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Apart from the ol’ stork story, when a child asks “where do babies come from?” there is usually one explanation: a man and a woman love each other very much (sometimes this story is embellished with the necessity to be married) and they give each other a “very special hug” (sex, to the layperson) and they make a baby.

Of course, this is an incredibly normative and problematic narrative. Yes, of course people still make children this way, but there are so many of us who were not conceived …

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Love this Tweet from former Mother Jones, Adam Serwer.…

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The MacArthur Foundation has announced the winners of its Looking@Democracy Challenge, a nation-wide media competition which is “aimed at sparking ideas for strengthening American democracy.”

The first place winner was 17-year-old Arizona high school student Destiny Galindo. Galindo received a $25,000 cash prize for her entry, a hip-hop video called “American Vision.”

Galindo’s video is insightful and, with lines like, “seems like the rich just trying to get richer/seems like the poor people just dying quicker” her willingness to concisely and boldly question our understanding of American democracy …

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The United Nations has decided that the U.S. must return the sacred lands of native peoples as a result of a recent assessment of native life in the U.S.  by U.N. Special Rapporteur James Anaya, said Reuters.

Said Reuters:

“‘I have heard stories that make evident the profound hurt that indigenous peoples continue to feel because of the history of oppression they have faced,’ Anaya said in a statement issued by the U.N. human rights office in Geneva.

That oppression, he said, has included the seizure of lands

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According to the Bay Area Reporter this stamp of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician elected to public office, will be released in 2014.…

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After the Boy Scouts announced earlier this week that they would allow openly gay scouts to remain in the program, but would refuse to accept gay and lesbian adult leaders, the California senate hit them back–by taking away their tax-exempt status.

Boy Scouts of America is a non-profit organization that does not have to pay taxes to the government because of the service that they do for the youth of America which, up until recently, did not include openly gay or queer youth. BSA’s decision, which was …

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Check out this cool thing! Legendary gender outlaw Kate Bornstein has updated her famed My Gender Workbook in its latest version, My New Gender Workbook Bornstein’s workbook shows you how embracing and identifying intersectionality will make the world a better place. Who knew?

Photo source: genderqueerid.com…

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The whole Internet is a-buzz (and rightfully so) over the Steubenville rape case. Check out this definitive guide to rape culture provided by Upworthy.

Trigger warning: the Upworthy link contains shameless, victim-blaming Tweets and news coverage collected by writer Kaye Toal. Some of this senselessness can may be triggering for survivors of rape and sexual assault.…

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For genderqueer, gender fluid, and otherwise gender-variant folks, it is often hard to find clothing that is both fashionable and fits the body. The genderqueer clothing company The Boi’s Department is here to fix just that.

According to the project’s website, their mission is:

We want to connect you to clothes that fit both your mind and your body because you shouldn’t have to settle for what the world expects you to wear.

Right now, the store has a select number of items, mainly t-shirts with more gender-neutral or …

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The 9-year-old Oscar nominee got some un-fun and inappropriate attention tonight thanks to Seth MacFarlane and The Onion. Thank goodness for Crunk Feminist Collective writer Moya Zakia B. to telling her to keep doing her!


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xoJane tells you how. Sarah Innis does a great job in this article of providing strategies to call out people when they say something racist/sexist/homophobic/transphonic in conversation with you. Innis even gives you the break down on how you should interrogate these kinds of prejudicial sentiments depending on who you are interacting with (i.e. family member, coworker, stranger, etc.).

Having been in situations like this more times that I would care to remember, I thought Innis’ guide was practical and helpful. The situation that I find myself in …

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It may not surprise you to hear that an Alabama state representative is pushing new anti-choice legislation. But what’s the reasoning this time? Well, don’t you know that the unborn fetus is the largest organ in a woman’s body?

Yeah, neither did I.

According to the Huffington Post, Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin is backing legislation for abortion clinic restriction for this very reason. According to McClurkin, the legislation is not meant to stop abortions (although there are now only five abortion clinics in the state of Alabama), but …

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Just in time for the Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show, a group of sexy activists hacked the company’s social media outlets and announced a new line of panties promoting consensual sex.

“PINK loves CONSENT”  features panties with such slogans as “No means No” and “Listen to What I Want” worn by models of all sizes. Fans of Victoria’s Secret showered their Facebook page with support and, as suggested by the website, Tweeted “#loveconsent” to show their appreciation for Victoria’s Secret’s new line.

At first glance the website looks like …

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Editor Virgie Tovar is celebrating the release of her book Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion by giving her readers a glimpse of what they can expect. For her internet followers, it means we get to gush over all of the fun, radical, body positivity!

The List of 50 “fat and ferocious” femmes came in day installments, though the whole list is now viewable here. Among the ranks we can find Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu, Missy Piggy and Honey Boo Boo. …

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Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

It is amazing how anyone would be able to look at this picture and say, “no, this is clearly not a perpetuation of a disgusting, racist, exploitative caricature.” And you would think that, with each of Victoria’s Secret’s flubs this year– first with their “Sexy Little Geisha” nightie and more recently with their use of a Native American headdress in their runway show–that Illamasqua and any other company would be sure to check that they are being culturally sensitive with their advertisements.

As of now, Illamasqua has …

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In Cairo, a group of vigilante men are making headlines as they combat sexual assault and street harassment against women by spraying the harassers with paint to mark them as predators.

The men, who call their group “Estragel” or “Be a Man”, began spray painting those who were seen violating women following the 1,000 complaints of sexual harassment filed over four days celebration of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha in Cairo. The men took to acting themselves when they did not think that the police response was too slow. …

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What comes to mind when you think of the word “queer”? For many, there is a strong reliance on visual signifiers to distinguish queer folks from the crowd. Many cling to stereotypes, expecting a gay man to dress in heels and a lesbian to dress in flannel.

But, of course, a person’s identity is not entirely decipherable by what they’re wearing or whether or not they wear make-up. We usually think heterosexuals are the ones perpetuating this stereotype, and while heterosexist culture does certainly play a hand in this, …

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Halloween is approaching, and with that means the inevitable, “what costume can I wear without being consistently slut-shamed?” Aside from the answer of, “wear whatever you want that makes you feel good year-round, not just on Halloween,” those femmes out there may be under pressure to dress provocatively. The solution is here!

Bust magazine has provided us with a list of 10 Feminist Halloween costume ideas that will make you sexy through empowerment. Some highlights include the strong and timely Pussy Riot, the Russian girl punk band being held …

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It is a proud day to live in California. Last night, the Golden State became the first in the nation to pass a law that would make it illegal for parents to send their LGBTQ children to therapy to change their sexual orientation or gender identity. When practiced, the therapy has been proven to lead LGBTQ individuals to depression and even suicide.  

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB1172 into law, acknowledging that this type of therapy "has no basis in science or medicine and will now be relegated to …

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As a gender non-conforming English student, I’ve come across a lot of heated debate (or, more accurately, academic cringes) about the use of the singular "they" as someone’s preferred gender pronoun.

There are more than a dozen gender-neutral pronouns in the English language, but most of them are recently invented and clunky on the tongue. The one that has gained the most popularity over time is "ze," as in "Ze went to the bookstore to buy a super-rad feminist magazine."

However, many genderqueer and trans* identified individuals are much …