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UPDATE:  VICTORY!  Last week, James and other activists in Texas met with their policy makers to […]

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In South Carolina, young people are working to make comprehensive sex education a reality in their […]

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So quite often being a lesbian I hear, “so are you the boy or girl in the relationship?” I have a rather great sense of humor so I laugh and explain that I chose to not live with stereotypical gender roles. My girlfriend and I are the same. We dress the same, talk the same, we just have very similar characteristics. Being characterized by our community of friends as “tomboys” neither of us play a role. I grew up with mainly guys so you could imagine that most of …

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Looking through the endless list of romance films, you’re sure to find a rather broad variety. Rom-com? Duh.  Drama? Obviously.  Quirky romance?  Done, done and done.  The list of possible subgenres is far from shocking.  On top of that, what’s even less surprising in most of these films is the fact that the two lovebirds are almost always straight.

Sure, there may be a LGBTQ character or couple in the film, but they’re almost always a secondary character, and even more importantly, they are usually present as some sort …

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Ashley LeConte

by Ashley L.


Bee Day was fun. It gave me time to catch up with my SWARM members and meet students from USC. It was also good meeting Brandon for the first time and catching up with the Tell Them staff.  We stayed at a hotel on USC\’s campus on Tuesday night. On Wednesday we ate breakfast and lunch at the Tell Them office while we went over key points to talk about while lobbying. We walked for about 15 minutes to The State House. We took a …

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Nadia Anderson

by Nadia A.


I really enjoyed participating in Bee Day this year. I was upset that we were not able to actually meet with the senators though. I have met most of the representatives and was really excited about seeing the other side. The highlight of the day was going to Representative Jerry Govan’s office and hearing the opinion of his assist, Mickey. She was very supportive of what SWARM was doing and thinks that other young people should try to get involved with the issue of Comprehensive …

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Alexus Tullock

by Alexus T.


Bee Day in my opinion was a huge success!! Even though we didn’t get to talk to members of the House or the Senate we pulled it off. Meeting the USC Social Work Program students was fun. They all were unique and brought different ideas to the table. We all shared the common interest of wanting Comprehensive Sexual Health Education for our youth. It is crazy to spend $190 million on teen moms when the money could be put to use in many other ways …