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Condoms are as universal in today’s world as soda or chocolate. Condoms can be used by anyone, male or female, thanks to the recent invention of the female condom.The female condom however is extremely hard to come by for most people. The male condom is offered free at most health clinics and HIV testing facilities.Condoms should be everywhere, in schools, churches, businesses, and clubs. Aneasy way to make condoms even more universal is to create condom vending machines and have them everywhere. We already see this sometimes in restrooms of gas stations or in certain clubs. This needs to increase to other places such as schools. Kids will have sex; they might as well be protected! The bottom line about condom use is to cut down on the spread of disease and unplanned pregnancy. The more we use condoms the fewer unplanned pregnancies there will be, the less disease will spread and let’s face it,condoms save lives!

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