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Yesterday, we, the youth gender working group organized an action to push for the passage of […]

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A year ago, I attended the UN meeting on Climate Change (COP17) in Durban hosted by […]

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Considering the months of preparation prior to the actual event of the United Nations Conference on […]

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As long as i breathe,
I am going to live every bit of it.
As long as i live,
i am going to sing,

“Trust life a Little bit! Trust life a little bit!”

I am born warrior,
i fight for what i love.
there’s nothing on givng up,
because our life is worth fighting for..!

whats on quiting?
if we can win by believing
just little bitmore…

whats on giving up?
if we can succed by
fighting just a little bit more!

Oh !my friend,don’t you ever quit!…

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The word “refugee” has meant different things to me, at different points in my life.

Credit to the few  months of refugee law classes, I can now quote the definition of the term, from memory. A mosaic of images, and words…the Cartagena Declaration, Israel-Palestine, Syria, Lhotshampas, Rawanda, UNHCR…flash across my mind, in a blur. I smile to myself; at the heaps of information, facts, data, and definitions that I now know; happy at how my comprehension of refugees has garnered that “professional-academic” touch.  “Refugees…people with a well-founded fear of …

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I look outside my window through the parted curtains. I see boys playing outside, shoving each other playfully, running around. I feel trapped, caged for no reason. But there is a reason: My gender.


I live in a patriarchal society, a society where I’m not allowed to wear what I want to wear, a society where I’m stared at and oppressed in every possible way, a society where my education is denied and I’m undermined. I consider myself lucky that I live in a comparatively modern, urban area where …

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Hey guys! This is Hamna Tariq from Pakistan. ViolenceI\’ve recently noticed that the streets in my city are mostly crowded with males and hardly do I spot a woman nowadays. This has concerned me greatly as girls tend to stay home, hidden from society, to prevent them from being harassed. As a result, several women leave their jobs and their families become a target of poverty. In today’s society women are not even safe enough to walk to a nearby market alone. They are trapped within the four walls …

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If there would have been hell on earth, it could be said that now it’s in Peshawar, Pakistan. Do you realise? 126 innocent children,
have been mercilessly killed in a Taliban assault on
an army-run school in the Pakistani city
of Peshawar. The attack is being seen as one of the
worst so far in Pakistan. “We selected the army’s school for the
attack because the government is
targeting our families and females,”
said Taliban spokesman Muhammad
Umar Khorasani. “We want them to feel
the pain.” Seriously? I mean …