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This week is National No Name Calling Week. Some students at a school I teach at made an event on facebook and then did things around campus to bring awareness to the impact of bullying at school.


Some had students write things they have been called on pieces of paper and crumpled them up and threw them into the “box of insults”.


Others wrote compliments on post it notes and put them up around the entire school. Many were on lockers and students really loved the nice …

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(Photo Credit http://www.gardasil.com/hpv)

This blog was originally posted on CHATpdx.org as a program of CHATpdx For more information check out: www.facebook.com/chatpdx

In the US, it’s estimated that a majority (75%-80%) of men and women will be infected with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). With about 6 million new cases of genital HPV every year (there are over 30 genital HPV types) and a majority of these (about 74%) of them occurring in 15-24 year olds, the need for effective prevention programs directed to youth is crucial. The new HPV …

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*Names changed

Our motto is PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. We borrow this philosophy from the hippies. Our drug culture stems directly from the 1960′s, just with new lingo. We brought back the sexual revolution of second wave feminism. Or so I thought.
Yeah it’s a blog urging rave ladies to stand up for respect, maybe it’s just unclear. Feel free to edit it. A picture like this?
We wear outrageous, themed lingerie costumes. We wear rainbow bikinis, fuzzy leg-warmers, …

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In Portland we’ve seen a little of the anti-abortion activism that goes on in this country, but only a small amount. I remember driving by the empty space on Martin Luther King Boulevard where a Planned Parenthood was going to be put in and seeing a small group of people protesting with their picket signs. And from time to time I would also see them on Fremont and 15th, near an already opened Planned Parenthood. This was already scary enough to me, to see people simply protesting …

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This blog post is meant to help deflate and hopefully answer some of the tricky questions surrounding cheating. No for those who might be a little lost, I am not talking about cheating as in the "hiding an ace in your sleeve", or "having insider information." I am talking about relationships and my views around the ideas of physical, mental, emotional cheating.

I have had this conversation with a number of people in my life (some of these people have been people I have dated) and each person seems to …

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Using your head when giving head:

Let’s talk blow jobs.  This is the mouth on penis action.  If you want to eliminate any possible risk of STDs then use a polyurethane, polyisoprene, or latex condom.  Don’t like the taste of condoms?  Fear not, there are condoms that come in different flavors!

OK, OK… I can actually hear you sighing from here.  I know, using condoms for oral sex isn’t realistic for everyone.  The good news is that if barriers aren’t your thing there are still ways to lower …

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“90% of people admit to masturbating, the other 10 percent are liars.”

May 1st marked the first day of National Masturbation Month. Yes I said it, Masturbation. If you didn’t know about this, well, you’re not alone. I’ll even admit that I didn’t know this national day existed or that it has been around for 25 years. For some reason it isn’t surprising that National Masturbation Month isn’t as high-profile as Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, or Easter, but then again these holidays have cute animals …

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It’s time to start talking seriously about sex. No mind you I do consider myself a kind of expert in this field and so some of what I say next may or may not apply to your life. It is important however to begin to talk about all the taboos we see in sex. When was the last time a conversation about "tossed salads" went well?

A warning, this post may not be for all audiences.

Pop quiz Define the following words:

Oral sex-





Don’t …

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My name is Ernesto Dominguez my friends call me “E”. I am a 21-year-old youth living in Portland, Oregon. I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and grew up in the beautiful city of Salt Lake. If I had to define my sexual orientation today, I would say Queer; I tend to mostly just think of myself as a sexual being that is attracted to other sexual beings. If I had to define my gender identity today, I would say I consider myself cisgendered, but also gender queer. At its …

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(CNN) — The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday approved the nomination of federal Judge Sonia Sotomayor to become the nation’s first Hispanic Supreme Court justice, setting up a final confirmation vote by the Senate.

The committee’s 13-6 vote was mostly on partisan lines, with one Republican joining the panel’s Democrats in sending the nomination to the full Senate.


At least five Republican senators have announced their intention to support Sotomayor, making confirmation by the Democratic-controlled Senate a virtual certainty.



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Day 3

New Media Town Hall

First up was a town hall discussion about the importance of using new media (blogs, twitter, facebook, myspace, google groups etc) to organize our community and simultaneously change the views about Latinos in “mainstream” media. A panel of experts (one of which was our very own Ariel Cerrud, peer resource educator and talented speaker) delved into the idea that any person, in any place can use new media as a voice for themselves and their community. One panelist urged the importance of “starting

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Day 2

After spending the morning looking for a place to have breakfast that wasn’t 1. very expensive or 2. had a long wait line we finally settled on Starbucks (ironically one of the major sponsors for NCLR) we arrived for an opening check-in with the Lideres staff. 

A “breakthrough improv” performance welcomed us to the second day of the summit and after a few jokes and laugh we moved to our first workshop. This time I chose “Mobilizing youth in 2009: Your Role in the Path to Immigration …

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In reflection to Sarah’s Post, here is my account of the first day in Chicahho 

First impressions,

Lideres Summit was staffed a large number of youth. 18 youth who came from various states and various backgrounds including a youth born in Jalisco (the state in Mexico that I was born in), someone who has been taking ballet for 10 years and a youth who is also in a chicago cumbia band! 

The conference was very organized and there were plenty of people walking around to make sure that

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(Sarah, this is for you)

So lets see, thinking about to high school, (it really wasn’t that long ago, but does still feel like it) one sex education class seems to stick in my head the most. I remember one year that our class was separated into two classrooms, “Boys” in one classroom and “Girls” in another. Mind you, no one actually asked about gender and just went by perceived sex. Once in our respective classrooms we were bombarded with information about how our bodies are changing, where we …

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Today I had a short, but none the less interesting discussion with my boyfriend about family. We’ve talked about this before a bit, but today it came up while he was writing a college paper on family communication (or something to that nature). He was telling me about what the definition of family is, and how this definition is truly based mainly in ones own experience. 

Take for instance a youth that comes from a "privileged" home. This youth comes from a home with both a Father (masculine/aggressive figure) and …

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Watch it and spread the word, "like the herpes for good"


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A message to think about? Please Read!

I recently was looking through some messages and I found this bulliten from someone I know. I am curious as to what others think about this…Please respond.

So, the other day I got into a conversation with a co-worker of mine about the idea of some people having their free speech "limited" (which is a nice way of saying "bullied out of") by neo-yuppie, overly sensitive pansies who just can’t seem to let these pass.

She was talking about an old …

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I had the pleasure of seeing Religulous last night with my boyfriend. Religulous is a documentary film directed by Larry Charles and starring American political comedian Bill Maher. This movie depicts a variety of world religions from the eyes of people who practice said religion, or people who practiced in the past. 

Bill Maher takes a satirical and childlike eye to what these religions believe. He travels from "holy" location to "holy" location. Visiting places like Jerusalem, the Vatican (is it proper to capitalize "The Vatican"? Do …

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The Advocates For Youth: Washington DC Retreat!

Right now DOZENS of activist youth from all over the country are gathered inside the Embassy suites hotel in downtown Washington DC talking about RIGHTS, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY!


What are you doing today to support the lives and rights of youth?!