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Yes, there were a few elections yesterday across the country yesterday. Some of the results wouldn’t necessary impact our work, per se, but they may be helpful to know for some of us (especially since a lot happened near our geographic region).

So here’s a brief snapshot of what happened:

One of the main takeaways is that Tea Party-backed candidates are losing steam – and Republicans are more actively separating themselves from the movement. They’re realizing they have to focus on a more moderate Republican base and this could …

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say what nc

TODAY, the North Carolina House of Representatives will be debating a bill (HB 693) that would require teenagers notarized parental consent form in order to access STD testing and treatment, mental health counseling, pregnancy prevention or care, or substance abuse treatment. Teenagers without a parent or guardian would be required to stand before a judge and request a judicial bypass in order to obtain those health services.

Let’s do a quick before and after:

RIGHT NOW, a young person in North Carolina can see a doctor for STD testing …

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If Nevada and Sexuality listed their relationship status on Facebook, it would undoubtedly read “It’s Complicated”.

A flourishing sex trade? Check! A tourist industry that is based around that 80’s clichéd notion that “sex sells” and continuously uses women’s bodies as the background for marketing strategies? Duh, All about it! Home to Sin City, a place built upon a slogan that tells visitors that you can basically indulge in whatever vice you want, and leave with no consequences? Come on, It’s Vegas, Baby!

But providing young people a comprehensive

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One State. A Country worth of Disappointment. 

12 is the new 20

If you’ve been following any news about reproductive health recently, you may have seen a thing or 12 about Arkansas. Just a reminder: Arkansas passed the most restrictive abortion law in the country, banning abortion at 12 weeks of pregnancy. There are a few factors to note about this piece of legislation and what it means for the future of anti-abortion policies throughout the states.

The bill was actually vetoed by Governor Mike Beebe (D) and his …

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Where we share all of our emotions. About all of the states.

Just say NO to… Abortion?!

It’s basically the mantra of anti-choice lawmakers across the country and one that they’re now espousing inside the classroom. Currently there are two similar bills, one in Montana (HB 239) and one in Texas (HB 1057), that prohibits a school district from allowing any abortion services provider to teach sex ed in schools.  And of course, by abortion providers, they really mean Planned Parenthoods.

The bill in Texas

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Remember in 2011, when Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) introduced the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2011 (aka. PRENDA) to ban abortions on the basis of race and sex selection? Remember when Rep. Franks attempted to use two iconic freedom fighters and language from the Civil Rights Movement to mask this bill as a step towards equality? Remember in 2012 when Republicans made a last-minute change in the bill, dropping the “race selection” language, and voted on PRENDA, positioning it as an anti-discrimination bill? In …