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Michigan House Bill 5711 – considered to be the most extreme anti-abortion bill in the country — is moving through the state legislature. 

Michian resident Jenni Lane shared her story on RH Reality Check, explaining that she made the painful decision to terminate her pregnancy because the fetus suffered from a severe brain malformation. HB 5711 would make it illegal for Jenni to have an abortion. 

Michigan lawmakers made it even clearer how they feel about the rights of women state. This week, Michigan lawmakers blocked women like Jenni from sharing their stories about the need to access abortion during a committee meeting.

Says Jenni:

“I feel so angry and so deeply sad that legislators supporting these bills are willfully ignoring stories like mine. It’s unconscionable, because women’s lives and health are at stake, and the expertise of medical providers is undermined and ignored. I have been tentative about that phrase that is used right now, the ‘war on women,’ because it sounds too much like polarizing rhetoric. But today, my own personal hurt and anger does make me feel attacked. When people in positions of power abuse it to implement policies that have devastating effects on other people, it’s aggressive and adversarial. But when these legislators simply will not hear from those who they disagree with, it feels ‘un-American,’ and fundamentally wrong.”

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