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Yesterday, we, the youth gender working group organized an action to push for the passage of a draft decision  that would make monumental steps forward in ensuring gender-sensitive climate change policies and increased participation of women in United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations.

In our action, we created a circle of alternating men and women, balancing cups of water symbolizing healthy globes. The slogan for the action was: “GENDER BALANCE: The world is in ALL of our hands.”

During the session, Member States shared positive remarks …

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A year ago, I attended the UN meeting on Climate Change (COP17) in Durban hosted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  Young leaders from the Philippines, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria and the United States came together to advocate for the prioritization of young people’s sexual and reproductive and rights in the climate change negotiations.

However, the UNFCCC disappointedly failed to adequately discuss education of girls and boys, empowerment of women, and demand for voluntary family planning, and access to comprehensive, youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health …

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Considering the months of preparation prior to the actual event of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development: you know, the incalculable hours, days, months activists from fields spanning climate change, women’s rights, poverty alleviation and even religious institutions spent planning, deciding. The buzz of excitement from the lucky sods who could afford to attend the conference; the plastered smiles on faces of the unfortunates, like me, who could not attend due to “extenuating circumstances” and “previous engagement” one would think, or at the very least, have hoped that …

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If anyone is trans gender i need help I’m doing a project on trans genders and i want to know more like what were difficulties  how did u know what were problems how did u do the transformation !!! If u can help thank you so much !!! even  if u have a face book add me Ashaia szewcik or ashaia54s@gmail.com! You can even post before and after pics if u want to help me out !…

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When we hear about politicians making unqualified and uneducated statements about abortion and reproductive/sexual health, we just shake our heads, asking ourselves and our peers, “How does someone like that get into office?”

Not to diminish your faith in humanity, but less than a couple weeks ago, Brian Nieves, a Republican state senator of Missouri, commented in a Facebook argument to a pro-choice priest, “‘Life of the Mother?’ Your own argument proves it is a matter of convenience!”  State senator Brian Nieves later denied that he said this.  But …

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Success is in the student not in the university, greatness is in the individual, not in the library, power is in the MAN , not in his crutches. A Great Man will make Great opportunities even out of the commonest Situations..…

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In the post-2015 development agenda, we must focus on reducing inequality, which has widened both within and between countries. Thus, it is important that we must also accelerate the social, political, and economic inclusion of marginalized groups, especially women and girls and young people – whom United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon gave a nod to the importance of women, who “hold up half the sky,” and of young people, “the very face of our future.”


Still, one crucial ingredient went without mention: sexual and reproductive health and rights …