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For 4 years, I have been a member of The M Project, a group founded by Broward House that provides support for GBQ men ages 18 to 30.

Our aim is to give this demographic a place where they can learn and be empowered. Somewhere outside of the clubs and away from all negativity in society. We promote safe sex and strictly prohibit any use of substances.

This year we planned a condom fashion show, something more ambitious than anything we’ve accomplished so far. Taking place on June 28th …

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Last April, one of the facilitators in my youth group approached me for an opportunity to be in an internship. I was told that I’d be a member of a youth council, that our main goal is to establish better sexual education in public schools. I was completely sold and wanted to sign up as soon as possible. My excitement built once I had an interview and met with Daily, who described in very good detail what was expected from me and the activities I’d be participating in.

The …

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Today is the first ever National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and I am urging folks to participate by learning about sexuality and sexual health, talking to friends and family and making these discussions informative and empowering, and preventing the spread of ignorance and diseases.

Taking the time to learn about our own bodies, living healthy, protecting ourselves, dealing with emotions, breaking barriers, and understanding the wide spectrum of sexuality is a must, no matter what age you may be.

I strongly believe that prevention is our biggest weapon and …

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Technology has become more integral to our daily lives, so it’s no surprise that millions use online dating websites and social apps in search of friendships, romance, and sex. This reality continues to bring individuals closer while removing personal communication as well as creating controversial news headlines.

For many LGBTQ youth, using their internet devices to interact with others is both convenient and comfortable, especially for those who are in the closet about their sexual or gender identity. While most of these youths are skilled at using electronics and …

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Here is my latest video blog for the Broward County Youth Council. I go into a little detail about my background and childhood, my reasons for becoming an advocate, and what I expect from the future!


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I make a blog each year on World AIDS Day because it truly does affect us all and as long as it’s here, I’ll make sure to share knowledge about the disease and fight the stigma and ignorance.


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As a lover of history and travel, the nation’s capital has always been put high on my pedestal. When I first received news that I’d be going to D.C. for five days, it didn’t seem real. Once I landed at the Ronald Reagan International Airport, though I initially had a hyper moment at the first glimpse of the Washington Monument, I felt an immediate sense of calm and restraint. The temperature is moderate and the scenery is naturally beautiful.

All attendees of the Urban Retreat had accommodations at …