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Love it right? Yes, I know this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Some people say that the kid was just repeating what his mother told him to say. But what I love about this video and why parents and youth like this are #winning, is because that is exactly what your parents should do. Talk to their kids about social issues and teach them how to be proactive about the things they want to see changed.

When I got to college it was really …

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The Onion, America ’s Finest News Source.

If you have never heard of The Onion, it is a news satire organization. They produce a print circulation and also have a popular website TheOnion.com (… so basically I’m telling you that the following article is not real).


Kids having sex talk with parents? Why not?

The longer I advocate for sexual health, the more I realize that we have some sucky sex-ed curriculums (if any at all) these days. However, our parents sex-ed was a whoooooole lot worse. Most …

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As you all know, the SC Youth Activist Network conducts Pizza Protection Parties. If not, you can read about them here.

So at the past 2 parties I facilitated, I got a lot of great questions about the IUD (Intrauterine Device). 

How is it inserted/ removed?

IUD’s must be inserted AND removed by a licensed medical provider.

How long does it last?
IUDs can last for 10 years. If planning pregnancy, the IUD can be taken out early.

Will IUD affect a woman’s menstrual cycle?
Side effects will …

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If you have heard of Jessie J. you probably know that she is an outstanding singer/ songwriter. If you have not heard of Jessie J. 1) I’m sorry. 2) Well… you’re welcome.

I just wanted to share 2 vids that I thought provided a positive message, especially with current anti-bullying efforts.

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Has anyone checked out this new show? I stumbled on it (Not in the cool tech savvy Tumblr way though) and am really glad I did because it is pretty interesting. It comes on Fridays at 9 on LOGO.

The show looks at various issues that people may have regarding their sexuality (yes that’s a broad topic, but this is definitely not your typical look at how people feel about sex). What I love about the series is that by exploring these issues, and seeing others take them …

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I just found this really cool list of surprising sexual health facts. Of course, I wanted to share it with my fellow Amplifiers!!! There are 53 fun facts that you can check out here. Here are 5 that I wanted to post here.

“#4 Sex allergy. Yes, there really is an allergic reaction some women have to semen. Thankfully, there is a way to treat this disorder, which can lead to anaphylaxis in some women. Learn more about this uncommon allergy.

#17 Retrograde ejaculation. some men have a

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How many bad experiences does it take for the world to stop sexting? I don’t know but I’m sure self-mirror-portrait extraordinaire Rep. Anthony Weiner is about to find out…


Id like to say that this is a scandalous story because he is a politician and people wouldn’t care about his pics if he were your average Joe, however sexting pics have the potential to be a scandal for anyone not wanting their goods exposed to unwanted eyes.

Solution? If your gonna sext, SEXT US!!! (No! I don’t want …

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I saw this video and thought my fellow Amplifiers would get a good laugh like I did…


This site also has other creative videos on sex advice for teens. Check it out: http://www.videojug.com/tag/sex-advice-for-teens…

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Hey check out this article from USA Today, talking about teen sex practices.


The responses show high rates of contraceptive use among both sexes the first time they have intercourse (78% of girls, 85% of boys) and the most recent time (86% of girls and 93% of boys). The condom was the most popular contraceptive method, cited by 96% of girls.

Congratulations fellow youth population!!!! You’re using condoms!!!!!!!

