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April Flores

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Why is it important to continue the fight for sex education in southern states like Texas and Mississippi?

  1. Most states in the South have the highest teen birth rates [Mississippi ranks 1st and Texas ranks 4th]
  2. Most states in the South have abstinence-only education
  3. Latinos and African Americans have the highest rates of teen births

I joined the Texas Freedom Network and Advocate for Youth’s CAMI program about two years ago. Through training and advocacy work for health and sexual reproductive rights, I became empowered. I began to …

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“If, in contrast, tomorrow’s potential activists can feel that their demonstrations and actions are effective in molding public opinion and more important, in effecting needed social change, then the possibilities for constructive change in post-industrial American society are virtually without limit” 

-Kenneth  Keniston 

When I was about sixteen, I participated and led a youth organization called the Youth Advisory Committee. The YAC was a state-funded program under the direction of AVANCE, a nonprofit organization. The YAC aimed to address youth at-risk from dropping out of school from the 78520 …

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This past weekend, I attended the National Council of La Raza’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas Nevada. I had the most amazing time in the NCLR conference. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to lead a workshop with an amazing individual, Ana Laura Rivera, in the Lideres Summit [the youth component of the NCLR Conference]. In addition, our coordinator Hemly Ordonez was (and is) amazing throughout this entire conference. Also, I met awesome DREAMers!

Ana Laura, from YWOC, and me!

Our presentation was titled, “…

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When is abortion permissible?

1) Never
2) Rape
3) Incest
4) Danger to woman’s life or health
5) Birth Defect
6) Poverty
7) First Trimester
8) Second Trimester
9) Always

In Research Methods, the professor created a hypothetical questionnaire and answers. Evidently, he utilized abortion as its main focus. I have never blogged about the topic of abortion; however, I feel that now it is necessary.

Before, I could not understand why people had abortions. I did not accept it. I was always pro-life because of my mother. 

Then, …

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Garrett Mize [TFN Youth Coordinator] and me [President of the TFN Student Chapter at UTB]!

Saturday night was amazing! The Texas Freedom Network Student Chapter at UT Brownsville organized an awareness show for comprehensive sex education. We organized the show at a historical building located in downtown Brownsville. The reason I decided to organize a show with local bands playing and outside of the university was because I wanted to attempt a different approach in informing people about comprehensive sex education. Well, it worked fantastically! There were many high …

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"From all across the country, women have been mobilizing to fight back against politicians who try to restrict women’s access to reproductive health care. Now, Governor Perry is about to see what happens when you try to mess with Texas women."

On Monday, March 5, 2012, Planned Parenthood launched a brave statewide bus tour in Texas. This tour was initiated as a response to Rick Perry’s decisions on women’s healthcare in Texas. The Planned Parenthood’s Don’t Mess With Texas website states, “On March 14, Texas Governor Rick Perry will

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This past week, the Texas Freedom Network Student Chapter at the University of Texas at Brownsville celebrated Valentine’s Day with a petition drive (these are always fun), condom goodie bags, candy, and cupcakes! Bam! On a separate note, the condoms were graciously provided by the Great American Condom Campaign!

These were our condom goodie bags!

All in all, there were mixed feelings among the students. For example, a student was passing by our table and I asked him, “Would you like some condoms?” He stopped, looked at me …

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This is me at a petition drive!

La historia de una activista.

When I was selected on an internship for the Texas Freedom Network, I was ecstatic. I knew that this internship sought for activists. At first, I was a bit hesitant, not because of activism but because I had never done any actual activist work. However, I knew that I was passionate, committed, enthusiastic, and prepared. The Texas Freedom Network’s beliefs were what I believed in, specifically advocating for comprehensive sex education in Texas. Also, I became …

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Frida [my daughter] and I


6:00 a.m.
I wake up to do homework (mostly reading; upper level history courses require a lot of reading)
8:00 a.m. I wake up my daughter
8:30 a.m. We eat breakfast
10:00 a.m. I go to the university with Frida doing things (speaking to professors, making reservations, holding meetings) for the two organizations I am leading (Texas Freedom Network and Scorpion Historical Society)
12:00 p.m. I am home eating lunch with Frida
1:00 p.m. Frida is asleep and I am doing homework …

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"Education that respects and values young people and helps them
become healthy, safe, responsible adults.

This is me holding my organization’s poster!

On Tuesday, October 11, Sting Radio, our university’s radio, hosted College Radio Day. My organization, the Texas Freedom Network, had the chance to participate in this awesome event. We had a small petition drive for comprehensive sex education and it was a good turnout for the hour that we were there. We utilized petitions provided by Education Works. There were a little over 20 petitions …

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"The curriculum relies on messages of fear and shame and biased views of marriage, gender, and sexual orientation."


Here is a video I made regarding my first meeting with the SHAC.

A SHAC (School Health Advisory Council) consists of community members (mostly parents). The law requires each school district to have a SHAC. The purpose of a SHAC is to make recommendations to the school board concerning health education. Consquently, sex education falls within health education.

Here is the link for more infomartion on SHACs

April Flores

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Texas has one of the highest rates of births in the country.
Every ten minutes a teen in Texas becomes pregnant.

"For the first time, they will be taught about contraception — and how to practice safe sex."
Texas Tribune
A sigh of relief. Finally! Slowly, some parts of Texas are beginning to realize that abstinence-until-marriage programs are not working. In the district of Midland, they will be replacing abstinence-only programs with "abstinence-plus" programs.
“The more you know about your body, how to make better decisions and choices, the