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There are few things as AHMAZING as when young people, and their allies, get together to work for a common cause.  On Wednesday, April 10, we saw your events, read your tweets, posts and blogs, smiled at your pictures, and joined you in celebrating the very first National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day!

Each and every day in the United States 33 young people contract HIV. That is 1,000 young people each and every month. There are more than 76,000 young people under the age of 25 living with HIV in this country alone, and 60% of them don’t know that they have the infection.

Young people often feel as if they are fighting this epidemic alone, but we were NOT alone in this fight! Thousands of young people across this country stood together to prioritize young people in the fight against HIV & AIDS. You organized more than 50 events to raise awareness of the impact of HIV and AIDS on the campus of Howard University, tabled in Kansas, provided free testing in Florida, got your cities to officially recognize the day, held open-mic nights in Arizona, participated in a #youth #HIV Twitter chat with youth activists @lstallworth0 and @GeminiInstinct, and helped get the NYHAAD hashtag shared 130,480 times! Hot.

LA County Resolution

You also contributed amazing blogs on:

We were bowled over by the hundreds of photos you submitted on what young people need to reach an AIDS-free generation.


The list could go on and on, your activism was everywhere! Thank you for showing the world that young people matter – that they need to be valued not just for who they will become tomorrow, but who they are today –and that you will not be silent! See you for NYHAAD 2014!

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    Again, another great idea. I love graphics that make things interesting and eye catching- thanks!