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Yesterday, we, the youth gender working group organized an action to push for the passage of a draft decision  that would make monumental steps forward in ensuring gender-sensitive climate change policies and increased participation of women in United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations.

In our action, we created a circle of alternating men and women, balancing cups of water symbolizing healthy globes. The slogan for the action was: “GENDER BALANCE: The world is in ALL of our hands.”

During the session, Member States shared positive remarks …

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A year ago, I attended the UN meeting on Climate Change (COP17) in Durban hosted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  Young leaders from the Philippines, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria and the United States came together to advocate for the prioritization of young people’s sexual and reproductive and rights in the climate change negotiations.

However, the UNFCCC disappointedly failed to adequately discuss education of girls and boys, empowerment of women, and demand for voluntary family planning, and access to comprehensive, youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health …

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Considering the months of preparation prior to the actual event of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development: you know, the incalculable hours, days, months activists from fields spanning climate change, women’s rights, poverty alleviation and even religious institutions spent planning, deciding. The buzz of excitement from the lucky sods who could afford to attend the conference; the plastered smiles on faces of the unfortunates, like me, who could not attend due to “extenuating circumstances” and “previous engagement” one would think, or at the very least, have hoped that …

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I look outside my window through the parted curtains. I see boys playing outside, shoving each other playfully, running around. I feel trapped, caged for no reason. But there is a reason: My gender.


I live in a patriarchal society, a society where I’m not allowed to wear what I want to wear, a society where I’m stared at and oppressed in every possible way, a society where my education is denied and I’m undermined. I consider myself lucky that I live in a comparatively modern, urban area where …

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Hey guys! This is Hamna Tariq from Pakistan. ViolenceI\’ve recently noticed that the streets in my city are mostly crowded with males and hardly do I spot a woman nowadays. This has concerned me greatly as girls tend to stay home, hidden from society, to prevent them from being harassed. As a result, several women leave their jobs and their families become a target of poverty. In today’s society women are not even safe enough to walk to a nearby market alone. They are trapped within the four walls …

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If there would have been hell on earth, it could be said that now it’s in Peshawar, Pakistan. Do you realise? 126 innocent children,
have been mercilessly killed in a Taliban assault on
an army-run school in the Pakistani city
of Peshawar. The attack is being seen as one of the
worst so far in Pakistan. “We selected the army’s school for the
attack because the government is
targeting our families and females,”
said Taliban spokesman Muhammad
Umar Khorasani. “We want them to feel
the pain.” Seriously? I mean …

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We are all feminist!
People fight for every girls right,–whether in secret
or not. We have once said no to those people who,
one way or another have adjusted the beauty of the
“Girl Child.”
Life made things easy, but our new story-telling,
and blueprint-art, shaped the way things used to
be. It is quite beautiful to say we have tried our best
to influence most of the affairs of girls living in
rural areas–“to put a smile on gaunt faces.”
Today, there’s a task on each of us …

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So quite often being a lesbian I hear, “so are you the boy or girl in the relationship?” I have a rather great sense of humor so I laugh and explain that I chose to not live with stereotypical gender roles. My girlfriend and I are the same. We dress the same, talk the same, we just have very similar characteristics. Being characterized by our community of friends as “tomboys” neither of us play a role. I grew up with mainly guys so you could imagine that most of …