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A version of this introduction was o riginally posted at bostonreprojustice.blogspot.com

Happy 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade from BSSRJ! Throughout today we will be posting the reflections on Roe from our members that appear at bostonreprojustice.blogspot.com on Amplify as well.

Who / what is BSSRJ?
Boston Students for Sexual and Reproductive Justice (BSSRJ) is a coalition of pro-choice professional student groups that works to promote a multidisciplinary approach to reproductive justice.
Recently, BSSRJ has has become a pilot for the national organization, Professional Students Coalition for Reproductive Justice. BSSRJ includes many law, medical, nursing, and public health programs in Boston and Massachusetts. We are interested in inviting pharmacy, social work, religion, and other interested graduate students to join us. If you want to join the BSSRJ network, email bostonreprojustice@gmail.com, or join our Facebook group.

Thanks everyone,

Lisa, Abbey, and Alice
Blog for Choice 2013 Team
Boston Students for Sexual and Reproductive Justice

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    What exactly is “Reproductive Justice”?