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 For me coming out is hard because of the "what ifs" the "what will happen" and most importantly the"what will my friends say". I’m an overweight 14 year old girl who is bi-sexual. I at times think i am and except it but other time i lie to myself and say i’m straight.  I like being popular and on a scale of o to 100(0 being the worst and 100 being most popular) for my freshman class i would say i’m a decent 83. I think that for people like me(overweight) it’s even harder to come out. An example is two types of girls at my school. One group of girls are lesbian and are fat. The other is a girl who came out but she is skinny and pretty. Everyone talks about the "fatty lesbos" but the other girl gets left alone no one talks shit about her. I feel like if i came out that would be me the addition to the "fatty lesbos" even though i’m bi. And one of my friends is also bi and she is skinny. I feel like if we were to both come out i would be the one who gets shit talked about and she would get nothing. I will admit i’m shallow if i was a guy i’d go out for the skinnier chick( by this i mean like not overweight) who’s blonde(just a prefrence) rather than the fat chick . And i care a lot about being popular i woun’t do anything to be popular but it matters to me. I know some of my friends would still be my friends even if i came out but the thing is they aren’t super popular . I hate being different i mean in the sense of having to deal with not only being overweight and getting made fun of behind my back but the fact that i would have to deal with girls giving me weird stares in the halls for being bi. People finding out is my biggest worry. With the pressures of being popular and having the right friends makes me scared to loose the reputation it took me 4 years to build. My rep is the " funny, nice, and okay looking rounder chick" i don’t mind being called okay looking it’s better than being called ugly. ANd if i was to come out and have the same friends it would be awkward and then i would have to add finding hot bi-sexual girls to my long list of things i look for at school. For me coming out is risky and scary. You never know who your real friends are but if your bi or les or gay or transgender and you tell one of your "friends" your secret and they aren’t a real friend it’s the end of the life you knew because your set into the LGBT stareotype.