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To say that there is a disconnect between Kanye West’s brain and his mouth would simply be stating the obvious. From his comments about George Bush being racist, to his antics at the MTV awards, the word vomit is outrageous. Sometimes I wish he would tweet something so controversial that Twitter would be forced to close his account. I swear the BS he spews is enough to rot a person’s brain. But then, at the same time, I am entertained by his stupidity. Plus, there’s also freedom of speech and whatnot. But really, the dude has progressed way past being simply annoying to stepping on a lot of people’s toes.

I’m not sure if many people heard about this, but last month, Kanye West tweeted something that was not only stupid, but irresponsible and disrespectful. Maybe he was jealous of all the attention that Justin Bieber was getting post-Rolling Stone Interview, and decided to steal a little of the spotlight for himself by acting like a jackass. Here is Mr. West’s opinion on abortion.

In 133 characters, he proves that he is not only ignorant, but a sexist, misogynist pig as well. I cannot help but shudder at the thought of what other ‘helpful’ hints that he might have been throwing to his fans and followers on twitter. Not only is the information wrong, but it also paints women in a very bad light. All I can imagine now are scenarios where women tell their partners that they are pregnant, and are accused of being gold diggers. And for all of us who are working very hard to make reproductive justice the norm, his comment is extremely regressive, following the logic of those who claim that women want to have access to abortions simply so they can play God.

When eyebrows were raised about the possibility of his involvement in a situation where a woman might have demanded an exorbitant of money for abortion, he was quick to respond with "It ain’t happen to me but I know people." Well Mr. West, if you’ve never had this happen to you, then you really have no business tweeting about it do you? You should at least have done some research before making yourself look like an even bigger fool. I would think that someone in the public eye, with a history such as his, would have learned by now to think before he spoke. But I guess decency and civility aren’t very high on his list of priorities.

Lily Allen, the British singer, responded to his tweet,

Allen reportedly suffered a miscarriage 6 months into her pregnancy last year. People have made comments saying that her miscarriage is the reason why Kanye’s tweet seemed so personal, but I think that anyone would be annoyed. I’m kinda confused about Perez Hilton’s response though. It seems as though he was in support of Kanye West’s tweet at first, and then switched sides once another celebrity spoke out. Judge for yourself. Here’s text from his first post,

"This is wonderful, Kanye! So good of you to take time out of your busy schedule to promote safe sex on your Twitter page. In an effort to inform his 2,508,962 Twitter followers about the consequences of unsafe sex, Kanye tweeted the following…*insert Kanye’s douchy tweet here*…And that’s why you ALWAYS use protection, ESPECIALLY if you’re a baller. Thanks for the impromptu cautionary tale, Kanye! We’ll keep it very much in mind. LOLz."

And here’s text from the post he put up after Lily Allen posted her own tweet

"Earlier today, we wrote about Kanye’s "abortion" tweets in a lighthearted manner, but some people are NOT taking Yeezy’s comments lightly.

As a reminder, here are the abortion-related comments that Kanye made on his Twitter page earlier today.

One person who did not appreciate Kanye’s tweets is Lily Allen, who unfortunately had her second miscarriage in two years last Fall…We can certainly understand where Lily Allen is coming from.

This is why it’s SO important to be careful with what you write on Twitter. You never know who you’re going to offend."

Lighthearted? Yeah right. And I’m a monkey’s uncle. No matter how many times I read the Perez post, it doesn’t seem to me like any media person, especially one who’s a bit popular, should think that congratulating Kanye for his stupidity is in any way jokey. It’s not even sarcastic. #EPIC FAIL. There is nothing even remotely funny about misinformation and promoting mistrust of women. With all the antics he’s pulled, and with all the comments about him being a douche, reporting his offensive tweet in a ‘lighthearted manner’ (If I roll my eyes one more time they’ll disappear into my skull) is certainly not the way to go. It’s like giving Dennis the Menace a cookie for peeing in your shampoo AGAIN.

Some of Kanye’s fans, have of course been supportive of his tweet, saying that there are women who extort money from men in West’s position, claiming that they are pregnant. They’re either as incredibly dense as ‘Yeezy’, or just spineless, worshipping berks. Oh wait, those both fall under the category of INCREDIBLY DUMB. Overall, I’m very dissapointed that no entertainment blogs are posting anything other than reworded reports. If you were a successful artist and a woman told you she needed $100,000 for an abortion, would you take her seriously? Of course all that money isn’t going towards the abortion, duh! Kanye’s tweet is offensive because it implies that abortion is so easy-breezy-beautiful-covergirl that women use it as an excuse every other day of the week. "Oooh I just saw these gorgeous Jimmy Choos. Lemme go tell my boyfriend I’m pregnant so that he’ll gimme some money."

I’m actually surprised that the media hasn’t been giving him a hard time about his recent transgressions against women including the video for ‘Monster’ in which women were shown in a drugged out state, and some hanging by their necks from the ceiling. There’s even a part where he raps while holding on to a woman’s severed head. What’s all that supposed to mean? What’s with his obsession with women?

My message to Mr. West is this — it’s bad enough that the politicians are making decisions for women without caring what the impact will be; now there’s a popular celebrity promoting wrong information. I hope that in the future, people will not hesitate to speak out whenever a celebrity puts out the wrong message. I do it all the time on Twitter when people act up. Nobody should be awarded special treatment just because they’re in the spotlight. You might not get a reply back, but at least the celebrity gets the message that one of his or her fans disapproves. It only takes a tiny drop to make a ripple. It’s corny, but it works.