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Here are a few of the many interesting resources,  articles and blogs out there about today, World AIDS Day:

EDIT:  Wanted to add Advocates’ new publication, Young People and HIV: A Changing Epidemic Calls for a Realistic Approach to Prevention.

Advocates’ own World AIDS Day Blogathonwww.amplifyyourvoice.org/worldaidsday. Come share your story! 

Time Blog:  World AIDS Day 2010:  Here’s the Good News
Infection rates have fallen, the Pope has granted approval for the use of condoms in some circumstances to prevent HIV transmission, and the drug Truvada has been found to reduce the odds of HIV infection.

Huffington Post: Obama’s Report Card on AIDS
"Global AIDS Alliance has given President Obama a mediocre ‘C’ grade for his 2010 response to the pandemic. That’s an improvement over his D+ mark last year, but far short of superior grades of President George W. Bush."

Texas Youth Leadership Council member Mackenzie wrote a great piece for her university’s paper The Daily Texan:  Take Action on World AIDS Day 2010

The Greater than AIDS campaign, responding to the AIDS crisis in the United States, in particular the severe and disproportionate epidemic among Black Americans. 

A New York Times article about new and controversial tactics used by young AIDS activists:
"Mr. Carel did something he “never would have imagined”: he heckled the president of the United States."

A special edition of the British paper The Independent, edited by Sir Elton John in honor of World AIDS Day!

The "Digital Death" campaign sponsored by Keep a Child Alive
Today is Alicia Keys’ day to experience virtual death. That means no more Facebook or Twitter updates from her until $1,000,000 is raised to buy her life back.

The World AIDS Day campaign’s toolkit, with sample announcements, tweets, and other great ideas

Regular updates on Twitter  at #WAD2010

And last but not least: Amplify user Laurel tries out some Twitter activism