If you checked out the article, you also know that the condom use is not consistent. So check out …

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In light of my Marketing #FAIL x2 blog, its only fair that I address this…


The first time I saw this I was laughing hysterically on the inside… and out at how terrified the guy was on the roller coaster. The second time… well repeat #1. BUT the third time I saw the commercial I began to wonder if there is a gender bias in sensitivity when it comes to marketing. Aren’t they implying (and by implying I mean marketing campaign blatant, straight up in-yo’-face saying) …

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Just saw this on Funny or Die, thought you all might enjoy a little tehe on you Monday afternoon…

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Some good news for the fight against AIDS, Gilead has just decided to release 4 AIDS and Hepatitis drugs to the international “Medicines Patent Pool.” What does this means? For pharmaceutical companies, it is a very long and very expensive road to finding a formula for a drug that will 1) prove consistently effective in trial studies and 2) will be approved for release by the FDA. With all of the money for research and development that goes into simply creating something that works and is legal, the one …

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Oh marketing…you try so hard. Some days are victorious days and others days, well… 

Have you seen the series of Summers Eve ads lately? Aimed to be an empowering show of female vaginahood, these ads turned out to be a little less than that:

Some of the criticism comes from how apparently annoying Summers Eve make the female genitalia out to be but also the offense many have taken to the targeted minority ads:


Summers Eve isn’t the only marketing offender to vaginas and women alike. GOT MILK? This …

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Remember that??? Random… I know.

Anyways, if you don’t remember the wassup craze you definitely remember that NY just legalized same-sex marriages, and with the official date July 24th recently behind us, Associated Press just released an article about an expected ‘NY Adoption Boom’ 

The logic is that since same-sex couples can now establish a formal family structure, bringing a child into the picture is ‘the next natural progression’. Not to mention that having the traditional two parent household (and by traditional household I mean modern family, …

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Check out this video. A New York same-sex couple has been together 61 years…and they would love nothing more than the right to get married in their home state.

Since this was recorded, New York became the 6th state to legalize gay marriage. I wonder what this couple is saying now…

I do believe that as we become a more open society we do much more than create equal rights. In having the freedom to openly be you, we also allow the opportunity for generations to bridge together and …

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Well folks, its June and officially LGBT Pride Month!!!

I had some reflections to make on various stories this month:

1. If you check out the pic above, you will see (this 15-minutes’) world’s most famous lesbian. If you haven’t check out the story on the apparent hoax Syrian lesbian blogger, prepare to have mixed emotions… or at least I did be outraged. The “Gay Girl in Damascus” turned out to be “Straight Guy in Scotland.” I understand how people would be outraged. They thought an …

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Sooo Rihanna’s “Man Down” Video premiered early last week and it is receiving some criticism from The Parent Television Council and Enough is Enough Campaign. Opposers are asking Viacom to remove the video from its networks because of the violence portrayed (Rihanna’s characters gets revenge on her rapist by shooting him dead…in front of a big ol’ crowd). CBS reported

Upon the video’s release an immediate knee-jerk reaction from the press and teen advocacy groups hit Rihanna with a negative if not visceral response. The Parent’s Council even went …

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Hello all! I hope you are enjoying your month of May and yes, it is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month!

I’ve always thought that there has been an overwhelming focus on mothers with teen pregnancy. But why not? The mother carries the baby, the mother often serves as the primary care, and in a single parent circumstance it is often the mother that will raise the child. Not worries for the teen fathers right? Not so much…

Check out this article I found that talks about fatherhood for teens.


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Hello Amplify! I have some exciting news to share.. just got my first op-ed published today in South Carolina’s "The State" newspaper!!!! Check it out:

The debate surrounding Title X family planning funding and the concern over MTV’s popular “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” reality shows is predictable enough: Does access to abortion encourage young mothers to terminate pregnancy? Does MTV make being pregnant look cool? But like so much of the discussion of teen pregnancy, it neglects the root of the matter: the teens who are becoming …

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Hello everyone! I hope that you haven’t forgotten that it’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month.

After my last blog entry, Welcome to May Amplifiers!!!, where I shared the song “Retrospect for Life” I decided I wanted to share with you all 2 more relevant songs. You’ve probably heard of them being that they are performed by 2 of the most recognized musicians of their time and beyond.

1. “Papa Don’t Preach”- Madonna
A sample of the lyrics:

Papa don’t preach, I’m in trouble deep
Papa don’t preach, I’ve

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It’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month and I just wanted to share a few thoughts on imbalances in the opinions/ attitudes regarding teen pregnancy and pregnancy prevention.

