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Yes, you read that title correctly.

Lawmakers in the Papau province of Indonesia have decided that the way to combat HIV/AIDS is to implant small computer chips into "sexually aggressive" patients, so they can track down and monitor such people. Like cattle.

Of course, what this absolutely riduculous law would do is push the epidemic further underground, as people will be less willing to get tested and treatment, in fear of receiving the inhuman "cattle treatment".

Such efforts would surely exacerbate the difficulties of Indonesia’s health ministry to fight the growing epidemic, as they have already had to fight fundamentalist Muslim groups trying to halt or water down the country’s efforts at condom education campaigns.

Fortunately, voices of reason have been speaking out against the proposed law:

"No one should be subject to unlawful or unnecessary interference of privacy," (UNAIDS country coordinator Nancy) Fee said, adding that while other countries have been known to be oppressive in trying to tackle AIDS, such policies don’t work.

They make people afraid and push the problem further underground, she said.

Local health workers and AIDS activists called the plan "abhorrent."

"People with AIDS aren’t animals; we have to respect their rights," said Tahi Ganyang Butarbutar, a prominent Papuan activist.

Let’s hope that this effort to dehumanize AIDS patients meets an early demise, because such tactics will only spread this epidemic further in Indonesia.

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