettiest

This hourglass

This brick house

This reminder

That once upon a time


I have tried to stop hyper-focusing on my weight loss, but it is difficult. Though “pretty” [read: thinner], this body is no accomplishment for me. Though I am becoming more comfortable in it, it is a constant struggle. My thinness is a constant reminder of my depression. It’s my most visible scar.


almost disappeared

For a while, none of my clothes would fit me. I was giving away things left and right and my friends who were bigger would get frustrated when I commented how much better my favorite clothes fit them. They were sympathetic, but often annoyed and I could tell. Cognizant that they had their own body issues, I began to feel guilty about hating my own body.



Am fighting to crawl out of my fetal position

to walk through the world

with its sunlight

and its people

and its loud sounds

and its problems


In the depths of my depression, I would look at my reflection and feel sick at how tiny I was. I felt weak and small every moment of every day. It bothered me that I also looked the part.



Am fighting to not be afraid of how loud I am

to laugh

to cry

to allow myself to be


As I grow healthier, I have obtained clothes that fit. I work not to obsess over how tiny I am. I chuckle when I tell people “yes, exercise is a much better plan that panic attacks.”



have always taken up so much space


I fight my own fatophobia that crops up after a major attack. Remind myself, that there is no upside to my suffering, and even if there was, it wouldn’t be losing a few pounds.



have always taken up so little space


But perhaps the most important thing I have done has been giving myself permission to be changed by my depression, both externally and internally. To accept that I am not who I once was and to embrace who I am becoming.


stare at my naked body in mirrors

And remind it

its only job

Is to carry this spirit around

To its best capability


In the midst of world it is hard to be body positive. In the midst of our world and depression it is near impossible. But so many women I know and love are finding ways to love their bodies, even as everything around (and often inside) them tell they shouldn’t. We, all of us in this patriarchal white supremacist world that profits from insecurity, are taught that our bodies are insufficient in some way. It is revolutionary to reject that.





your smallness

Or your largeness

is secondary

to you being here

There is joy in that rejection. There is joy in finding ways, no matter your size, no matter the reason you are that size, to love your body for what it is. There is joy in being here, in this moment, in your skin, with your hands and your stomach and your thighs and your ankles, without fear or critique. There is joy in my body for the simple fact that it is mine.



am alive


Shame be damned

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Sexual and Reproductive Health issues are the most sensitive issues of our society. They are not readily discussed or shared among people even with their family members.

These hidden issues are one of the most common challenge for sexual and reproductive health especially in countries like Nepal and India. Societies have always been so orthodox that they do not allow people especially young ones to discuss on their sexual and reproductive health problems.

These practice further leads to worsen the situation because people are not open about their problems and they hide them which makes the problem even more bigger. Even most of the educated people are not ready to discuss on SRHR issues. Due to which the sexual and reproductive health of the people are not improving in the country.

Only awareness and education does not help to solve the problem but changing the attitude of the people on the SRHR issues and making the people ready to implement the knowledge they got, can bring change for improvement of Sexual and Reproductive Health.

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How to handle an unwanted pregnancy is a decision a woman makes with her doctor, not with the school board. Isn’t that something we can all agree on? But in Gilbert Public Schools in Arizona, they’ve found a new way for the government to force its ideology on students: textbook stickering. At the school board and superintendent’s command, Gilbert students are receiving stickers to place on their biology textbooks urging students not to have abortions.

Anti-abortion stickers are not a part of teaching biology. Email the school board and tell them to stop dictating health care decisions and focus on educating students.

The stickers also urge students to remain abstinent, but don’t provide any information about effective prevention methods for those who do become sexually active. In some cases schools are stickering the books, while others are encouraging ( perhaps even requiring) students to sticker their own books.

Let’s focus on effective sex education, not ideology. Tell the school board to stop putting anti-abortion, pro-abstinence stickers on biology textbooks!

