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Jezebel: It’s a favorite among snarky ladyblogs. My gateway drug to celebrity gossip. A pretty reliable source of feminist commentary on politics, culture, and media.

But Tracie Egan Morrissey’s recent blog “Stop Trying to Make Female Condoms Happen” is way off base and does a real disservice to the way we promote and think about sexual health.

Morrissey takes offense that female condoms, in her opinion, put the onus on women to prevent pregnancy and STI transmission, when other methods of birth control are also women’s responsibility. …

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In the spheres of education and public health, sex education is often discussed in terms of content and outcomes. Policy makers, advocates, parents, and educators want to know: Does it teach about contraceptive methods? Is there a condom demonstration? Does it lead to young people delaying sex? Does it reduce rates of STI transmission? And certainly content and outcomes are of vital importance. But great sex education must also address the context of young people’s lives. And that requires that sex education support young people in building the …

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At a school health conference last year, I was eager to attend workshops on research, curriculum, and teaching methodology related to healthy relationships education. Unfortunately, the one workshop I was able to attend on this topic was not just disappointing, but puzzling and ultimately upsetting.

I attended a workshop a new “research-based” curriculum called Relationship Smarts PLUS. And for at least 45 minutes, they had me fooled. The presenters described extensive program evaluation with thousands of students in Alabama public schools. They described decreases in students’ reported sanctioning …

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I recently attended a Youth Town Hall meeting focused on hearing and meeting the needs of DC-area youth as they relate to AIDS 2012—the International AIDS Conference that will be held in DC next July.

It is significant that this conference will be held in DC, as the District holds the distinction of having the highest percentage of people living with HIV/AIDS of any city or state in the United States. Fully three percent of all DC residents have been diagnosed with the virus, though activists and providers …

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Are you a youth activist in Colorado? Want to take an active role in the movement for youth sexual health and rights? 

Colorado Youth Matter in partnership with Advocates for Youth is searching for 10 passionate youth and young adult activists from across Colorado to be part of a brand new Youth Advocacy Council to develop and implement strategies that advocate for comprehensive and inclusive sex education programs and policies in Colorado.

The youth advocacy council is composed of 10 dynamic high school and college students (ages 15-22) …

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5/23 UPDATE: The Tennessee Senate officially passed the "Don’t Say Gay" Bill last week with a vote of 20-10. It is not expected to move in the Tennesse House this year. 

Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill (SB 0049 / HB 0229) has passed out of the Senate Education Committee and is slated for a full Senate vote on Thursday, May 5th. If passed, the “Don’t Say Gay” bill would prohibit elementary and middle school teachers from providing “any instruction or material that …

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Among the terrifying and foolish cuts in the House of Representatives’ recent budget bill was the proposed elimination of funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), which includes AmeriCorps and other service programs.

Luckily, because both major political parties want to avoid (being blamed for) a government shutdown, it doesn’t look like this version of the budget will move forward, at least not right now.

But this fight is far from over. By passing such an outlandish budget, Republicans in the House took a bold …

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In an unabashedly intrusive and dangerous new bill, state Representative Bobby Franklin has introduced legislation (HB 1) that would ban ALL abortions in ALL cases in the state of Georgia.

Of course, state legislatures are not allowed to ban all abortions in all cases due to a little thing called Roe v. Wade. However, this bill states in its “findings” section that Georgia has no obligation to adhere to the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade because

Georgia was not a party to the suit in Roe

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Y’all. Watch this video! 

Students in Vancouver held a(n awesome pink) flash mob as an anti-bullying message. So rad! 

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Minneapolis was rocking last weekend as 2,500 activists gathered for the 23rd annual Creating Change conference, sponsored by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

There were over 200 workshops throughout the conference, so it was impossible to go to everything I was interested in. Still, it was exciting and inspiring to be around so many activists who each brought attention to a different, intersecting aspect of this work. I really appreciated the attention given to racial, economic, and disability justice within the movement for LGBT …

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Sometimes I just don’t want to believe what I read. Unfortunately, folks, this one’s true.

Mayor Joan Foster of Lynchburg, Virginia has announced a Day of Purity Proclamation, and in doing so, has joined the Liberty Council’s "Day of Purity," to take place on February 14, 2011.

This year will be the eighth annual Day of Purity–"a day on which students can make a public demonstration of their committment to remain sexually pure, in mind and actions." Liberty Council encourages participants to wear white, sign a "purity pledge

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Today, the legislature of my home state of New Jersey voted overwhelming in support of a new bill: the “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights.” This is fantastic news for student safety in New Jersey, though it is now up to Governor Chris Christie to sign the bill into law.

New Jersey has had an anti-bullying law since …