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For the past three weeks, we have chronicled the sad tale of Derek Dye, the abstinence clown. Derek is employed by an organization that received an $800,000 CBAE grant in 2007 to promote abstinence-only until marriage sex education. He juggles, he misleads, he… frightens. And his qualifications for teaching middle schoolers about sex? A “Bachelor of Fun Arts” from Barnum Bailey Clown College, and an abstinence educator certification that can be purchased for $50. If you haven’t seen the video yet, seriously…. check it out, it is amazing.

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To date, we have spent $1.5 billion on these failed, ridiculous abstinence-only sex education initiatives. IT MUST. STOP. NOW.

Right now, President Obama is hard at work on his first budget for the fiscal year 2010, and this is your time to weigh in and make sure that he ZEROES OUT funding for this program.

Click here to TELL PRESIDENT OBAMA TO SEND OUT THE CLOWNS! Stop funding failed abstinence-only-until-marriage programs!

We know that President Obama has stated that he supports medically accurate, age-appropriate sex education to help young people make responsible, healthy decisions. But we also know that the president is under direct pressure from Republicans and conservative Democrats that have kept this funding alive in the past two years. They will do everything they can to keep funding these failed programs, and will also try to block funding for responsible, comprehensive sex education. (We all remember this HORRIBLE McCain attack ad from last year on Obama’s sex ed policy "for kindergartners", right?)

This is why it is so important to let President Obama hear your voices right now. We must convince him to stand strong against the social conservatives and do the right thing.

TELL PRESIDENT OBAMA TO SEND OUT THE CLOWNS! Stop funding for failed abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, and fund comprehensive sex ed!

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