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“Gay, straight, black, white! All unite for women’s rights!”

“They say no choice! We say pro-choice!”

“Pro-life, your name’s a lie! You don’t care if women die!”

“Women’s rights are under attack! What do we do? Stand up, fight back!”

“Ho, ho! Hey, hey! Women’s right’s are here to stay!”

“Not the Church! Not the State! Women must decide their fate!”

These were the sounds that filled the streets of Chicago for two hours this afternoon, thanks to hundreds (if not a thousand) of loud and proud activists that turned out in the snow to rally and march to show their support for reproductive rights. I was glad to be among them, because I was proud to be speaking out for something so important in such a public way. The anti-choice forces try to shame us into silence, but everyone at the rally showed up today because they understand that standing up and defending our rights is nothing to be ashamed of, especially when certain people (in our government or otherwise) are openly attacking our rights and effecting our wellbeing.

The support on the street was amazing. So many people cheered us on, waved their hands, gave a thumbs up, or honked their horns. I’ll admit that I was surprised at how positive the reaction was. They really were with us. Maybe they’ve had an abortion, or know someone who’s had one. Maybe they’d never seen hundreds of people marching through the streets of Chicago supporting their choice before. I don’t know. But I’ve been a part of several marches now, and I’ve never heard so many cars/taxis/city buses honk in support of a march!! It was great!

When we were done marching, we all rallied back in Daley Plaza, where we started. A few people spoke briefly, including a medical student who is planning to become an abortion provider. They all thanked us for coming out, and said that our work must not end here; Planned Parenthood’s work must not end here. We all must stand up for women’s rights and refuse to let our country be divided by extremists. We are on the right side of this fight, and we should always remember that.

Here is a video from the rally/march:

~ Samantha
Community Editor

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