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Hello everyone!

I hope this meets everyone well today….

For those who don’t know me, my name is V.  I am a Latina with a physical disability (cerebral palsy) and non-heteronormative (I just like to say I am a sexual being or simply queer, although I hate labels). Talk about oppression olympics! 

Today I want to talk about ableism within the LGBTQ "community". It is sad to say but I see so much ableism in my LGBTQ community to the point that I have been denied access! Why you may ask? Alot of the establishments (i.e LGBTQ hang outs etc) are not wheelchair accessible or disability friendly! 

As a queer with a disability, this is a slap in the face. People are not acknowledging that they are being ableist and oppressing their own in their "community".  Frankly, I say community is quotation marks because I really don’t feel like its a community, its a ableist hierarchy because, like most people, people within the LGBTQ community do not acknowledging their own ability status causing barriers for others who do not have the same ability – and people with disabilities are always the ones who are at risk of being denied.

I have brought this to the attention to my LGBTQ friends but I feel like it will be a long process to see change and see access…

We need to create more conscious building, more awareness of LGBTQ individuals who have disabilities, to acknowledge that we do exist and need to be included within the community!

We need to create disability friendly spaces and have access to other people who identify as LGBTQ.

Lastly, we need to all work on acknowledging our own ability status because this is the root of the oppression that is being caused within the LGBTQ community.

I hope that this blog will inspire action and awareness.