• There are tons of discussions on teen mothers, what their new reality will become, whether or not they are capable of raising a child… there is little to no discussion about teen fathers.

• Schools are vilified for teaching teens about contraceptive usage… Teens are vilified for becoming pregnant.

• Many people question what influence discussions about sex may have on young …

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Fan of reality TV? Check out this link to a videos on a recent episode of MTV’s Real World.

Just another reminder to WRAP IT UP!!!!



Since you are already online… follow your SC Youth Activists @TheSCYAN on Twitter!

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If you didn’t hear, in a recent interview with Elle magazine, The Blackeye Pea’s own will.i.am says women with condoms in their house are ‘tacky’.

ELLE: If you walked into a woman’s house, what one item would convince you that you weren’t compatible?
W: If she had condoms in her house, that would just fuckin’ throw me off. That’s just tacky.

Seriously? I wasn’t under the impression that protecting yourself from an unplanned pregnancy, STI’s, or HIV was ‘tacky’.

ELLE: Well, okay, I could see if she had

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If you haven’t already texted the word “SEXT” to 74574… what are you waiting for?!?! It’s a free and anonymous text messaging line for info on sexual and reproductive health. Whether you have Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon… Blackberry, iPhone, old school flip phone that looks like it has candy inside… it doesn’t matter, the SEXT line is FREE!

Its quick, its easy and you can do it any where! (Just not while you’re driving …

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1.The birds and the bees… don’t their wings make it really hard to put on condoms?

2.If keeping condoms OUT of schools is to discourage having sex… what does putting condoms IN schools discourage?

3.If there’s camps to cure homosexuality… shouldn’t someone create a camp to cure heterosexuality?

4.Wouldn’t it be easier to use lube if they packaged them in a hand pump containers like lotion?

5.Wouldn’t it be easier to use dental dams if they packaged them in tissue boxes? Then later they could make travel packs.

6.Wait …

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The South Carolina HIV/AIDS Council is now a friend (partnering organization) of the Youth Activist Network. Please stop by the office at 1115 Calhoun Street for:

• Information on the text ‘SEXT’ to 74574 anonymous text messaging line.
• Scheduling a Pizza Protection Party.
• Free Condoms and Lube.
• General information on STI’s, safe sex practice, and more!

Look for our materials at the front desk and in the waiting areas.

AND while you’re already on the internet, follow us on Twitter @TheSCYAN and check out our Facebook …

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I don’t really know if there is a “right” or “wrong” place to talk about sex (and I’m honestly probably the wrong person to ask to make that distinction) but being in the Bible Belt south, church is definitely not the place, right? Wrong!!!

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend the African-American Women and HIV/AIDS Conference, Sponsored by the United Methodist Church Global AIDS Fund Committee. There were women from a variety of different churches and states, and they were all there to share their success …

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During a recent visit to the SC State House, as I waited in the lobby to see my state senator, I saw people there waiting to talk to politicians about everything from smoking restrictions to abortion to education… and probably anything else you can think of. While I waited, I met someone who was there for the first time, also asking their senator to help defeat S 434; the Medicaid bill that would make it more difficult to access life-saving medication, specifically people living with HIV, cancer and mental …

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Hello everyone!!! It is still National Condom Month and this week’s featured condom is a champ to say the least.

It’s the 6 times winner of “Condom Depot World’s Best Condoms.” Each condom contains 25% more lube that standard condoms AND it was specially shaped to be rolled on with one hand!
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…Durex Love Condoms

The Love is one of the best condoms we have tried in years. These condoms allow you to feel every sensation because they are made thinner than

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 Hello everyone! It’s your Columbia Youth Activist, Nicole Sheri!!!

