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The Onion, America ’s Finest News Source.

If you have never heard of The Onion, it is a news satire organization. They produce a print circulation and also have a popular website TheOnion.com (… so basically I’m telling you that the following article is not real).


Kids having sex talk with parents? Why not?

The longer I advocate for sexual health, the more I realize that we have some sucky sex-ed curriculums (if any at all) these days. However, our parents sex-ed was a whoooooole lot worse. Most of our parents didn’t even have the option to Google there sex questions. Now young people have the option to text their sexual and reproductive health questions and get immediate, accurate information. Maybe its time we young people start initiating our own “the birds and the bees” conversations.

…but first order of business, calling it something that makes more sense than “the birds and the bees”.