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So, I love how the anti abortion lobby’s response to the death of Savita, which has sparked national and international outcry, is that “we don’t know” if hastening her miscarriage would have saved her.

One, experts believe it would have.

And two, so you’re saying that whether or not Savita would have died the only criteria we should consider.  That the facts that 1) the pregnancy was already miscarrying and would not have survived,  2) Savita repeatedly asked to hasten the miscarriage because she was 3) in agonizing pain are not germane to the discussion.  That  three days of additional survival for a doomed 17 week fetus, trump the woman’s health and autonomy.

By this logic, had Savita been denied the abortion but lived, their response would have been,  “She suffered terribly for days on end and still also miscarried.  NBD, she didn’t DIE.  Score one for pro life.”

Rational. Comforting.

I’ll also add that aside from the legal issues, this is what happens when we start chivvying women about their reasons for abortion.  “It’s fine if you were raped but not cool that you just made a mistake”  is a short walk to  “It’s fine if your life is in danger, but a rape pregnancy is God’s Gift.”  And that is a VERY short walk to “It would have been fine to perform an abortion to SAVE her life, but we don’t know that it would have, so we erred on the side of letting her die in agony.”

Everyone’s abortion story is different.  As much as we have to resolve the legal issues in Ireland and around the world, we have to change the culture that places the fetus above the woman, and start listening to women.

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