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Yesterday, Colorado voters like you made your voice heard. Last night Colorado voters rejected Amendment 67 — which would ultimately have banned all abortions.

Congratulations to the hundreds of activists across the state who worked hard to make sure that women stay in control of their own health, lives, and futures.

You did it!

Tweet now!We did it! Yesterday, we showed out & voted NO on Amendment 67, protecting women’s access to reproductive care in Colorado! #VoteNO67


tweet-now-toutLast night Colorado voters rejected amendment 67 — which would have ultimately

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UPDATE:  VICTORY!  Last week, James and other activists in Texas met with their policy makers to protest the Zedler 1 anti-gay amendment, including delivering your signatures in person to Texas’ legislature.  And on Thursday 4/4, the amendment was withdrawn.  We got them off our backpacks and funding for the centers is safe.  Great job!

This is a featured post from Texas Freedom Network Student Chapter President James Lee!

My name is James Lee and growing up in Rio Grande Valley Texas, I was taught that being gay was wrong. …

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In Colorado, young people are working to make comprehensive sex education a reality in their state. Colorado Youth Create, a project of Advocates for Youth and Colorado Youth Matter, leads the work of a statewide youth activist network that advocates for comprehensive sexual health education.  Here’s a picture of some of the council members on their way to tell their Senators and Representatives about the importance of good sex ed!



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As many may know, the CREATE council has 3 new videos about Amendment 67 created and led by youth. A lot of hard work was put into the creation of these three videos. Once they were aired, we were extremely proud of our work. We hoped that everyone felt proud of these videos as we do. I know that not everyone will agree with your opinions, all you can do is hope that they don’t take our message offensively.

On November 1st, a fellow council member and our youth …

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On National Voter Registration Day (September 23rd), thousands of volunteers across the country gathered in areas such as the mall, school campuses, bus stops, and concert venues to register voters in time for the upcoming state elections. Among these volunteers was Katie Raitz; a friendly and knowledgeable representative of Colorado Youth Matter’s CREATE Council. Katie greeted students on Colorado University’s busy campus and talked to them about the importance of voting.

“It’s essential that millennials vote because laws are being made as we speak, and it’s so important to …

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Looking through the endless list of romance films, you’re sure to find a rather broad variety. Rom-com? Duh.  Drama? Obviously.  Quirky romance?  Done, done and done.  The list of possible subgenres is far from shocking.  On top of that, what’s even less surprising in most of these films is the fact that the two lovebirds are almost always straight.

Sure, there may be a LGBTQ character or couple in the film, but they’re almost always a secondary character, and even more importantly, they are usually present as some sort …

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A ton of marriage equality news has been breaking so far this year; so much that you may have missed some important stories! So here’s a quick look at seven states that have made important advances.


January 14th- U.S. District Court Judge Terence Kern ruled that the state’s 2004 constitutional ban on marriage equality violates the US Constitution. In his ruling, he cited the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, which specifies that states must guarantee that all citizens are treated equally under the …

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Protest & Counter-Protest outside Planned Parenthood of the Rockies.

For as long as I have advocated for abortion rights, the conversation has always seemed to carry that old fashioned us vs. them attitude.  But from what I have experienced as of late, this issue is not one of “freedom and genocide”, or “us vs. them” as my university’s newspaper likes to claim, but one in which I believe there to be much more gray area and overlap.

The Students United for Reproductive Justice Group, of which I am apart, at Colorado State University partook in “1 in 3 …