Tweet now!.@SuperDrK_GPS, your school board’s anti-abortion agenda has no place in the classroom. Cut it out and get back to teaching. #BooksNotBias

Tweet now!Let the Gilbert Public School board know that their anti-abortion agenda has no place in the classroom. http://bit.ly/BooksNotBias #BooksNotBias

Facebook share!Let the Gilbert Public School board know that their anti-abortion agenda has no place in the classroom. Focus their priorities on providing their students an education. http://bit.ly/BooksNotBias

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I wanted to offer my opinion on this week’s question which stated: How can local and national governments better engage youth in decision-making?

I have been attending a leadership conference for the past two days at my University titled ‪#‎UWILeads‬ ‘Generation 2.0′ and we had discussions about youth and civic engagement nationally.

One of the means in which government can engage their youth in decision-making is creating a branch (or partnering with major student societies) of important government entities in Universities and High Schools. This would include key sectors of government. This would teach youth about the mechanisms of governmental operation without necessarily having to be affiliated with any particular party.

Another means of encouraging youth engagement is by having youth representative (in their teen or adolescent years) appointed on governmental boards. Many times, our government talks about reaching out to youth but never actually get the opinions from them in an official capacity. If you would have a youth representative for the governmental sector dedicated to youth, Generation 2.0 would more likely be interested in the policies and issues within the sector.

My final suggestion would be having a youth conference which would engage different clubs and societies from the secondary to tertiary levels to directly communicate the developments within every sector of the government. Having a youth friendly administration (similar to President Barack Obama’s strategy when running for his two terms of office) I believe would be a stimulus for youth being more interested with governmental matters.

Have a great weekend everyone and a belated Happy Youth Day! – Chrissie Parris Campbell, Jamaica

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This week we asked members of the Girls Engagement Advisory Board to respond to the question: What would a sex ed curriculum have to include to be relevant to your community?

In Nepalese community, curriculum based on sex education is must from grade 6 to 10. Students are taught almost everything mentioned in books. In my opinion LGBTI issues and safe abortion should be given priority. – Muna KC, Nepal

The word ‘sex’ is banned for usage in most schools in Pakistan. Even the thought of sex education is far fetched for these schools. We NEED a sex education subject in our school to teach the girls and boys about safe/unsafe sex, menstruation , puberty, contraceptives etc. There is literally nil knowledge of such concepts in most Pakistani schools, especially in the rural areas. This is because conservative groups believe it is against our religion and culture whereas the liberals believe teaching about sex encourages sex. Even a basic knowledge of safe sex could do wonders to our community. This can be taught in 8th/9th grade to prevent opposition from various groups. – Hamna Tariq, Pakistan

Unfortunately, in Egyptian society, any term which includes the word ‘sex’ is immediately dismissed and thought of as inappropriate. So, as a starting solution, I think the government should add a class to every school starting grade 7 or 8 for example and call it “family planning.” The curriculum taught in this class should include information about safe sex, abortion, contraceptives, and of course the importance of family planning. Moreover, it should clarify that the use of contraceptives is not against religion, that FGM is extremely harmful and not a part of religion, and that a lot of beliefs regarding sexual and reproductive health in the rural areas are not based on true facts or stories.

In my school, we have sex ed in high school but unfortunately this is only because it is a private international school. In most schools, no sex ed is offered to students and so if this changes, the lives of many Egyptians will too.- Mai Yassin, Egypt

Sex education in schools in Nigeria is encouraging and more rampant in the west but still lacking in the east and most especially the north. In the western town of Lagos, where I reside, sex education is included in the secondary school curriculum and is taught via social studies, basic science and civic education. All topics are taught except family planning as abstinence is the only form taught. This is as a result of the cultural and societal beliefs around family planning, religion is also a big contributor. 

Sex education needs to be taught in all parts of Nigeria and all parts of the world. In the north in Nigeria maternal mortality is on the rise, early marriage is still widely accepted, and gender inequality lingers on. A lot needs to be taught through sex education to eradicate such issues.- Elizabeth Williams, Nigeria

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