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First and foremost I want to urge everyone to call Speaker Pelosi’s office today and urge her to demand that funding for abstinence-only programs be removed from the health care bill! 

And check out James Wagoner’s blog for a rundown on the possible next steps in the health care reform process.

You’ve been reading about some of this in AFY_Mimi’s blog:  right now a summit on climate change is going on in Copenhagen.  Advocates for Youth along with other reproductive health and rights groups have signed onto a declaration of support for a just and sustainable world.  Climate change disproportionately affects women and youth, and Advocates for Youth supports culturally competent approaches which provide all people with the education and access to services they need to support efforts to combat climate change.

Read the Declaration (PDF)

And finally, I thought this story was a perfect example of why the Great American Condom Campaign is needed.   What a baffling, disturbing policy and what a ridiculous response to the anonymous condom distribution attempt. (All emphasis mine)


Residents in Aquinas Hall, Meagher Hall, and Cunningham Hall woke up to some early Christmas presents last Friday morning. The floors of their dorms had been strewn with Fantasy latex condoms. The condoms were randomly thrown about the dorms. Some also had messages taped to them which read: "PC is rated one of the LEAST sexually healthy schools in the country. Use a condom!"

Resident assistants collected the condoms and filed reports with the Office of Residence Life. The condoms were then delivered to the Office of Residence Life, where they were disposed of.

"We’re a Catholic college," said Steven Sears, Ph.D., dean of Residence Life. "We stay in line with Dominican Teaching. It’s against our Catholic teachings." In accordance with its Catholic mission, Providence College does not allow the Center for Health Services or the Office of Residence Life to provide the student body with condoms.

According to Kevin Butler, dean of Student Conduct, there is no set punishment which any guilty student or students would receive if caught. "It’s a violation of College policy to hand out anything without permission," said Butler.

…Last week there was slight controversy concerning SHEPARD’s sponsorship of free HIV testing by AIDS Ocean State. The organization was not going to come to campus because it would not have been able to tell students that if they are sexually active the best way to prevent the contraction of HIV is to use contraception, such as a condom, during sexual intercourse.

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