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So next week the Boy Scouts of America are set to announce a policy change that would allow troops to “permit” gay and bisexual Scouts and troop leaders.

That’s cute.

Now I don’t want to come off as completely phlegmatic to the decision. This is huge – and a major step in a positive direction for an organization that impacts the lives of so many gay and bisexual young men. This change will allow young men like Ryan Anderson to get the honor of an eagle scout award in …

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Applications for the Spring 2013 Great American Condom Campaign are open!

Friends, we are once again searching for the most bold and visionary college students from around the United States to receive five hundred Trojan Brand condoms to distribute on their college campuses.

We select one-thousand SafeSites every semester to participate in this nation-wide youth-led grassroots movement to make the United States a sexually healthy nation. Each year, GACC members give out one million Trojan Brand condoms on college campuses across the United States, educate their peers about sexual …

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Ian’s Voting Guide:

1. Vote as you’re able, because many folks aren’t, and you are representing so much more than yourself when you cast a ballot.

2. After you have participated in your annual or biennial government sanctioned civic engagement, pursue other avenues of state smashing and paradigm shifting.

Voting is amazingly important, but not the only opportunity to engage. Your power does not start and stop with the ballot box, and liberation will never be a ballot initiative.

Places to start:

Write some stuff
Chain yourself to some

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Boom. The International Youth Leadership Council is looking for college students in the DC metro area to apply to be new council members to start this January.

Need some background?

Advocates for Youth sponsors a project called the International Youth Leadership Council (IYLC), which is designed to develop youth leaders in the areas of international sexual and reproductive health and rights, abortion access, global HIV and AIDS, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and other sexual orientation and gender identity rights. …

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Today marks my third month working with Advocates for Youth and my third month in Washington DC.

While I take a moment to once again rationalize the “holy crap, I’m in DC for real real” moment I’m having, I want to write about the Urban Retreat  that Advocates for Youth sponsored two weeks ago.

Yes, two weeks ago. Whatever. I was tired. There’s been a lot going on. Don’t judge me, reflection takes time. Did you write a blog on Urban Retreat? No? Yeah, keep your comments to yourself. …

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Youth Empowerment

I moved twenty-six hundred miles two weeks ago to do work with Advocates for Youth in youth empowerment. Flew out on a Saturday, started the following Monday. Because obviously Sunday was all I needed to adjust to a brand new environment that I knew virtually nothing about. I make good choices.


This is not a word that I am unfamiliar with and it is a concept in which I ground my activist and professional work, but removed from its context it loses its poignancy. Words are …