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March 10th is National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – a time to educate, include and empower communities across the country about the impact that HIV and AIDS has had on women and girls.

This year’s theme is “Every Moment is a Deciding Moment” to show that you are greater than this disease and you have empowered yourself and your community to get educated, get involved, get treated.

Women have been hit hard by this disease and now it is time for us to confront it head on.

So on March 10th we are asking that you join the movement with these steps:

#1: Bring Awareness on your Social Media Networks.

Step 1: Change your Facebook Profile Picture:

Step 2: Follow our Twitter account @ywoc_lc or @amplify

Step 3: Retweet Retweet to #NWGHAAD

#2: Support the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act, a comprehensive, progressive vision for sex education policy in the United States.

Step 1: Click here to sign the petition (h)

Step 2: Blast the petition link to all your friends:

Step 3: Share this petition to your facebook and twitter accounts

#3: Get Tested

Step 1: Find an HIV testing location near you 

Step 2: Get tested for HIV and know your status!