I hope you all have been checking out the SC YAN Facebook Fan Page!!!! It is the beginning of February and though it is a short month, it is exciting one none the less. Why you ask? *drum roll* ITS SEXUAL HEALTH AWARENESS and NATIONAL CONDOM MONTH!!!!! *crowd mayhem*

Soooo…. In celebration of national condom month, each week I will be posting about a different condom

First in the lineup… TROJAN® 2GO® Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms
Trojan® 2GO® – …

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Just sharing this info…

From: Anand Nagarajan
Date: Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 8:29 AM
Subject: South Carolina ADAP waitlist update (2/3/11 – 386 patients)

As of the morning of Thursday, February 3, 2011, the SC ADAP has 386 patients on a waitlist for direct dispensing services.
Anand Nagarajan, MBBS, MPH
ADAP Director | SC DHEC (STD/HIV Div.|Bureau of Disease Control)
Office:(803) 896-3808 | Fax: (803) 896-5310 | http://www.scdhec.gov/adap

Want to help do something about this? Come out the SHARP Report Release & Rally …

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Hello everyone! Hope all is well out there in TV land…
Speaking of TV, who has been following the drama about the MTV’s “new” show SKINS? Well if you haven’t seen it check out HERE

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the British-gone-American teen drama, and the backlash is mostly focused on the explicit nature of the show.
MY OPINION??? Straight up? Adults are angry that despite the pristine dreams they have for teen, the scenarios in this show are the realities of some teens

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Hello everyone!!!! It’s Nicole Sheri, your Columbia Youth Activist!!!

It has been a while since I last posted but boy do I have a lot to share! I recently attended the Advocates for Youth Urban Retreat in D.C. and it was AMAZING. I got the opportunity to meet other youth advocates from AROUND THE WORLD and got a lot of great information and ideas.

Jumping right into it…

So, I did a few videos while in D.C. and I didn’t know where to get started. Then I remembered October …

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I have heard a lot of presentations, workshops, marketing, and more, telling people to “Wrap It Up” Practice Safe Sex. People have been saying this for years, but often people still choose not to practice safe sex. There are various reasons people don’t regularly use condoms…They don’t feel good, didn’t have a condom available, felt awkward bringing up condom use with their partner. How do you get people to use condoms? Sometimes the best way to figure something out is to go back to step one…

What did I …

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Hello all!!!! It’s Nicole Sheri, your Columbia Youth Activist!!! I hope all is well!!!

Today as I nearly passed out walking on campus, I thought about a nice glass of ice water and condoms…

Okay, no I didn’t…BUT seriously, I wanted to give everyone a reminder that while condoms are very durable pieces of latex (or polyurethane) they SHOULD NOT be left in the heat… yes that means your car!

Where should you keep them? Your nightstand, purse, candy dish on your coffee table…anyplace that they wont be in …

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Hello all!!!! It’s Nicole Sheri, your Columbia Youth Activist!!! I hope all is well!!!

Soooooooo…. What is really going on in the state of South Carolina with these stats!?!?!

As you may know from previous blogs, SC ranks #8 for new HIV Cases.


Top ten states ranked by rate (per 100,000) of reported STD cases: United States, 2008
Mississippi (728.1)
Mississippi (256.8)
Alaska (711.2)
Louisiana (220.2)
South Carolina (597.2)
South Carolina (214.2)
Alabama (535.0)
Alabama (210.5)

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South Carolina ADAP Update
As of July 1, 2010 there were 187 people on SC’s ADAP Wait List

We are averaging 12 new people a week!

SC’s 2010-2011 Budget, finalized last week, contained non-reoccurring funds for ADAP within Part IV. With Veto # 107, Governor Sanford vetoed that ENTIRE section. The House sustained that veto, so Part IV died in the House and never made it to the Senate.

RESULT: Due to Veto #107, there will be less ADAP money to serve a growing need in Fiscal Year

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*****BLOG UPDATE*****
The legislative voting to override vetos for the Health Care funding in the SC State Budget were not successful. L

Hello everyone!!!! It’s Nicole Sheri your Columbia Youth Activist!!!

