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 Issues of early marriage and young pregnancies to improve reproductive and sexual health among young people.

Early marriage can have devastating impact on girls’ lives. It can adversely affect their physiological and psychological health leading to gender-based violence, school dropout, makes them prone to sexually transmitted diseases and also to pregnancy-related complications.

Beyond the physical trauma, child brides suffer from post-traumatic stress, experiencing feelings of helplessness and depression.

Although the legal age of marriage is 20 for both male and female, it is hardly implemented in Nepal

According to …

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Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, quality of the imagination, vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life. Analyzing this inspiring quote, Youth for me is a source for energy and innovative ideas. After a long procedure on coalition between change makers, YUWA and YALC organized a YUWA – Coalition Building: “A step towards healthy tomorrow”. …

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Nepal covers only 0.03% of area of whole world which is regarded as small portion but within that 0.03% we can find wide diversity in Culture, Natural Resources and Wildlife. This is the reason why Nepal is popular worldwide. There are about 26.3 million people with various cultures and religion with their own lifestyle. As we have limited space for the settlement now the people have started deforestation to make them settle by destroying what we are rich in. Those which are involved in such activities never ever thought …

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Women are the creatures who create a beautiful family in the society. Women are those who bring peace women are those only who gives continuity to their generations. Women are not only a women but a mother also who gives birth accepting a lots of pain even they should ready to die. While giving birth to their baby because they hoped that, the baby would be a good, discipline and brave citizen in future and helps to handle a country towards positive path. So, women are such a …

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Marriage is the one of the importance and meaningful stage, ways and relation of change life. Marriage the law and policy of culture, society, love and relationship. Marriage creates a one of the different part, different ways and different experience of life. Marriage develops small family, love and special (happiness, sadness, and struggle) in our own life.

Marriage is the valuable gift of the nature for human being. The human being the time of changing society marriage is transfer is transfer and change on the many and dowry. In …

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Recently America has taken a very good step due to which the news were the top news around the globe. Legalization of same sex marriage was one of the matured and good move taken by america setting an example of the world with freedom. None of the individual in this earth are born with the common likes, dislikes, perception. Everybody is unique in their own way. Each one of our likes, dislikes, need, greed, love, care are different. We are not born to be other person what the society …

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The world has always been the social place for all human being. From the origin till now; it has not changed it’s phase neither for men nor women. The discrimination of men and women had only been set by the society we live in. Few of the people in the society have rooted their thoughts on the discrimination of women so deep. But facing every difficulties and struggling; women has always proved themselves at their best.

The world is never perfect; as we all know that. Likewise; Nepal also

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(Based on the true story after Earthquake. One of my friend who worked for the disaster relief from one month’s reported this all. They were six in numbers and were a remote area. It was the experience of working in some rural village in the eastern part of Nepal))


It had been fifteen days I had not talked to my mom since I had been there.

My phone got charged after so many days after walking nearly about 5 hours. The area was too remote. And I had to …