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Each week, I’ll be posting a list of the most news-worthy and/or inspirational, informative, well-written, thought-provoking, and/or unique posts of the week. While every post and every contributor is valuable to our community, these are the blogs that I feel are must-reads.

March 4- March 10

Stats this week: 40 posts by 29 writers

Obama’s Ex-Nanny A Transgender Woman- by Jordan

Inside this post:

The story of how Evie came into contact with the future president was that she had met his mother at a cocktail party, and was invited for work for the family, helping raise Obama and his younger sister Maya. While neighbors knew that she was trans, they doubted that Obama ever knew, though Evie did try on some of his mother’s lipstick, much to his enjoyment.

Circumstance: A Cultural Prison- by KarachiYWOCLC

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It’s a beautifully written and directed movie, showing viewers what youth culture is like in Tehran, while exploring the issue of homosexuality in Iran. The story follows two friends, Atafeh, the teenage daughter of a wealthy Iranian family; and her friend Shireen, who is an orphan.

Virginia’s Ultrasound Laws: Young Women Must Continue To Be Heard- by nikki_liz

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Antichoice advocates frame the ultrasound as a harmless procedure, and use faux- feminist empowerment language to sell it. Often this language is paternalistic and has an underlying assumption that women do not know what abortion is, don’t think about it, and are not aware of what pregnancy is.[…] They underlying assumption is that women just walk into abortion clinics without really knowing what they are there for.

Humiliated, But Not Beaten. Fighting Back on Behalf of Pregnant and Parenting Teens- by ACLU

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After they called me away from homeroom into the assembly, the school department head made me stand up in front of my entire middle school and announced to everyone that I was pregnant. Until that moment, the only other student at school who knew was my sister.

Useful Media for National Women and Girls HIV AIDS Awareness Day- by Media_Justice

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I’d like to highlight some of the forms of media available that discusses and represents people who identify as women and how HIV and AIDS impacts our lives. Below are two main forms of media: Public Service Announcements that range from 45 seconds to 5 minutes long and music videos.

Abstinence-only-until-marriage returns to Utah- by nikki_liz

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The policy prohibits teachers from talking about sex outside of marriage (be it pre-marital or extra-marital), homosexuality, and methods of preventing pregnancy or spreading STD’s even when asked directly by students.

Since when is planning promiscuous?- by ColoradoJamie

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Maybe the pools of men discussing the issue are confused because they’ve never had to seek out birth control, but I ensure you it’s not exactly a quick, easy process. It takes work. It takes planning. It takes thought. I think that’s something we can all agree on — that sex should be preceded by thought. Promiscuity, by definition, is all about a dearth of deliberation.

Thank you to everyone who posted a blog this week! You are part of what makes this community great!

~ Samantha
Community Editor

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