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 Issues of early marriage and young pregnancies to improve reproductive and sexual health among young people.

Early marriage can have devastating impact on girls’ lives. It can adversely affect their physiological and psychological health leading to gender-based violence, school dropout, makes them prone to sexually transmitted diseases and also to pregnancy-related complications.

Beyond the physical trauma, child brides suffer from post-traumatic stress, experiencing feelings of helplessness and depression.

Although the legal age of marriage is 20 for both male and female, it is hardly implemented in Nepal

According to …

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Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, quality of the imagination, vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life. Analyzing this inspiring quote, Youth for me is a source for energy and innovative ideas. After a long procedure on coalition between change makers, YUWA and YALC organized a YUWA – Coalition Building: “A step towards healthy tomorrow”. …

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Nepal covers only 0.03% of area of whole world which is regarded as small portion but within that 0.03% we can find wide diversity in Culture, Natural Resources and Wildlife. This is the reason why Nepal is popular worldwide. There are about 26.3 million people with various cultures and religion with their own lifestyle. As we have limited space for the settlement now the people have started deforestation to make them settle by destroying what we are rich in. Those which are involved in such activities never ever thought …

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On a recent volunteering program I went to Dolakha where I had to work among the school students to teach them and facilitate on livelihood and employment issues as a peer educator. It involved different activities like organizing workshops, extracurricular activities, publishing wall magazine and conducting street dramas etc.

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day we took out a rally to sensitize people of Charikot on women empowerment. The rally was from Satdobato Charikot to DDC office and back. It ended at Kalinchowk H.S School with a

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No one invites Disaster neither it rings alarms before it comes. Only it does is comes and leaves a scar on the face of earth. It’s the first time i’ve been victim of this disaster. After disaster the basic needs seems to be the most necessary needs. Just to fulfill these basic needs it seems difficult. But what I learned after these disaster is the effect after the disaster is more dangerous than disaster itself.

People feel happy after being saved and safe but kind of forgets about their

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Human is the one beautiful gift of nature. The human are developed on the time of started the society.  That decade and time human desire demand and needs was limited. Our time and society continuously going to be modernize. Modernization one of the good and best way to develop our country and society within the duration of modernization we get many facilities, technologies, infrastructure its golden opportunities for us.

Time is change, society is change, human’s attitude and thinking are change but most of the man’s behaviors and …

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Earthquake – The most powerful natural disaster has stroked Nepal some days ago making east-southeast of Lamjung as its hypocenter. The magnitude of earthquake was recorded as 11.5 Richter scale at Lamjung and 7.9 Richter scale at Kathmandu.

The death toll is is believed to be reached 5000 and still some are said to be missing and many are injured according to the Medias (Radio, Television and Internet). The earthquake triggered causing most of the historical sites a massive destruction including some of the world heritage sites.  This is …

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April 4, 2015, the day when “Girls led cycle rally” was conducted by three organizations named Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON), Kathmandu Youth Cycle City (KYCC) and Women on Wheels jointly. The theme of the rally was ‘Stop Violence against Women.’ There were altogether 80 Participants who were there to protest against women violence. Starting from Tinkune and ending at Basantapur we had various experience. We met various political party leaders of Nepali Congress – Nepal Bidyarthi Union (NE.BI.SANGH), Nepal Communist Party Aekikrit Marxbaad Leninabad (NE.KA.PA.A.MA.LE) to get …