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From billboards to bus rides — as Sarah and others have written about before, the Georgia Right to Life group recently launched an anti-abortion campaign specifically targeting African American communities. Well, it looks like a new component to this broad campaign in the southern states is taking off – this summer, “Pro-Life Freedom Rides” will be taking place between Washington, DC, Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA. According to the Montgomery Advisor, a group of ministers is planning to make an announcement this morning about anti-choice “Freedom Rides” that will attempt to link the Civil Rights Movement with efforts to deny a woman’s right to obtaining abortion services.

Go check out Heidi Williamson’s post on RH Reality Check on Black Abortion: Battleground Atlanta. It details the anti-choice legislation that was introduced this year in Georgia, coupled with the horrific billboards. Williamson points out that the anti-choice brigade often rolls out their most extreme legislation in the south, where it is most likely to pass, before moving through the rest of the country. This year already it’s been the billboards and the legislation. With these so-called “Freedom Rides,” I would certainly take Williamson’s piece one step further and argue that the conservative anti-choice movement is going to be focusing on African American communities in the south – trying both to gain new constituents and new ground while in reality just again attempting to deny women essential reproductive health care.

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