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Last week, 48-year-old George Sodini entered a women’s health club in Pittsburgh and opened fire. He shot 12 women, killing 3 of them. Sodini, who reportedly hadn’t had a date in 20 years, wrote a blog about his years of rejection from women and the sexual frustration that it resulted in. His actions at the Pittsburgh health club are said to be the result of his frustration against women.

In researching this story, a blogger called Ampersand looked at several MRA (Men’s Right’s Activists) forums and gathered quotes from the posts there about this incident. In a blog post titled “Men’s Rights Activists, Anti-Feminists, And Other Misogynists Comment On George Sodini,” Ampersand compiled a list of quotes made by men on these MRA forums. He (or she, I’m not sure) says that while these are, admittedly, “the most offensive comments,” …

 Nonetheless, most of these views are, in a way, accepted within those  communities. No one is shocked to see these views posted; no one is banned or  modded for posting these views; and the disagreements are, in many cases, rare  and mild, if they come at all. In other words, the most vilely misogynistic garbage,  even to the point of sympathizing with murder, is part of the spectrum of ordinary  opinion, within these movements. And that’s both a cause for concern, and  illustrates what’s so f**ked about about the “men’s rights” movement and  community.

Ampersand also comments on the nature of MRAs and speculates on their motivations for violence against women, which is so clearly demonstrated in the quotes below.

 Mass violence is what’s unusual about Sodini, not his sense of entitlement to sex  with attractive women, nor his resentful misogyny. That sense of frustrated  entitlement, I suspect, motivates most mass shooters like Sodini (which is  probably why nearly all of them are white men — no one else in our society feels  so entitled).

Now, usually when I quote things (as I often do) I list the full quote, often times followed by my interpretation and/or reaction to what was said. This time, I’m presenting them a little differently. Trust me when I say that none of the meaning will be lost. In fact, what I’ve done is taken each quote and expanded upon it. The parts in quotation marks are copied directly from Ampersand’s blog. What I have added is an expansion of the idea already being presented. I have not changed the meaning/intention behind the original quotes in any way, or at least not in any way that I can see.

Reading these expanded quotes may  give you the feeling that they can’t possibly be true. To me, it sounds like they must be made up. We all know misogyny and patriarchy exists in America, but how could it be this bad, this blatant, and this unapologetic? It seems like what these men are saying could never be said in America, but here it is. This kind of thinking, although thought by a small minority of men, is happening in the United States. It is this extremism that is the basis of all misogynist thought and action. It is these beliefs that underlie the more “mainstream”  and everyday effects of misogyny.

Here are the ideas held by Men’s Right’s Activists on the subject of George Sodini’s fatal attack on innocent women. It warn you, they are all very hateful and very heartless.

“Feminism is to blame” for women getting killed. Their sense of entitlement to basic rights means that they deserve to die. Any woman who sees herself as equal to men needs to be put in her place, even if it means killing her to get her there.

“Women are treated much better than men in America” so Sodini needed to let them know that they don’t deserve to be treated well and that men are the true masters.

“Women have to accept this incident as a tax on their freeloading.” We men buy women stuff all the time. To balance things out, some women have to die. The love and companionship of women is worth less than money.

Feminists should be called “feminazis” because they’re destroying men with their freedom and their intellect and their ability to decide for themselves.

If women don’t get that they’re second class citizens, we should make them officially second class by “Islam’s terms.”

It is the fault of women that Sodini was the way he was. If they had just given him everything he wanted, none of this would have happened. He “had every reason to lash out.” It’s “amusing” that women’ don’t understand this.

If only “mail-order bride” services were legal, this might not have happened. If only we could buy our women like cattle, we wouldn’t have to shoot the women who refuse to be treated like dogs.

What Sodini did took “courage” because it is a courageous thing to stand up to the people who “made you feel like a loser.” It takes courage to kill people who you didn’t know you and did nothing to harm you personally.

Sodini is a “hero” and a “symbol” of “the consequences of denying men sex.” Why is rape illegal, again?

