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Each week, I’ll be posting a list of the most news-worthy and/or inspirational, informative, well-written, thought-provoking, and/or unique posts of the week. While every post and every contributor is valuable to our community, these are the blogs that I feel are must-reads.

February 20- February 26

Stats for this week: 43 posts by 26 writers
(The writing this week was amazing! So many excellent posts!) 

Search For Self–Somewhere Over The Rainbow- by kaitmay

Inside this post:

Kaitmay shares her inspiring story about accepting her sexual orientation and her process of coming out.

Eventually, I hope to be completely open about my sexuality, and that day will come soon enough I think. As for right now, I love my friends, I love my life, and I love myself. And that’s enough for me. It really does get better, for anyone going through the same things as me, just believe in yourself, because you are a special person.

Threats to “Women’s Rights” Step on Trans Toes- by MidwestGenderQueer

Inside this post:

Jac explains why using gender specific language, even for issues like pregnancy and abortion, may be disadvantageous to the transgender community and how it limits us as activists and allies.

Tales from a Patient Escort Newbie- by ashthom

Inside this post:

Ashley describes what it was like being a patient escort at Planned Parenthood, from what not to say to patients, to the ridiculous things she heard yelled at her from protestors, and why it was all worth it.

Fight! Read this and Challenge Yourself- by SubliminalMind

Inside this post:

Markette shares a powerful anti-bullying message and call-to-action.

We the people of a Loving and Beautiful world that is polluted with Hate and Violence……We are responsible, We have a responsibility to raise our voice, and our pen, and our keyboard, and our fists to the world and say NO MORE!!! We can stop it. If we just make the effort we will succeed. Change Hearts and Save Lives.

Use Bieber to open the door to an honest discussion on abortion- by ashthom

Inside this post:

In reference to Justin Beiber’s “misinformed/ignorant/hateful” comment on abortion from a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Ashley reminds us:

Instead of criticizing his statement, it should be seen as an opportunity to engage young people in a discussion about abortion.

I think she makes an excellent point, especially considering that the more open, honest, and stigma-free we can be about abortion with young people today, the better off we’ll be tomorrow.

State Wire: Georgia Rep. Attempts to Outlaw ALL Abortions- by AFY_Abby

Inside this post:

There really isn’t a good way to summarize how insane this proposed legislation is, and if I tried, you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway. This is one of the worst attacks on reproductive rights I have ever seen. Truly belittling.

Ab-only leader praises “Kill the Gays” Uganda minister, claims gay Africans “have destroyed lives”- by AFY_Nikki

Inside this post:

How many Ugandan homophobe/ American bigot BFF friendship bracelets do we have to find before we can’t take it anymore?

Shadeism–a documentary discovery!- by altafmysistahs

Inside this post:

Altaf shares a wonderful, short documentary made by a young filmmaker named Nayani Thiyagarajah about shadeism within communities of color.

Other topics covered: skin "bleaching," colonialism, and "pigmentocracy," a social structure based on whiter people on top of the social ladder. The ultimate plus is that it actually ends on a hopeful note: “I think the time has come for us to challenge the idea that beauty only comes in one form." Amen!

Thank you to everyone who posted a blog this week! You are part of what makes this community great!

~ Samantha
Community Editor

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