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Ian’s Voting Guide:

1. Vote as you’re able, because many folks aren’t, and you are representing so much more than yourself when you cast a ballot.

2. After you have participated in your annual or biennial government sanctioned civic engagement, pursue other avenues of state smashing and paradigm shifting.

Voting is amazingly important, but not the only opportunity to engage. Your power does not start and stop with the ballot box, and liberation will never be a ballot initiative.

Places to start:

Write some stuff
Chain yourself to some fences
Cry with somebody
Say/be/do something
Refrain from saying/being/doing something.
Protest some things
Promote some things
Donate resources (to folks who ask for it, want it, and need it)
Don’t let people forget that people are dying
Don’t let people forget that people are living
Tell the hypnotist lady at the carnival that her hypnotist jokes were hella homophobic
Tell yourself that going to that party was definitely racist
Do not take wet laundry out of the communal dryer to prioritize your own clothes (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, APARTMENT 3)
Find some people, do it together
Make some art
Let someone else know they can do things
Ask questions
Demand answers
Challenge content
Be willing to change your mind
Sometimes do it anyway
Don’t apologize*

And please, remember to make yourself (and potentially someone else) a sandwich. The revolution will not be hungry.

*(I almost did this for thinking I was being self righteous, but then f*ck no)

  • Joeva

    Wise words!!