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 Issues of early marriage and young pregnancies to improve reproductive and sexual health among young people.

Early marriage can have devastating impact on girls’ lives. It can adversely affect their physiological and psychological health leading to gender-based violence, school dropout, makes them prone to sexually transmitted diseases and also to pregnancy-related complications.

Beyond the physical trauma, child brides suffer from post-traumatic stress, experiencing feelings of helplessness and depression.

Although the legal age of marriage is 20 for both male and female, it is hardly implemented in Nepal

According to …

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Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, quality of the imagination, vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life. Analyzing this inspiring quote, Youth for me is a source for energy and innovative ideas. After a long procedure on coalition between change makers, YUWA and YALC organized a YUWA – Coalition Building: “A step towards healthy tomorrow”. …

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Nepal covers only 0.03% of area of whole world which is regarded as small portion but within that 0.03% we can find wide diversity in Culture, Natural Resources and Wildlife. This is the reason why Nepal is popular worldwide. There are about 26.3 million people with various cultures and religion with their own lifestyle. As we have limited space for the settlement now the people have started deforestation to make them settle by destroying what we are rich in. Those which are involved in such activities never ever thought …

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Last year under the support from one of the international organization,I did a short focus group discussion and from there I got lots of information on stigma and self issues. The zest of it has been highlighted as:

Most of them are transgender aged from 17 to 27. They have been identified as transgender and have self identification and have no changes. Local residents are mostly accepted by the family and hence they don’t change whereas the migrant TG changes when they go to their village and  to meet …

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Ample of time we have been hearing about the harassment of girls

Female harassment happens daily all around the world. Female power always harassed by male. This case is known by all the people. But what about the male Harassment by Female ???


Here is a story of victim of it.

Subash (Name changed) used to live in Chitwan  one evening he was sitting alone in the balcony and 6\7 girls group was walking on the road and they saw alone boy was sitting and they tease him. …

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What is it about twins that are so fascinating? Many of us have either envied them or idolized them. Twins are two off springs produced by the same pregnancy. Twins are rare and special. About 2 in every 100 pregnancies around the world are twins.

So how exactly are twins formed? The various studies show that the chance of having a twin pregnancy is increased by maternal age (30+).

There are basically two types of twins, fraternal and identical. But there are also the cases of third type called …

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Sex in general is phenomenon of creation of new life through love and affection. It is a part of life and happiness as it makes two soul one. But sex at present is not a mere system for fomenting a life. This has divided sex into a safer one, hygienic sex and unhygienic sex.
Unhygienic sex has been responsible for permeation of sexually transmitted infection in this world. starting from Gonorrhea, Syphilis many newer infection has been arose in the present world such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV),Chlamydia, Hepatitis, Herpes-Genital, …

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Every time we blame male for all the negative things happens with female. Though our country is not feminist but 90% male are feminist even they worship their wife thinking that female are the God.

Yes, male said that every thing only they can do. If they want they can. Suppose if a married woman wants to do the job of driver they can and many married woman are driving the Tempo (three wheeler Vehicle ) in fact for to learn and for every thing their husbands are helping.…