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Download (right-click and choose save as), print out, and take a picture with one of these images to show your appreciation.

Every single day, abortion providers stand with young people, women, and their families to ensure access to safe medical care – care that 1 in 3 women will need in her lifetime.

Unfortunately, many abortion providers continue to face significant risks, including harassment, stalking, threats to family members, and even violence.  Despite these risks, they continue to stand with us and provide care.

In 1996, March 10th was declared National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, to honor and celebrate the people who risk so much to ensure access to safe reproductive health care.  Advocates for Youth is honored to stand with these brave and caring professionals.

Join us in showing your appreciation.  Take a picture of yourself holding one of the signs above and then send to Julia@advocatesforyouth.org by Sunday March 10th.*

We will be delivering cards and books of your submissions to local abortion providers – to show them how much we appreciate their bravery and commitment.  Help us get the word out  – share this blog, and tweet it so we can share more thanks!

*By emailing us your photos, you give permission for these photos to be used for any Advocates for Youth materials, including but not limited to websites and printed publications. All photos must be of people age 18 or older.

Special thanks to Megan Smith, founder of the Repeal Hyde Art Project, for the beautiful artwork.

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  • Wallace & Patricia Kunkel

    Even though you don’t see me, know that I stand with you. No woman or young girl aught to be forced to give birth. Childrearing ought to be s time of joy, not one of fear, trepidation, anxiety.
    Thank you!
    Patricia Kunkel

    • http://www.facebook.com/izabela.Dav.1 Izabela Dav

      “forced to give birth”??? just so you know, abortion oriented women who ended up choosing life 100% don’t regret their choice (that is actually scientific fact) abortion oriented women who killed their children, MOST of them regret so there is something to it

      • Athena Mala

        I would agree that if a woman was once on the fence about her pregnancy advancing, but decided to carry it forward, this would be a joyous occasion–at some point she made a CHOICE. This is important. Choices allow for our values to be met, whatever they are. In the case of pregnancy and childrearing, making a choice to go through with pregnancy allows for preparation, both physically and psychologically. In terms of “forced to give birth,” there are some places in the world that do not provide women with choices regarding their reproductive health, and so they are “forced” to go through with pregnancy. Up until this point in my post, I have not cited any sources–this is all MY opinion/understanding. I appreciate that you refer to science as a source of evidence. Some people would reflect through a different lens, perhaps without measurable, evidence-based parameters. However, it is important to CITE your sources, and cite sources that are reputable. I struggle with the notion that “most [women who have abortions] regret” this. To me, this appears as speculation. So, as an opposing speculation: to this day, I am still profoundly grateful that I had an abortion. I would not be in the place that I am today. If the future presents me with the same scenario, I will perhaps be over-joyed with the idea of advancing a pregnancy, for I have the right to make choices that reflect my needs in a given time in my life.

  • jan duhaney

    You are heroes each and every day. Thank you for your bravery and your perseverance. ALL women have a constitutional right to choice!

    • Dakotahgeo

      Thank you, Jan! You speak for me and I was adopted!
      George M Melby, M.Div. Pastor/Hospital-Hospice Chaplain (Ret. but active).

  • Bill

    Thank you!

  • Jen

    It’s just too bad that the aborted baby cannot take a picture with one of the above signs to show these amazing people how much they have done for their personal lives.

  • LifeIsBeautiful

    How disgusting to celebrate “brave” people who end babies’ lives on a daily basis. We should instead celebrate the courageous women who find themselves in difficult circumstances and choose to give their child, their own flesh and blood, a chance at life.

  • goldenmug

    These days my mother would have been offered an abortion when she got rubella in the first trimester – and taken it. Instead she had me. Not blind, deaf and brain-damaged. But WHAT A RISK. She should have had been offered and taken that abortion and had another baby instead of me, without risking the appalling life that so nearly happened to me.

    I don’t think that the world would have been immeasurably poorer without me. If I had not been born my mother would have had another child instead – so me being here prevented that man/woman from coming into the world and making their contribution.

    One desperately ill or unwanted child not being carried to term is not a tragedy. The world is not short of children with unfulfilled potential – making it better for those who are born is more important.

    • http://www.facebook.com/izabela.Dav.1 Izabela Dav

      Well I am sorry you don’t value your life but some people do and they would like to have the choice to be born.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/deborah.thayer.16 Deborah Thayer

    thank you

  • http://www.facebook.com/izabela.Dav.1 Izabela Dav

    Thank you for what??? Killing innocent babies? Sad

  • http://www.facebook.com/izabela.Dav.1 Izabela Dav

    what so heroic about about taking life from innocent human that can’t even speak,or protect him/her self.

  • visitor

    At the end of the day, though, the abortion profession is no laughing matter. We know that many abortionists are traumatized by what they do on a daily basis. While all physician’s offices end the day by taking out the trash, it is the abortionist who goes home at night unable to escape images of the tiny, beautiful, lifeless humans that he spent his day filling the trash and bio-hazardous waste with. This is what sets abortionists apart from all other physicians. Abortionists may have one day of appreciation every year, but for us, every day is dedicated to prayer and work for their conversion.

    • Athena Mala

      A friend of mine who works as an ob/gyn preforms abortions among other healthcare procedures at her clinic. There is a big discrepancy between what values you present for the example in this message and what hers are regarding the same. The meaning that both of you attach to this example may differ; however, your fundamental values may not. You both have respect and concern for human life. You have concern for the fetus, my friend has concern for the pregnant woman. You ponder the fetuses that are aborted and discarded, and she ponders the women who are no longer pregnant. You both value life. You value the potential of life, she values the established life.

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  • J&J

    That’s what happen when you have unprotected sex. You get pregnant with child. Do the right thing and teach youth abstance until there able to take care of a child. Any surgical procedure is a risk at any age. What’s worse physical and mental health problem from an abortion.

    • Athena Mala

      What about unprotected sex in the case of rape? Does this change things? I argue that both abortion and carrying a fetus to term can have adverse physical and mental health implications. It is unique to every situation.

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