Here is an update on the South Carolina State Budget:

Governor Mark Sanford chose last week to VETO the entire health care portion of the proposed state budget. If the Legislature, back in session tomorrow on Tuesday, June 15th, is not successful overriding the veto, the following will happen:

  • All AIDS Drug Assistance (ADAP) money will be eliminated.

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Hello everyone!!! It’s Nicole your Columbia Youth Activist!!!

I hope all is well…Just wanted you all to check out this video and short article on a rally I attended to Save ADAP (AIDS Drug Assitance Program) and HIV Prevention Funding in SC (My camera died, so sorry no live video from me.)


Other cuts include: loss of support for state health insurance programs for low-income children, new restrictions on meds funded by Medicaid, and elimination of cancer screenings & kidney disease prevention…

Article Link: http://www.free-times.com/index.php?cat=1992912064017974&ShowArticle_ID=11012605103118759

No official response …

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Hello everyone! It’s Nicole, your Columbia Youth Activist!!!

So, I did one of my pizza protection parties the other day (email Columbia.YAN@gmail.com to schedule a FREE presentation at your school!) and as I was going through the different types of contraceptives I thought “Who really uses diaphragms?” I mean, they look weird and are not as compact to carry as condoms. So, I thought about it and figured, I can research them a little more and share with everyone more info about USING DIAPHRAGMS. Besides, we tend to be …

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To follow up my “Upcoming Events in Columbia, SC” Blog I brought back some information from the James E. Clyburn Health Disparities Lecture. It turned out to be a really nice event. It was brought to USC by the Institute for Partnerships to Eliminate Health Disparities (http://www.sph.sc.edu/health_disparities).

Here is a clip as he talks about his response to women’s health care cost in comparison to men.

He also mentioned a few different topics regarding the recent Health …

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HELLO EVERYONE!!!! It’s Nicole, your Columbia Youth Activist!!!

I wanted to share an event that I attended at my school called Project Condom. It’s a CONDOM AWARENESS event put on by an organization called SHARE (Sexual Health Awareness & Relationship Education): Men & Women Sharing the Responsibility for Sexual Health.

The event is a spin on the hit BRAVO television show Project Runway, only with CONDOMS!!!

Individuals, organizations, resident halls, etc. can sign up to complete a garment made of condoms. The garment must reflect a message about …

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Hello South Carolina!!!!

It’s Nicole! I just wanted to share a few upcoming events with you all :-)…they are all in Columbia. I will be attending these events and will bring you back some video coverage (so look out for my VIDEO BLOGS soon!! Yay!!) on what went down…

1st Annual USC Hero Awards Night
April 6th 6:30 pm
Location: Russell House Ballroom (USC)
Cost: Free!!!

Their seemingly small acts usually go unrecognized…These accountable bystanders have gone above and beyond to help friends, classmates, coworkers …

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With the 2 month anniversary  (March 12) of the devastating earthquakes affecting Haiti , I wanted to incorporate Haiti in my blog. Many people across the global realize that the people of Haiti suffer grave effects from the recent earthquakes but what about the tragedy before the quakes?
            According to Avert.org Haiti held a solid spot at #1 for the highest HIV rates in the Caribbean. In 2007 there were around 120, 000 people living in Haiti with HIV. That’s means that Haiti accounted for over half of the …

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Hello! My name is Nicole and I’m one of the Youth Activists’ for the Columbia area in South Carolina! 

I am currently a senior at the University of South Carolina and currently working with the Youth Activist Network in conjunction with USC’s SHARE (Sexual Health Awareness & Rape Education) Program to get out information on sexual health. I am really excited about getting out information hope that you will find my blogs both interesting and informative.

You can count on Youth Activist Network to bring you info on contraceptives, …