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After three years of community mobilization and advocacy efforts, the School Board of Broward County unanimously passed one of the most comprehensive sexual health education policies in the nation!

And young people were at the center of those efforts. Join them in saying “Thank You” to the School Board of Broward County for supporting comprehensive sexual health education!

Congratulations to the Broward County Youth Council for all their hard work in making sure that young people have access to the resources and education they need to make healthy decisions …

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While I was in high school, I got into my first serious relationship. Before I even realized what was happening, I found myself in an emotionally abusive situation I sometimes wonder, if maybe my school had actually answered my questions about same sex relationships instead of giving me blank stares and “you’re going to hell” rants, if I could’ve picked out the red flags.

Luckily, a teacher went out of their way and taught me that a healthy relationship has both consent and respect. This information and the support …

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UPDATE:  VICTORY!  Last week, James and other activists in Texas met with their policy makers to protest the Zedler 1 anti-gay amendment, including delivering your signatures in person to Texas’ legislature.  And on Thursday 4/4, the amendment was withdrawn.  We got them off our backpacks and funding for the centers is safe.  Great job!

This is a featured post from Texas Freedom Network Student Chapter President James Lee!

My name is James Lee and growing up in Rio Grande Valley Texas, I was taught that being gay was wrong. I …

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In Florida, young people are working to make comprehensive sex education a reality in their state. The Broward County Youth Council, a project of Advocates for Youth and Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast, leads the work of a statewide youth activist network that advocates for comprehensive sexual health education.  Here’s a picture of some of the council members at the 2012 Urban Retreat!

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Being queer isn’t enough!

We are not at a stage as a community where being silent is ok.

To many people are still scared to simply be who they are

we are being silenced and the battle isn’t even over we still do not have our basic American rights.

I may not be famous but That shouldn’t have anything to do with making a change.
People may think I’m only a teenager and how could my words possibly impact the world but change starts with people like me and …

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There is a lot of discussion when it comes to body image. Everyone just wants to fit in. Barely anyone wants to be them self. Society has us wrapped up in a box and is just fabricating to us. It tells us that if we do not look a certain way then we don’t have the “look”. “The look”, what is that? I am ecstatic that you asked. It is an image that we must be or we are worthless. For example, if we do not have the latest …

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Most people have a mindset that everyone with HIV will die from the disease, but that’s not 100% true. There’s medicine around now that helps many people who live with HIV to live a longer and better life than before. A lot of people think that you can just “tell” when someone has HIV because of the way they look, but this is completely false. We need to understand that in order to protect ourselves, we should always use condoms, and regularly test our partners and ourselves. Most people

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(fəˈsäd/) – A superficial appearance or illusion of something
We as individuals tend to just take negative and offensive slurs as not really serious because they may have a joking connotation about them. Instead we have a habit to put on this mask, a facade as to say, pretending we are happy but in reality we are hurting even more. Slurs said and repeated everyday such as “faggot” and “slut” are merely tools used by the weak to try to minimize the confidence of others. Even though things …

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Looking through the endless list of romance films, you’re sure to find a rather broad variety. Rom-com? Duh.  Drama? Obviously.  Quirky romance?  Done, done and done.  The list of possible subgenres is far from shocking.  On top of that, what’s even less surprising in most of these films is the fact that the two lovebirds are almost always straight.

Sure, there may be a LGBTQ character or couple in the film, but they’re almost always a secondary character, and even more importantly, they are usually present as some sort …