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There are so many birth control options out there nowadays, its no wonder it can be confusing on what may be best for you. From ones to worry about day to day, monthly or even yearly, there is a contraceptive method that can and will be a perfect fit for everyone. There are methods you can take by mouth such as the pills. There are methods such as patches which deliver hormones through the skin or ones inserted into the body such as Nuvaring, Implanon or IUDs.


If …

Posts About South Carolina Contraceptive Access
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“I\’m standing my ground on the right to #birthcontrol! #no527 #nopersonhoodsc @TellThemSC.”…

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Valentine’s Day has passed, but I thought about how people are sometimes concerned about who their valentine will be. When I was younger, I remember the talks at the beginning of the month. And on that day, if you didn’t have valentines cards – it was a big deal. LOL. Now that I’m older – and currently single – I find myself not as concerned. I have given my Valentine’s position to my birth control. Besides those in relationships, us single people may find that we can hook a valentines …

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One of my closet friends is now pregnant. We talk about it all the time and it makes me feel like I’m pregnant. She is trying to decide on baby names, whether or not she will initially work, what kind of schools she wants her baby to attend and the list goes on. This whole thought process makes me realize all that goes into being pregnant!

It also made me think about the thought process I went through deciding on my birth control. While you do not have to …