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I did not mean to rhyme in that title, nor did I mean to startle you, my dear readers, when I put as the first words in the title "Florida Transgender Teen", for usually, when a story involves Florida, something boneheaded or evil has happened.

But this story is good news, as Andii Viveros, a transgender student, has been crowned prom queen. However, MSRNC screwed up something with their coverage

Viveros, who for the past two years has gone by the name Andii, is a transgender who fought to get his name on the prom queen ballot. He is the first transgender to be named prom queen at a public school in the United States.


A few students didn’t think Viveros should have been allowed to compete for the title and started a petition to get his name off the ballot for prom queen. Viveros, who is also president of the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, wrote a speech to explain why he had a right to run.


He’s my child and I’m going to love him no matter what," Viveros’ mom, Bernadette Viveros said.

Now, Andii hopes his crown and sash helps pave the way for other teens like him.

Notice a pattern here. If someone is transitioning from X to Y, the media should use the pronoun most associated with Y. Thus, Andii should have been referred to as "she" in media reports, or whichever pronoun that this person wished to be addressed as. It is a mistake that, when it has happened to me, has really upset me.

However, TransGRiot has gotten it right…

Andi is two years into her transition, and at times it has been rough for her despite the support from her family. She had to deal with bullying and taunting behavior from students along with a less than supportive administration until this year. She also had to deal with a faction of students who started a petition to get her removed from the ballot.

But here is the happy prom queen and the prom king, gay male Juan Macias:

-Jordan Gwendolyn Davis

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