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Each week, I’ll be posting a list of the most news-worthy and/or inspirational, informative, well-written, thought-provoking, and/or unique posts of the week. While every post and every contributor is valuable to our community, these are the blogs that I feel are must-reads.

December 4- December 10

Stats this week: 39 posts by 26 writers

BCSSH Sex Files #16: The Busy Woman’s Guide to Health Care Reform- by bcssh

Inside this post:

Since all of this legal jargon can be tricky even for the Pre-Law students among us, we’ve broken down the things we think every woman should know about the Affordable Care Act, and possible threats to it.

Who Knew Fundamental Rights Could Disappear in a Heartbeat?- by OberlinSURF

Inside this post:

Learn more about the anti-abortion “heartbeat bill” in Ohio.

In Emergency Contraception Decision, Obama Administration Undermines Young People and Women’s Health- by Amplify_Staff

Inside this post:

Against the recommendation from the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Health and Human Services have decided that young people under age 17 will not be able to buy emergency contraception without a prescription.

Myths and Messages About HIV- by Media_Justice

Inside this post:

Here are some of the top questions and myths I receive and challenge/rectify when providing HIV education in high schools…

10 Must-Read Reactions to President Obama’s Emergency Contraception Decision
- by AFY_Nikki

Inside this post:

Here, President Obama and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius are the objects of outrage for good reason: their decision to reject the clear-cut medical science in this case exposes their willingness to sacrifice young people and women’s health in the interest of continuing a cowardly brand of politics.

Thank you to everyone who posted a blog this week! You are part of what makes this community great!

~ Samantha
Community Editor