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They’re still at it: Republican Senators are still trying to deny you access to birth control. An important vote on whether or not to deny women access to contraception is happening tomorrow — if you have a few minutes, please call your Senators today and tell them to oppose the Blunt Amendment.

More info (and a handy call-in script) below:

Tomorrow, the U.S. Senate will vote on whether or not to deny women access to contraception.

Republican Senators have decided to hijack a major transportation bill by attaching the Blunt Amendment — an amendment that would allow any employer to deny any kind of health coverage for any personal "moral" reason. 

  • Don’t like birth control? Fine! You can deny your employees contraceptive coverage.
  • Agree with presidential candidate Rick Santorum that prenatal testing leads to abortion? Poof! No more insurance coverage for prenatal testing.
  • Still believe the myth that HIV is "a gay disease"? That’s okay! May as well opt out of covering HIV/AIDS testing.

Roughly 60 percent of people in the U.S. support requiring insurance companies to provide no-copay basic access to birth control. The Obama Administration has already provided a way for objecting religious-affiliated organizations to opt out of paying for this coverage in their employee health plans, a solution that is fully supported by the Catholic Health Association. As far as the American people are concerned, this issue has been settled: birth control is basic health care.

Apparently, many of your Senators disagree. The full Senate will vote on the Blunt Amendment tomorrow.

Call your Senators TODAY at 202-224-3121.

Then ask your friends to call. Dial the number and put a cell phone in their hand. We need to make sure that our Senators know that the voters who put them in office demand that they Vote NO on the Blunt Amendment.

Sample call-in script:

"Hi, my name is _____, and I’m calling from [City, State].

As your constituent, I would like to ask Senator _____ to oppose the Blunt Amendment to the Transportation Reauthorization Bill. Birth control is basic health care and millions of women and young people will benefit from expanded access to birth control coverage. In fact, nearly 60% of voters agree with me. Can you tell me how Senator _____ is planning to vote on this amendment?"

Please take a moment to call BOTH of your Senators today. We need to light up the phone lines on Capitol Hill.

Let’s get to it.

Sarah Audelo
Senior Manager of Domestic Policy
Advocates for Youth

P.S. Tweet your Senators’ responses @AmplifyTweets or post them on our Facebook Page. We want everyone to know whether our Senators are planning to stand up for birth control access. Use the hashtag #supportwomen.