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I just found this clip on YouTube that I found really interesting. It talks about the HIV/AIDS population that affects people with disabilities (PWDs). Besides the fact that I really dislike the use of "handicap" and "disabled" due to its derogatory nature within history and emphasizing of the body being flawed or not up to par (I prefer using person first language)…I think this video hits the issue dead on and brings things into perspective and into light of what is missing in our everyday dialogue and education of sexual health.

Check it out:



Things to point out that I see that are relevant for PWDs on a national level and global level. (I am making a correlation here based on my life and of my peers’ experiences and life experiences seen in the video:

-PWDs feel like we have something to prove: being good in and at sex (which I am developing a theory based research on internalized asexuality or hypersexuality of PWDs) 

-PWDs are last to know sexual health education. We are not taught therefore can be put at higher risk to get HIV/AIDS   

-often PWDs are even being taken advantage of sexually 

-Because PWDs want to feel loved and get love, PWDs engage in sexual activity to fulfill this need.

It is vital to include PWDs in sexual health and in our dialogue. The lack of information on sexual health and sexuality of PWDs is REALLY harming how other people see PWDs as well. This is what some abled bodied youth actually think about PWDs:


We need to make more of an effort to inform everyone and give them factual information. Ignorance is not bliss….