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Just yesterday, the Supreme Court of El Salvador handed a young woman a death sentence by denying Beatriz “permission” for an abortion needed to save her life.

Beatriz is 22. The mother of a 1-year old boy. She has lupus. Kidney malfunction. And her doctors say she will likely die if the pregnancy continues. But, there is still hope for Beatriz.

Beatriz needs your help.

El Salvador has one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in Latin America, forbidding abortion at any time for any reason. Beatriz has exhausted all …

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Since we posted this last week, there has been some good news. Thanks to outcry from around the world, action on the anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda’s parliament has been postponed at least until February. And, Uganda’s President Museveni has spoken out against the bill’s call for the death penalty.

There is still much work to be done – Uganda remains very dangerous for LGBT people and for activists working on these issues. But with commitment and effort, we can all help to make it safer. We’ll keep you

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Early marriage is one of the key issues affecting female children between the ages of 9-17. These occur mostly in the northern part of Nigeria where they believe a child’s first menstrual period should be in the husband’s house. In some cases, these girls are even given out before they were born to a man old enough to be their father.  Could this be poverty or should I say culture? Some cultural practices have led us astray, causing harm to young people who are being fed with these lies. …

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Family planning, defined as public programs designed to help parents plan and regulate their family size, includes practices of planning the timing of child birth, using of birth controls, and other techniques such as sexuality education and STI prevention. Internationally, family planning programs are linked with population issues and poverty in developing countries and are majorly carried out under the regulation of UNFPA—the United Nations Population Fund. Although family planning programs are generally successful, due to its potential link with abortion and other consideration of human rights, currently, there …

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Each year over 120 youth activists gather in Washington, D.C. to share expertise with one another and Advocates for Youth staff; learn about the latest findings and legislation that affect reproductive health; participate in trainings; and make a commitment to be lifelong advocates for young people’s reproductive and sexual health and rights. Then they head to Capitol Hill to educate their representatives on why comprehensive sexual health education is so important for young people.


Groups attending the conference included:

1 in 3 Organizers.  These college students attend a …

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Tomorrow, October 11, marks the 3rd annual International Day of the Girl! This day highlights, celebrates, and advances young women’s and girls’ lives and opportunities across the globe.

Add your name in support of girls’ health and rights!

Let’s continue to ensure that young women and girls are agents of change in their local, national, and global communities. Together we can bring an end to gender based violence, early and forced marriage, and lack of access to sexual and reproductive health information, education and services. The Girl Declaration, the …

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I have observed carefully a situation which is responsible for the high rate of teenage pregnancy in my community. I find most young girls as young as 15 with children on their back. What happened , are they married? Of course not. They are victims of rape the quarter head told me. After some careful studies on their daily lifestyles, I realized that certain factors account for this social ill.

In the first place, indecent dressing alone is enough to fuel sexual abuse or harassment from the opposite sex …

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The world hates women
After watching the video I felt down, very low thinking women are not treated well since centuries. Men have been ruling their identity, existence and integrity. The life of women had been harder and the case have taken its plight in case of various insurgency. but may the world understand it now and may these shocking data never increase.…

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Just imagine, if you had just a day to live, one last day on earth, then how would you spend those 24 hours? I wonder what I would do! There would be so much to do that could not be fulfilled in a day. I would either spend all the money that I have feeding the poor, or just would eat whatever I want to, without the fear of weight-gain; I would be with my family and spend those precious hours with never-ending smiles, or I would marry my …

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Sex ans sexual acts are filled with various myths which has been giving some scary and untrue message to the world.this has been responsible for sex related fear and perceptions of the people around the globe. Though myths changes with the place we dwell but each and every part of the world has one or the other myths associated with following.
1. You can tell by looking if you or someone else has an STD / I would know if I had an STD.
2. If I needed to …

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“Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is head of the wife, even as Christ is head of the church; and he is the savior of the body. Therefore as the church is subject to Christ, so let wives be to their own husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wife as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it . .So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. For no …

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According to International Labour Organization (ILO), The term “child labour” is often defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development.

It refers to work that:
• is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to children; and
• interferes with their schooling by:
• depriving them of the opportunity to attend school;
• obliging them to leave school prematurely; or
• requiring them to attempt to combine school attendance with excessively long and …

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Sex and the city

A sixteen year old girl got pregnant few weeks before i had completed my exams, and the reeking saint of unwanted pregnancy loomed in my street for weeks ; bearing from the first. Most girls I have talked to in my neighbourhood, often say ; ”their family are poor and they lack the essential resources that will trigger a change — socially, physically, emotionally and economically.

”Today, eight out of ten girls (with ages between 12-17) in my community, gets pregnant every two Months”

In …

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Coupled with the buzz of religious norms the relationship with sexual health and development in most parts of the world – where girls are a major entity. There are huge barriers raising the heights against change, due to religious tenets and other viral misconception on girls sexual health by uneducated and uninformed dictators.
Most Christian girls socialize and connect with youths of the opposite sex. Frankly the main course for this, is to associate with the outside world and spread the world for change.
In Nigeria, there’s an upheaval …

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Dating and choices :

Today makes it 10 years of being single, and i feel awkward about it. I love being single but sometimes i want to be loved, praised and appreciated.

I enjoyed the life i had, but one thing i couldn’t conquer was ”Loneliness”. No matter how hard i try to get it off, it sinks in the more. Loneliness makes most youths delve into early and unhealthy relationship ; and this retards growth and social commitment.

‘I love to connect, to share my thoughts and mingle …

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“We are here for family planning. She has already taken great hurdles during her pregnancy; not any more now. I will operate for family planning procedures. And this is the only way I can help her physically.”, a man expresses his compassion towards his wife during an encounter of a couple in family planning and counseling center at Teaching hospital.
Asking him in and out of a female reproductive health and knowing his view made me sigh deeply and happily. Now I asked myself, has there been a real …

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There has been  dramatic increase in the number of teenage pregnancies in many parts of the developing world, and its impact on adolescent girls’ health, education and economic prospects.  Child marriage as one of the key drivers of teenage pregnancies.

Adolescent birth rates are highest where child marriage is most prevalent, and child marriages are generally more frequent where poverty is extreme. Girls in forced marriages have little say about whether or when they become pregnant. Compared to other age groups, adolescents who are married have both the lowest …

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In 2007, Nepal’s Supreme Court declared homosexuals as ‘natural persons’ and ordered the government to ensure that their rights are protected.
Up until two years ago, Nepal’s gays, lesbians and trans-genders faced widespread harassment. But since then, the country’s high court has declared that gays and lesbians have equal rights and that discrimination would not be tolerated. Nepal’s first LGBT rights organization was established nearly a decade ago. The Blue Diamond Society, which started in Kathmandu, has been at the forefront of promoting rights for sexual minorities and now …

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I cannot speak of the number of deaths or give an estimate of the total number of youths that have lost their lives due to certain issues linked to surviving and a rapid desire for change, wealth and fame.

But one thing remains clear. The majority of deaths occurred due to an abrupt change in the ramifications of socioeconomic standards altered by political thugs. This unwanted adjustment made the need for man a do or die affair.

From the unlawful demand for peace and harmony youths have lost their …