If “hundreds” of more women were killed, maybe they would finally “get the message” that they have to do whatever we men say.

This is “good press for the MRA movement” because it brings attention to the effects of having an “absent father.”

Every man “deserves to get laid.” Sodini was just making up for what he was denied.

For every “socially undesirable” man out there, there is an “equally unattractive” woman who should want him. The “problem” is that women in our “feminized society” think that they should have “a higher quality man than they deserve.” They are selfish and deserve to be punished for the “imbalance” that they create. Men deserve a woman who is hotter than them, but it doesn’t work the other way around because men and women are not equals.

If the United States “import[ed] 20 million nubile*, lithe**, young women” and made prostitution legal, a lot of problems would be solved, and far fewer women would be killed because men would be satisfied with their “safe, affordable blow jobs” and wouldn’t have to deal with “bitch[es].”

If men do not get laid, it’s a “crime” and “in a just society, all crimes are eventually punished.” These women, whose social and legal purpose is to have sex with men, were punished for not living up to their civic duty.

Men are being punished for our “sexual harassment” of women by being denied sex. We might as well become “neutered and sterile.”

“99% of women are shallow,” and refuse to accept anything less than the best. If they would just get over this, “shit like this wouldn’t occur.” But women just don’t understand that, which is why “women should not vote.”

Men in this country should “stock up on ammo” and “learn the art of being a reloader” because you never know when a bitch might deserve to die for not giving you everything you want every time you want it.

The media coverage of this story is “proof of institutional misandry***.” And doesn’t it suck that all of the institutions run by men have somehow been brainwashed by feminists?

Men do everything a women wants them to do sexually, and it is unfair when women refuse to give a man everything he wants sexually. It is a “crime”  that “would not be tolerated” anywhere else in the world.

Women will keep fighting for equality until “massive violence” by “sexless” men bring them back down where they belong. Men should “applaud rape and purposeful violence against women” for the purpose of “making it clear” that men are being hurt when women deny them sex. “Only then will women hopefully abandon their equality and be forced to settle” in their rightful place.

“Urban women today, are sowing the seeds of violence against themselves.” This is their own fault.

Because men endlessly “buy [women] drinks, dinners, etc.” sometimes they have to die as a “tax” for not paying men back with sex. “It is a very minor tax if just 3 women die” when you consider how much money men spend on women every year. “Murder is always wrong,” but if women continue to refuse to see that they are the cause of their own murders, then men will continue to murder them.

I bet right before they died the “frigid, uptight harpies” at the exercise studio wished they’ve given this guy some sex just because he wanted it.

“A woman in this culture has vary little sense of loyalty and no sense of reasoning.” They don’t get that if the keep pushing men away, eventually the men will attack back. Women need to “stop being so vindictive” and just have sex with men. Then nothing bad will happen to them.


Ideas and talk like this are extremely, extremely dangerous. Women’s lives are literally at risk when men are encouraged in these kinds of beliefs. Whenever you witness misogyny, in any form, no matter how mild it may appear to be, you have to speak out against it. This kind of hate must not be permitted or enabled. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are responsible for putting a stop to physical, verbal, and emotional violence against women.

Some men see George Sodini as a hero. It is our job to make sure that young boys know that it is not alright to treat girls as anything less than equals, and we have to make sure that young girls know that it is not alright to accept it when someone treats them poorly just for being a girl. It is possible to change people’s minds. Instead of doing this with guns, we know that the best way to change someone’s mind is to change their heart. Maybe the world would be a better place if instead of thinking of each other as  men and women, we thought of each other as fellow human beings; if we wanted our fellows to succeed as much as we wanted ourselves to succeed.

To the friends and families of the women who were injured and killed, it’s hard to know what to say. I guess all we can say is that when we see signs of anger and violence against women, we will do everything we can to prevent that woman and that man from repeating a dreadful history.

~ Samantha

*Nubile: young and sexually desirable
**Lithe: flexible and supple: able to move or bend the body lightly and gracefully
***Misandry: hatred of males

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