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In October of 2007, Nona Willis Aronowitz and (the late) Emma Bee Bernstein set off on a roadtrip, interviewing Feminist icons and regular women all across the country. They chronicled their journey on a blog, which is now becoming a book, which in turn has a trailer (shown above) made up of video footage from their travels. From their "About" page:

Girldrive tracks a conversation between the next generation, telling its story through photos, profiles, and diary entries. It allows gutsy young women across the American cityscape to be seen and heard. It evaluates, through an intergenerational conversation, the current state of feminism and its many definitions. It’s about the past and the present, and it glimmers on the future. It’s about the promise of the open road. It’s about how young women grapple with the concepts of freedom, equality, joy, ambition, sex, and love—whether they call it “feminism” or not.

…Bernstein was an incredible artist and photographer, as well as a talented writer. Aronowitz’s writing has appeared in (among other places) The Villiage Voice and The Nation. From everything I know and from the look of that video, the book promises to be incredibly interesting. You can read more about it at the Girldrive blog, till the official book site becomes active in August, or become a fan on Facebook.

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