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 Issues of early marriage and young pregnancies to improve reproductive and sexual health among young people.

Early marriage can have devastating impact on girls’ lives. It can adversely affect their physiological and psychological health leading to gender-based violence, school dropout, makes them prone to sexually transmitted diseases and also to pregnancy-related complications.

Beyond the physical trauma, child brides suffer from post-traumatic stress, experiencing feelings of helplessness and depression.

Although the legal age of marriage is 20 for both male and female, it is hardly implemented in Nepal

According to …

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Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, quality of the imagination, vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life. Analyzing this inspiring quote, Youth for me is a source for energy and innovative ideas. After a long procedure on coalition between change makers, YUWA and YALC organized a YUWA – Coalition Building: “A step towards healthy tomorrow”. …

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Nepal covers only 0.03% of area of whole world which is regarded as small portion but within that 0.03% we can find wide diversity in Culture, Natural Resources and Wildlife. This is the reason why Nepal is popular worldwide. There are about 26.3 million people with various cultures and religion with their own lifestyle. As we have limited space for the settlement now the people have started deforestation to make them settle by destroying what we are rich in. Those which are involved in such activities never ever thought …

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The world hates women
After watching the video I felt down, very low thinking women are not treated well since centuries. Men have been ruling their identity, existence and integrity. The life of women had been harder and the case have taken its plight in case of various insurgency. but may the world understand it now and may these shocking data never increase.…

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Just imagine, if you had just a day to live, one last day on earth, then how would you spend those 24 hours? I wonder what I would do! There would be so much to do that could not be fulfilled in a day. I would either spend all the money that I have feeding the poor, or just would eat whatever I want to, without the fear of weight-gain; I would be with my family and spend those precious hours with never-ending smiles, or I would marry my …

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Sex ans sexual acts are filled with various myths which has been giving some scary and untrue message to the world.this has been responsible for sex related fear and perceptions of the people around the globe. Though myths changes with the place we dwell but each and every part of the world has one or the other myths associated with following.
1. You can tell by looking if you or someone else has an STD / I would know if I had an STD.
2. If I needed to …

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Change marker, Future of nation, Leader, Volunteer, Power of nation… etc. above all are the duties of youth of a nation. A youth can change the nation, Youth can modify the culture and tradition youth can do anything regarding the need of the country. Youth can bring a massive number of changes in every sector. Youth are those who do things different and at same time youth are those who do don’t do different things but they do the things differently because they are youth so they think a …

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Government has already included the topic sex and about reproductive organs in grade six course book. Students have to study about sex form grade six and onward. To those who couldn’t study and know nothing about sex and reproductive organs they have awareness programs which not only government but many NGO/INGO are conducting mostly in remote and urban areas of country. Many people are already aware form many social media like TV, Radio, News paper, facebook pages, YouTube etc. then still why people cover their faces when we started …