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Yesterday we wrote about the case of Lisa Brown, the legislator who spoke out against Michigan’s oppressive new abortion bill, and who was banned from speaking on the Michigan House floor because she used the word "vagina."  Another lawmaker, Rep. Barb Bynum, was banned because she mentioned vasectomies.

Last night over 2500 people joined a protest and performance of the Vagina Monologues, hosted by playwright Eve Ensler.  The Associated Press wrote up the event:

Billed on Facebook as the "Vaginas Take Back the Capitol!" event, the combination play and protest included political signs and chants of "Vagina! Vagina!"

…Before the play began, Ensler joined Brown and Byrum on the Capitol steps and called for an apology from the Republicans who barred them from speaking.

"These women stood for our rights," Ensler said to applause. "The vaginas are out. We are here to stay."

Also check out this video of  the protest: 

We’ll keep watching Michigan’s anti-abortion bills – and the "War on women" throughout state legislatures.

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