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Youth participation is very important in any UN meetings and world conferences especially when the topic […]

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Meet Jermaine Case, one of the volunteers and Council Member for Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network or […]

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 Jamaica is known for being an extremely homophobic country, with records of homosexual men being beaten […]

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An island known for its white sandy beaches, reggae music, great culture, food and astonishing athletes; it’s crippled by the lack of proper observation of the basic human rights. In Jamaica, segregation and discrimination has become an intrinsic part of the people’s culture.  The laws and customs are created in such ways, that it in itself preaches segregation and discrimination at schools, homes and place of worship; whether direct or subliminally. The island was rated the “Most Homophobic” in the world by New York Times Magazine in 2013.

In …

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Have you ever felt trapped and silenced in your own home or even worst in your own country?

I live on the beautiful island of Jamaica, the place where many persons travel to see our beaches, experience our food, entertainment and much more. Even though I love my country I often feel like a mole buried underground. Deprived of my freedom to express, deprived of my freedom to love someone of my own gender.  Even though I feel silenced, inferior, and delinquent, I choose love.

Are you fighting in

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Hey guys I am a 24 hidden transgender female living in Jamaica which many of you may know is very homophobic by nature. This is due to our culture which is largely influenced by religion namely the christian faith, because of this back persons of the LGBTQ community are persecuted and forced the live their lives in the shadows even thou you have a few exceptions. Because my country is so homophobic you would think that the LGBTQ community would have a strong bond you know we are the …

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1. Access the comprehensive sexual health education and services that take into account youth diversity

2. Quality Health care must be affordable  and support across the board also mental health and nutrition etc.

3. Harmful laws, practices, policies and programmes that do not support all young peoples holistic health development must be done away with.

4. Gender equity and equality must be a sustainable feature

5. Governments must honour regional and international declarations that were ratified that protect and support in young peoples health

6. Direct investment in SRHR …

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1. Access to quality and affordable education must be a reality for young people that take into account youth diversity, abilities and varied learning styles

2. Integrated approach to education across sectors such as health and education

3. Youth rights to complete information and skills in their best interest must be given to them

3. Lifeskills, mental health and nutition must support education

4. Increased availability of grants/financing for funding

5. Any goal on education must include specific means to address the social, cultural and community practices that prevent …