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Each week, I’ll be posting a list of the most news-worthy and/or inspirational, informative, well-written, thought-provoking, and/or unique posts of the week. While every post and every contributor is valuable to our community, these are the blogs that I feel are must-reads.

 November 28 – December 4

Stats for this week: 87 posts by 51 writers
(WOAH!! I have to say that I’m completely blown away by this! You guys are amazing. <3 We just blew our previous record (55) out of the water. Tore it to shreds. Thank you guys for being such amazing activists and such awesome writers!)

Come and See the Violence Inherent In the System- by Yes_Means_Yes

Why I chose this post:

I’m writing this because Notre Dame is sending an even more dangerous message, one that’s inaudible if you’re not tuned in to the right frequency. The venerable university is sending a clear, high-pitched warning to all of its female students: your bodies, your lives, your right to an education? Not as important as our football team.

Video: “Drink the spit.”- by AFY_Will

Why I chose this post:

Oh, abstinence-only education, how funny and frightening you are. Watch the video, share it with your friends, and tell Congress to end all funding for this epic waste of tax dollars. 

Why Advocacy Matters- by jackie_mysistahs

Why I chose this post:

Jackie writes about her experience of a friend coming out to her as gay. She talks about the importance of allies supporting our LGBTQ friends, but also creating and supporting a society that realizes that “normal” for the gay community is more than just “rainbows and pride parades.”

Does the ring mean a thing?- by AFY_EmilyB

Why I chose this post:

Emily writes about a recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” in which Kim Zolciak buys a $3,000 “abstinence ring” for her 13-year-old daughter. The show, however, seemed to miss a good opportunity to have a conversation about sexual health and safety and address how Kim’s daughter should decided for herself when she’s ready for sex. 

That ring was pretty enough, but it is not going to help Brielle make complex decisions within a sex-obsessed culture or grow into a sexually healthy woman. 

Bling doesn’t exempt you from “the sex talk,” no matter how expensive. 

World AIDS Day, Bathroom Graffiti, and U.S. Sex Culture- by altafmysistahs
Why I chose this post:

Alraf includes a great PSA video from France about safer sex, and talks about the differences in attitudes and statistics between our two countries about sexual health and safety. Alraf also addresses our society’s confusing dichotomy of mixed messaging between sexual purity and sexual experience.

 David Cameron Supports the “It Gets Better” Project- by dknox41

Why I chose this post:

The reason David Cameron’s “It Gets Better” video stands out to me isn’t just because he’s the Prime Minister of Britain. It’s because he’s the Conservative party Prime Minister. And how many Republican politicians have made an “It Gets Better” video? Oh that’s right…none. 

I am not a robot. I choose not to have sex- by moonchild11

Why I chose this post:

Just in case you are one of the few people who hasn’t read and commented on this fantastic post, I thought I’d include it in the Round-Up to give you another chance. Sarah writes about her choice to be abstinent and how her religious beliefs influenced (but did not dictate) that decision. She also speaks about experience with abstinence-only education. This is a wonderful post that is truly a must-read for advocates of comprehensive sex ed. 

Oberlin College Safer Sex Week- by jamny13

Why I chose this post:

Safer Sex Week roughly a week in the Fall semester of Oberlin where the Sexual Information Center (SIC), a student organization on campus, coordinates workshops, panels, and crafts surrounding sex-positivity, reproductive freedom, sexual expression, and overall sexual awareness. This year, the week opened with an open-mic night “Erotic Expressions” and ended with the annual Safer Sex Dance at the on-campus club, the ‘Sco.

Check out the post for details. It’s even more awesome than it sounds! I’m so impressed. 

What Were You Doing When You Were 12? Watching Lizzie McGuire, Playing Kickball, or Getting Married?- by Richael

Why I chose this post:

Richael has written an amazing and very informative post about child marriage. If this is a topic that you weren’t aware of or informed about before, you definitely need to check this out. Richael also talks about CEDAW, the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and provides a link where you can ask your Senator to finally ratify it (because yeah, we haven’t done that yet). 

Spreading Awareness on WAD2010: How Deep Is It?- by laurel
Why I chose this post:

Laurel includes a wonderful TED Talk video by Elizabeth Pisani called “Sex, Drugs, and HIV: Let’s Get Rational,” where she talks about what makes certain approaches in HIV prevention either effective or ineffective. Absolutely worth watching.  

In Honor of World AIDS Day 2010: How I Became an Activist- by ashthom

Why I chose this post:

Ashley shares her story about how her life was changed by becoming an activist. The  passion that drives her to act is, I think, an inspiration.

In the end, I acted because I didn’t understand how this could be fair. How could people be so sick and not have access to medication? How could a virus disproportionally affect people based on socioeconomic factors? How could I have opportunities in life that others don’t? It all didn’t make sense to me, and taking action was the only thing that seemed reasonable to do.

U.S. Senate Passes Child Marriage Legislation- by AFY_Janine

Why I chose this post:

The legislation identifies child/early marriage as a human rights violation to be addressed in  U.S. State Department country reports, 2) requires the U.S. Administration to create an action plan to combat child marriage, and 3) integrates child marriage prevention into existing U.S. development efforts. 

Excellent news that, once passed by the House, will hopefully lead to some real progress and change around the world.

Thank you to everyone who posted a blog this week! You are part of what makes this community great!  

~ Samantha
Community Editor