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Meet the Young Women of Color Leadership Council!

Ana – My goal is to “educate, include, and empower” young women of color who do not have the necessary resources to make healthy decisions.

Bree – While the fight against STI/HIV/AIDS still plagues communities of color, especially women, I see it as my duty to bring forth change.

Bria – Those who are well educated about their sexual health sooner make smarter decisions in the long run. Our reactive culture must become a proactive one to truly lower the rates of teen pregnancy, STIs, and assaults.

Briana – If we want things to change for young people, we as young people have to instigate change. That’s just how the world works.

Brittany – I work to educate, include and empower young women of color about their sexual health through a holistic and reproductive justice lens.

Caitlyn – I want so badly for not one more of my peers to grow up without knowledge of their own body and anatomy. I want not one more young woman to be denied the rights to her own health. I want to provide my friends and peers and fellow women of color with the education they deserve.

Camille – I plan to change the way sexual health and prevention programs are developed in the state of Michigan.

Cella – I want to come together with other young woman of color to encourage empowerment and healthy choices within other young woman of color like me!

Eshani – Being able to help others out in a field that I am passionate about is so rewarding for me, and that is truly what keeps me going.

Ghenet – When I see people in my community hurting, I am also hurting.  Giving back to my community is not just an option, it is necessary.

Kanesha – I believe with the help of God, dedication, and hard work we can improve knowledge, decrease STI and HIV rates, and help many young women.

Kimi – I want to change the world even if I have to do it one step at a time and one person at a time. To educate is to change and to push is to empower.

Lakeshia –  The path that I have chosen has been the result of my passion for advocacy and my thirsting for knowledge: rising above expectations.

Ninoshka – The idea of owning my sexuality with responsibility and awareness of my environment becomes empowering when I’m able to educate and organize other women in my condition who have similar struggles.

Patty – I’m passionate about treating people the way they deserve to be treated: With respect, as individuals who are capable of making informed decisions.

Sadia – Because of my experiences and my personal interests in reproductive and sexual health, social justice, and human rights, I have decided to serve as an advocates for these topics and change the lives of my peers and others.

Selena – I dream of a future in which sexuality is free from violence and taught without stigma. Where informed, enthusiastic consent is considered a necessity in any sexual relationship.