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Today marks the 42nd anniversary of Roe V. Wade, a landmark moment for women across our country. People could, supposedly, seek legal and safe abortions, without fear. However, thanks to the Hyde Amendment, clinic protestors, and violent stigmas, this has not always held true for all people, especially people of color and people of low socio-economic status.
The Hyde Amendment has been in place since the mid 1970’s, being renewed every year. This amendment bans all federal money for abortion services, which translates to – federal health insurance for …

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Dear Radical Brownies,
We are the Young Women of Color Leadership Council, a group of 11 young women of color, ages 17 to 24, from across the country. We care about educating, including, and empowering girls and young women of color about our bodies, health, and racial justice in our communities through organizing, sisterhood, and community building.

We are writing you because y’all are amazing and motivating to people everywhere, especially us! Stay the way you are! You all are so necessary to the movement. We are extremely proud …

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Unlike many undergraduate sorority members, I don’t often wear my paraphernalia though I own quite a bit. I joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorportated recently, in March 2014 at Spelman College. I told maybe five people about it beforehand because I don’t like people looking at me and I wanted to avoid people knowing for as long as possible. I still rarely wear my letters unless there is a specific reason to do so because I don’t like the attention it draws to me. When I tell people this, …

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Since when does mass media publicly value rapists excuses and denials more than they value victims stories?

Rolling Stone has set a precedent within their own publication with this note. They have made a statement to their readers. They have taken a very public and obvious stance against survivors, and they have even started attacking a survivor and their credibility.

When people share their stories of such violation, cruelty, and violence, it is one of the most difficult things they can do. It is choosing to relive that experience …

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When we think of Ferguson, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, our general society thinks of the protesters, the “rioters” and the “thugs”. Institutional and systemic violence against our brown and Black brothers and sisters is an integral part of our conversations as activists and advocates, and it is an integral part of our conversations within the reproductive justice field.

Time after time again, the murder of Black folk by police officers is justified by Grand Jury after Grand Jury after Grand Jury. When parents send their children out into the …