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Just yesterday, the Supreme Court of El Salvador handed a young woman a death sentence by […]

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  Since we posted this last week, there has been some good news. Thanks to outcry […]

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Early marriage is one of the key issues affecting female children between the ages of 9-17. […]

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Family planning, defined as public programs designed to help parents plan and regulate their family size, […]

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Each year over 120 youth activists gather in Washington, D.C. to share expertise with one another […]

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We have been hearing, noticing and witnessing different types of restrictions that are imposed on women during her periods. She is not allowed to cook and eat healthy foods and completely restricted in the religious ceremony as they are tagged “impure”. But, this kind of restrictions takes a bigger form in some rural parts of Nepal. This practice is named as “Chhaupadi”.

Chhaupadi is taken as a tradition in which girls and women are made to live in the makeshift huts or cowsheds while they are menstruating, out of …

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Hey guys! This is Hamna Tariq from Pakistan. ViolenceI\’ve recently noticed that the streets in my city are mostly crowded with males and hardly do I spot a woman nowadays. This has concerned me greatly as girls tend to stay home, hidden from society, to prevent them from being harassed. As a result, several women leave their jobs and their families become a target of poverty. In today’s society women are not even safe enough to walk to a nearby market alone. They are trapped within the four walls …

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Every human being originated from a single cell. After lots of phases/stages, human have evolved. We became the most intelligent living being and successor of the world. Back from Stone Age till now, human are categorized as male and female with our sex. As the world began to civilize, people started wearing clothes to cover their bare body, they began to differentiate people in different categories, and they developed their own rules and ethics. People achieved a lot and lost a lot during civilization. They grew physically and …

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At different parts of our life we come across many feelings, experiences and situations. Some motivates us for better while others may lead to despair and sadness. Whatever may be the situation there is some lesson to be learnt. It is up to us, how we take such experiences and what we make of it. YALC has been an eye opening and motivational experience for me for which I am really thankful and feel fortunate. Thank you YALC!!…

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I was 13 year and I read in class 7. The day of janai purnima I ate my rice and went to play after few time my mother called to me and says I was period because she saw blood in my clothe. Then my mother said to my father about my first mensuration. They decided that they are accept to traditional culture and system then my mother give suggestion me to live my aunty house and I went her home. I feel very tension and pressure because that …

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If you look up the word “hypocrisy” on the oxford learner’s dictionary, I’m sure you’ll get a pretty sound definition. But what are words? You’ll read them and forget them in a few days, unless you’ve got an IQ of Einstein of course. However, if you’re one of the normal mortals of the world and want an understanding of the term that’s gonna stick, I suggest you read on.
I’m a law student by professsion. I pride myself in being a crusader of justice. But reality struck me hard. …

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I am a girl. I have a breast, I have a vagina  and I menstruate  and I am proud of whatever I have .But things were not like this in my past days, I used to get shy, get embarrassed and even sometime I used to ask myself, “why the hell I got born as a girl?”.  I still remember my childhood days when I wanted to play outside  but   I was not allowed  to play outside  when I used to ask them “ why i cannot  play outside …

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No matter how much people talk and support “Gender equality”, it’s even still not implemented in world most part of the world. I knew the situation of “Gender Equality” but was not too concerned to it. There was and is situation of gender discrimination from back days till now. There was a day when i heard about “Chaupadi” which was really new to me. I got to know about it through TV show. It’s a culture or tradition followed on most parts of Nepal; basically at the western part …

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When we figure out our most embarrassing
moments in the era of solitude, we begin to see
reasons why hope and faith is of utmost
importance to the benevolence of prosperity and
growth. Sometimes, we say our words cannot
rouse our current situation to a glorious height,
and our feelings for vague reasons is not good
enough to strike a deal with change.
The question is: are we giving twice as much or do
we live in nightmares?
For so many reasons we–youths, have failed to
understand why certain …

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We are all feminist!
People fight for every girls right,–whether in secret
or not. We have once said no to those people who,
one way or another have adjusted the beauty of the
“Girl Child.”
Life made things easy, but our new story-telling,
and blueprint-art, shaped the way things used to
be. It is quite beautiful to say we have tried our best
to influence most of the affairs of girls living in
rural areas–“to put a smile on gaunt faces.”
Today, there’s a task on each of us …

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Tomorrow, October 11, marks the 3rd annual International Day of the Girl! This day highlights, celebrates, and advances young women’s and girls’ lives and opportunities across the globe.

Add your name in support of girls’ health and rights!

Let’s continue to ensure that young women and girls are agents of change in their local, national, and global communities. Together we can bring an end to gender based violence, early and forced marriage, and lack of access to sexual and reproductive health information, education and services. The Girl Declaration, the …

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I have observed carefully a situation which is responsible for the high rate of teenage pregnancy in my community. I find most young girls as young as 15 with children on their back. What happened , are they married? Of course not. They are victims of rape the quarter head told me. After some careful studies on their daily lifestyles, I realized that certain factors account for this social ill.

In the first place, indecent dressing alone is enough to fuel sexual abuse or harassment from the opposite sex …

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The world hates women
After watching the video I felt down, very low thinking women are not treated well since centuries. Men have been ruling their identity, existence and integrity. The life of women had been harder and the case have taken its plight in case of various insurgency. but may the world understand it now and may these shocking data never increase.…

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Sex ans sexual acts are filled with various myths which has been giving some scary and untrue message to the world.this has been responsible for sex related fear and perceptions of the people around the globe. Though myths changes with the place we dwell but each and every part of the world has one or the other myths associated with following.
1. You can tell by looking if you or someone else has an STD / I would know if I had an STD.
2. If I needed to …

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“Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is head of the wife, even as Christ is head of the church; and he is the savior of the body. Therefore as the church is subject to Christ, so let wives be to their own husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wife as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it . .So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. For no …