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Let’s just start with the quote, because I know you’re confused. Here is Greg Gutfeld speaking on a show called “The Five” about the efforts of the National Organization for Women (NOW) against misogynist radio show host Rush Limbaugh.

Perhaps they’re a victim of their own success. They’re not as relevant as they are anymore because, for example, women have, you know, all the rights that, you know, they can shop. But, you know, I think you’re right. This isn’t about Rush, this isn’t about getting rid of Rush, it’s about reviving NOW, making it more relevant.

How can someone be so ignorant? I’m not surprised that someone on FOX is ignorant, given their track record there, but how can an adult person, aware enough of the world to have been chosen to bring commentary (I almost said news and then I almost said information, but I just couldn’t) to viewers, be unaware of the crap that women have to deal with? I mean how is that possible? With all of the actual news coverage of the War on Women, how do you not pick up on the fact that maybe there is something going on that’s making women upset. How do you not acknowledge that reality?


The first thing that popped into your head when you thought of women’s rights was SHOPPING?!?! That’s what you first think of when you think about women? That we’re able to shop? How is that an example of a right that we’ve achieved? June Cleaver and Laura Petrie shopped! And could you possibly have picked a more stereotypical activity? I don’t get it. I don’t think I could have been less shocked if you’d said that you know we have enough rights because we wear lipstick. How is that different? How is it that your view of the achievements of women peeks at shopping? Does a young girl meet her glass ceiling when she has more Barbie dolls than any of her friends? It’s like you think that women are shopping with someone else’s money and she brings home pretty thing and then her husband pats her on the head like it was some great intellectual achievement that she chose something pretty rather than bringing home a piece of garbage like some high-minded feminist magazine or a course catalogue for the local community college.

What the hell, man?

Even if you think that women have equal rights compared to men…shopping is your example?


If you’re wondering why the National Organization for Women, and groups like it, still exist, it’s because of this. It’s because you don’t get it.

~ Samantha
Community Editor