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 Issues of early marriage and young pregnancies to improve reproductive and sexual health among young people.

Early marriage can have devastating impact on girls’ lives. It can adversely affect their physiological and psychological health leading to gender-based violence, school dropout, makes them prone to sexually transmitted diseases and also to pregnancy-related complications.

Beyond the physical trauma, child brides suffer from post-traumatic stress, experiencing feelings of helplessness and depression.

Although the legal age of marriage is 20 for both male and female, it is hardly implemented in Nepal

According to …

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Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, quality of the imagination, vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life. Analyzing this inspiring quote, Youth for me is a source for energy and innovative ideas. After a long procedure on coalition between change makers, YUWA and YALC organized a YUWA – Coalition Building: “A step towards healthy tomorrow”. …

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Nepal covers only 0.03% of area of whole world which is regarded as small portion but within that 0.03% we can find wide diversity in Culture, Natural Resources and Wildlife. This is the reason why Nepal is popular worldwide. There are about 26.3 million people with various cultures and religion with their own lifestyle. As we have limited space for the settlement now the people have started deforestation to make them settle by destroying what we are rich in. Those which are involved in such activities never ever thought …

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Everything takes long generation to change and thereafter a drop of light is seen for the issues fought for years. Sadly! The practice of change differs from practicing it from old generation to new generation. It’s called generation gap. Generation gap has been a misery to today’s teenagers. Parents do not think the way their children think and children take their parents view for granted because they think they know nothing. They are used to live in the way, how they faced the issues. It can be dangerous since …

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Women are considered as a beautiful flower which needs to be covered and secured. According to some religion or people from specific communities, the covering of the women determines her security.

Is it true?? Is there really a specific dress code for women to determine her security?? Does the length of the clothes determine any women’s values, personality?? These are the particular questions that are being common nowadays. And the answer to the question is different according to the different people. Some might say “YES” because the length of …

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In order to get pleasure
They rape her-and so break her self –reliance
They smash her
They lessen her self confidence
After that
They question on her character

In case she does not obey them,
They make her pray of witchcraft
They blame her
They force her to eat excreta
After that
They make her live in threatening environment always

In case she revolts against it,
They do their best to prove her wrong
They misinterpret her
They declare her as deceiver
After that
They make her believe there …

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When me and my friends visit to organize the “Oral Cancer awareness” Program to the local people of Hattimuda, VDC-2 in Morang district of Nepal to Local Tharu Community, then we see many health facilities are not provided by the government, people are illiterate it’s very difficult to sensitize them. We listens Nepal’s health sector is slowly increasing towards standards as comparison with internationally but I think this is not happening in pragmatically. We take a view of local people and most of them speak the same words “the …

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Women are considered vulnerable groups against any kinds of violence in the society. They are often considered weak and are exploited by people in the society. These types of exploitation and violence were practiced from the ancient years till the recent dates. The only difference is that the types of violence against women are changing; are being more brutal.

Though most of the people are being gathered to stop these kinds of violence and encourage women empowerment , on the other hand the violence is being more severe. Mostly …